Birmingham: Check Out These Halal Eateries To Fill Up Your Tum Tum

By Assia Hamdi | 22, Jul, 2022
Birmingham: Check Out These Halal Eateries To Fill Up Your Tum Tum

Birmingham is a hugely diverse city in England and it is the second most populated area in the UK after London. So, there's no surprise that with the amount of people living there, there is an abundance of choice of Halal eateries to fill up your Tum Tum. Keep reading for a carefully selected choice of halal eateries in Birmingham.

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Marrakech Restaurant
marrakech restaurant skewers

Image Credit: Marrakech Restaurant

This restaurant succeeds in creating a gentle fusion of Mediterranean cuisine along with its neighbor's north African cuisine. Customers love the marinated meats and garlic prawns that are clearly presented to let the flavors and recipes truly satisfy the taste palettes. From filling choices such as meat tagines, homemade bread to lighter dishes such as brochettes, Mediterranean salads and hummus. The restaurant can satisfy groups of friends, adults, and couples on dates.

Address: 1122 Stratford Road | Hall Green Birmingham, Birmingham B28 8AE, England
Price Range: ££
Opening Hours: 5PM to 11PM (Mon-Thu)
                               5PM to 11.30PM (Fri & Sat)
                               4.20PM to 11PM (Sun)
Contact: +44 121 702 2244

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Wrap Chic
Wrap chic selections

Image Credit: Wrap Chic Bullring on Facebook

A simple eatery in Bullring Shopping Centre, it’s a perfect stop during your shopping days and even worth a visit when nearby. This fast food fusion of Mexican and Indian wraps, bowls, and meats is simple and straight to the point. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff to explain the menu as they engage and allow tasters as they understand their concept is unique. The opportunity to customize your bowls, burritos, wrap-chos, wrap, wraplette, or Quesadilla means there's someone for everyone. A great place for family with little ones, hang-out stops with friends, quick stops, and lunch-breaks.

Bullring Outlet
 Bullring | Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham B5 4BU, England
Price Range: £
Opening Hours: 11AM to 8PM (Mon-Sat)
                          11AM to 5PM (Sun)
Contact: +44 7572 464 640


Birmingham International Airport Outlet
Address: Birmingham International Airport​ | Ground Floor, North Terminal,​ B26 3QJ​
Price Range: £
Opening Hours: 6AM to 9PM (Daily)
Contact: +44 121 782 1938

My Lahore

mylahore selections

Image Credit: MyLahore on Facebook

The atmosphere in MyLahore sizzles, from the meats placed sizzling hot before you to the colorful decor. Introducing Asian food with no inhibitions, you can find your classic curries, biryani, and naan choices as well as choices from the far-east such as noodles and sweet and sour meats. If you have some picky little ones, they also have burgers and steaks available. The portions are sized generously and the traditionally decorated environment matches the food placed before you. The place is often packed and great for celebratory gatherings as well as family outings.

Address: 191-194 Bradford Street, Birmingham B12 0JD, England
Price Range: ££-£££
Opening Hours: 12PM to 12AM (Mon-Thu)
                               12PM to 1AM (Fri)
                               1PM to 1AM (Sat)
                               1PM to 12AM (Sun)
Contact: +44 121 771 1117

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Golden Balti Indian Takeaway
golden baiti selections

Image Credit: Golden Balti

Many customers who have ordered from Golden Balti Indian Takeaway have returned for more. The tiny atmosphere and cultural remnants are felt as the food tastes authentic and homemade. Perfect for that cozy night in with some good comfort food without the hassle of preparing and cleaning. Golden Balti Indian do all the hard work and allows you to enjoy their delicious Bangladeshi, Indian food. Upon specific requests, the cooks can also whisk something off-menu for you such as vegan or vegetarian foods or any cravings you have. This is perfect for sleepovers, days when you leave the office late, or times with the family in front of a film.

Address: 82B Edgewood Road | Rednal, Birmingham B45 8SG, England
Price Range: 5PM to 11PM (Mon-Sun)
Opening Hours: ££-£££
Contact: +44 121 453 0338

Kobe Sizzlers
kobe sizzlers selections

Image Credit: @kobesizzlers on Instagram

Although, not in Birmingham, it is just a one-hour drive away and may be worth the trek for special occasions. Kobe Sizzlers is a deluxe diner that uses 35-day-old steaks, and premium ingredients that compliment each other. Experts have created a menu that includes a variety of food guilty pleasures, such as truffle fries, monterey jack cheese melted on marinated grilled chicken, and jalapeno teriyaki sauce on an 8oz beef patty. The restaurant's crowning glory are the sizzlers which arrive with the meat of your choice, sauce of your choice, and Hand-cut triple-cooked Chips, Rice/Noodles, Onions, Green Beans & Carrots. The dishes arrived sizzling hot as the title of the restaurant suggests. Great for family, friends, and days where you're feeling for a huge meal/

Address: 64-66 London Road Leicester, Leicestershire LE2 0QD Area
Price Range: ££-£££
Opening Hours: 5.30PM to 10.30PM (Mon-Thu)
                              5.30PM to 11PM (Fri)
                              1.30PM to 11PM (Sat)
                              1.30PM to 10PM (Sun)
Contact: +44 116 222 5555

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