6 Halal Buffets to Visit in London

By Babajide IJIYODE | 14, Jul, 2022

London is one of the busiest cities in the UK with locals and tourists from all over the world trying to create an impression in the land of opportunity, so it should not come as a shock that cooking professionals and chefs from all over the world flock here as well.

These eateries provide delectable halal cuisine from all around Asia and the world, enabling you to enjoy distinct flavors at cheap prices. If you're searching for a halal buffet to spend with family and friends, have a look at some recommendations from a local professional.

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1. Royal Nawaab

royal nawaab karahi

Image Credit: Royal Nawaab

The Royal Nawaab, a wonderful Pakistani eatery on London's Western Avenue, serves a variety of Indian and Pakistani halal dishes. The restaurant's outstanding modern décor creates a sophisticated, welcoming ambiance that makes it perfect for gatherings with friends and family. The menu provides a unique assortment of meals that are prepared using halal meat and gorgeously presented.

Their buffet menu has a range of starters, main courses, and desserts to suit any diet. The main part includes dishes like Namkeen Gosht, butter chicken, and chicken cheese pasta.


2. Feast and Mishti

Locals and visitors alike laud feast and Mishti for producing one of the finest halal Bangladesh buffets in all of London, which is located right in the center of East London. They have developed quite a reputation because of their mouthwatering cuisine, stunning presentation, and outstanding customer service.

Their 180-seat restaurants have a contemporary, sophisticated interior with lovely lighting and exquisite arrangement of seats. They provide a range of Indian and Bangladeshi dishes on their menu, along with a few exclusive specialties.


3. Chaudhry’s

One of London's largest halal buffet restaurants, Chaudhry's, is close to Fore Street and offers some of the city's best Chinese, Thai, and Indian food. Finding a restaurant that serves halal Asian food may be difficult, but Chaudhry's in your neighborhood serves delicious food at cheap rates. Their restaurant is a spotless, modern venue perfect for supper with loved ones.

They are available for rent for a variety of events, including weddings and birthday parties. Additionally, they offer catering services. They provide a large range of nutritious appetizers, desserts, pasta, pizza, and rice alternatives on their menu.


4. JRC Global Buffet

jrc global buffet

Image Credit: JRC Global Buffet

At JRC's international buffet, you may sample delicacies from all over the world, including traditional Indian food, Japanese Tepanyaki grill, Italian pizza, Brazilian barbecue, and much more.

Their elegant restaurant is a modernist setting with traditional Chinese lanterns and soft gray colors decorating it to create a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere.

With a wide selection of halal cuisine, they have one of the most comprehensive menus in the UK. Their menu offers items from France, India, Mexico, Italy, and Great Britain, all halal certified!

Do dine in with caution and pay attention to their menus with halal logos, and avoid certain menus such as their Chinese food at all costs.


5. Al Qasr Ilford

Given that they put their customers' needs first, Al Qasr is among the leading restaurants in London for a delightful halal buffet. Their meat is purchased specifically for Halal, and it is prepared with traditional Asian spices and is wonderful.

Their restaurant sets a lovely, professional mood with beautiful décor and contemporary chairs, making it a good place to go for a delicious family Pakistani dinner. They provide a wide variety of delicious dishes on their menu.


6. Aziziye Restaurant

Aziziye turkish food

Image Credit: Aziziye Restaurant

The charming Turkish halal restaurant Azizye is located in London and serves wonderful food in a charming environment that welcomes families. As a part of the iconic Azizye mosque, the dining room includes walls that resemble brick, modern wood furniture, and Turkish-styled ceilings.

Their menu features some of the best Turkish food in all of London. Some of their most popular meals are their Et Sote, which consists of lamb cubes in a savory tomato sauce, Coban Kavurma, which consists of diced lamb with tomatoes, onions, and peppers, and their delicious Vegetable Guvec.


These great eateries serve tasty food in lovely surroundings that welcome families at affordable costs. Finding a delicious halal buffet is not always straightforward. Check them out and try some of the amazing foods that are recommended on the list if you're seeking a halal buffet in London.

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