5 Halal Eateries at Our Tampines Hub

By Halal Trip | 10, Jul, 2017
5 Halal Eateries at Our Tampines Hub
To introduce you to the best Halal food eateries in Singapore, we have put together the Halal food blog for Tampines Hub just for you. Tampines Hub is home to some of the best Halal cafes in Singapore you should try. Therefore you can look forward to enjoying plenty of local, international or fusion cuisine options in the form of mouthwatering must-try Muslim-friendly dishes in Tampines Hub. Some of the eateries are new additions and are still pending certification. Hence, we have put together a list of Halal-certified food eateries where you can find yummy Halal food in Tampines Hub.

1) Tenderfresh Classic

tenderfresh classic in tampines

Image Credit: The Halal Food Blog
Featured right at the beginning this Halal food blog is the popular Tenderfresh Classic restaurant. With outlets all around Singapore, this brand specializes in Fried and BBQ Chicken dishes. If you are in the mood to indulge yourself in classic western food offered at affordable prices, this is most certainly one of the certified Halal restaurants in Singapore you should try. Some of their must-try dishes include the Buffalo drumlets, Roasted Spring Chicken, and BBQ Spring Chicken. Other than chicken dishes, you can also choose between fish and beef dishes such as their Fish & Chips and Grilled Sirloin Steak. Yum!

2) Saap Saap Thai

Located very close to the Tenderfresh stall, you would find the Saap Saap Thai restaurant. If you are heading over to this lovely location, you might want to go there on an empty stomach as you would find several must-try Muslim-friendly Thai dishes. As the name implies, it serves up specialty Thai dishes including the famous Thai Boat Noodles. Some other signature dishes you could look forward to enjoy includes Tom Yum, Grilled Chicken Thai Salad, Thai Crispy Chicken with Saap Saap sauce, and Mango Sticky Rice. You will be spoilt for choices!

3) Toasties

Toasties tampines sg

Image Credit: Toasties on Facebook
Tampines Hub has also opened its doors for a new Toasties outlet that is also a well-known option to find Halal food in Tampines Hub. Here you would be able to find some great sandwiches and side dishes that will leave your taste buds yearning for more. If you're looking for Halal sandwiches in Singapore, Toasties has become one of the most recommended restaurants that you should try because it takes pride in offering one of the best range of freshly baked pieces of bread and uses high-quality ingredients to provide the very best quality dishes of its kind. If you're a first timer at Toasties, we would recommend the Mexican Pulled Beef sandwich which is made of tender roasted chuck that is slow-cooked for 13 hours.

4) Encik Tan

If you're in the mood for local dishes, well there is no better option than to try Encik Tan. Their menu is quite exciting and features a little bit of everything you can find in Singapore at an affordable price. Out of the must-try Muslim-friendly dishes in their outlet in Tampines Hub, Wanton Mee, Fishball Noodles, Fish Soup and Fried Carrot Cake are highly recommended. You might also want to make a note that this outlet is open 24 hours, daily, making it a great place to stop by whenever the hunger bug strikes.

5) The Pizzerian

slices of the pizzerian pizzas

Image Credit: The Pizzerian
The Halal food blog for Tampines Hub will not be complete without featuring an outlet specializing in Pizzas. The Pizzerian located at #B1-K3 is one such great eatery serving Halal food in Tampines Hub, more precisely Halal pizzas in Tampines Hub. Before you even lay your eyes on the outlet, the tempting smell might capture your attention as you pass by. Here you can find classic pizza flavors like Teriyaki Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Tropical Hawaiian, and Vegetarian options with mushrooms, olives, and green peppers among many others.
Other than these 5 eateries, you can also find the oh-so-popular KFC, Pizzahut, Old Chang Kee, Polar, and of course, a hawker center featuring about 10 Muslim-friendly stalls. So, don't you worry about not being able to find Halal food at Tampines Hub!

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