Halal Chocolates Available in Singapore

By Nur Qa'riah | 27, Jun, 2022
Halal Chocolates Available in Singapore

For all the chocoholics, there are plenty of Halal Chocolates in Singapore to choose from and it might be difficult to decide which to buy. So to help you, we’ve compiled a few of the options based on our research and included our recommendations.

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Supermarket Finds

supermarket chocolate aisle

Image Credit: Writer's Personal Collection

If you are searching for a quick chocolate fix or just want to get something affordable, here are the ones readily available at our supermarkets (NTUC, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage, Giant):

  1. Hershey: One of the more popular chocolate brands, Hershey’s Halal-certified products include their Chocolate Bar (Cookies & Creme, Creamy Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate), Kisses (Cookies & Creme, Creamy Milk Chocolate), Nuggets (Creamy Milk, Creamy Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Cookies & Creme, Dark Chocolate with Almonds)
  2. Kit Kat: Perfect for that short break (get it?). Having grown their flavor selection over the years, you can have it in different forms be it chunky or bites, you can never go wrong with their classic 2 Finger Milk Chocolate Bar. Unfortunately, the Japanese flavors are not Halal-certified but you may find a few that are, depending on the manufacturer, one of the flavors you can try is their Green Tea Matcha flavor.
  3. Snickers: For anyone who loves their chocolate with peanuts, Snickers is definitely a good choice, especially for its yummy nougat topped with caramel and peanuts which is then coated with milk chocolate.
  4. Ferrero Rocher: The iconic hazelnut chocolate ball with chopped hazelnuts wrapped in a golden foil. You can purchase this in sets of 3, 24, 30 or 32, depending on how much you want. Do make sure to check the packaging as they have a few manufacturers that are not halal-certified.
  5. Kinder Bueno: If you want something creamy and rich tasting, Kinder Bueno has something for all ages, be it their wafer bar or the Happy Hippo for the little ones. Be careful though, Kinder Bueno can be really addicting to have.
  6. Cadbury: How can our list of recommendations be complete without Cadbury? There are plenty of options to choose be it the flavor or the size (chocolate bars or their milk bites. As most of the milk bars sold in the supermarket are manufactured in Australia, they are not Halal-certified but Cadbury has ensured that any gelatin used in their products is Halal-certified so do consume at your own discretion. At the same time, you can also find Halal-certified Cadbury products that are manufactured in Malaysia.
  7. Van Houten: Van Houten Chocolate is the perfect buy for those seeking variety. They offer affordable gift boxes or tins, perfect for gifts or even their cocoa powder and milk bar. 
  8. Beryl’s Chocolate: Similar to Van Houten, Beryl’s too has a great variety of chocolates that are Halal that we are spoiled for choices. Their products have the three main types of chocolate - white, milk, and dark. They even have a flavor that the other brands don’t: bittersweet chocolate.

assorted chocolates

Image Credit: Jessica Loaiza on Unsplash

Do note that as companies may only have selected Halal-certified manufacturers, the products listed can come as either Halal-certified or not so be sure to double-check the packaging during your purchase.



melvados chocolate treats

Image Credit: Melvados on Facebook

If you’re searching for chocolatey goodies but want something apart from chocolate bars, you can give the chocolate treats from Melvados a shot!

Melvados is a retail brand of Foodedge Gourmet Pte Ltd which provides supplies to clients from major airlines, hotels, country clubs, restaurants to cafe chains.

Ranging from delectable brownies to snack packs, Melvados offers affordable yet quality goods. Don’t miss out on their entire tray of 1kg Double Chocolate Brownie that is pre-cut into 10 pieces.

Melvados is available islandwide (Anchor Point, Eastpoint, Harbourfront, Hillion Mall, Jurong Point, PLQ Mall, United Square) and online. For our readers that live across the highway, they too have an outlet in Malaysia and a direct site.



royce assorted chocolates

Image Credit: ROYCE

Royce’ is a confectioner and chocolate maker based in Hokkaido, Japan. Lucky for us, Royce’ has multiple outlets all across the island and while they are not Halal-certified, Royce’ has shared that they do offer liquor-free and gelatin-free options. They do carry seasonal products that contain liquor so it’s best to check with the staff before making your purchase.

As for their popular Nama Chocolate, we’ve compiled a few flavors that are listed as liquor free:

*Do note that the information was obtained on ROYCE’s official website and multiple online sources. You may take a look at their “Nutrition Facts” which lists the ingredients used for each product. We advise you to purchase at your own discretion.

  1. Nama Chocolate (Ecuador Sweet)
    A chocolate with a clean sweet taste, created by using cacao beans originated from Ecuador.
  2. Nama Chocolate (Ghana Bitter)
    A bitter-tasting chocolate that is suitable for you who do not have a sweet tooth. Have an excellent acid and bitter balance.
  3. Nama Chocolate (Mild Cacao)
    The original Nama chocolate, with a distinct flavor and aroma of the cacao.
  4. Nama Chocolate (Mild Milk)
    Nama Chocolate that has been blended with fresh cream in the milk chocolate. Giving a milder and fuller taste.
  5. Nama Chocolate (Mild White)
    The only white chocolate-based Nama. Blended with fresh cream and has a mild and fresh taste.

We hope this list will be useful for your chocolate cravings and purchase!

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