Halal Food and Mosque Guide to the 2015 Ashes

By Halal Trip | 06, Jul, 2015
Halal Food and Mosque Guide to the 2015 Ashes

The Ashes are back! If you’re expecting to enjoy this summer’s famed cricket rivalry between England and Australia, live in the UK, then this is the guide you’ll need to find Halal food and a place to pray amidst the excitement of each test match.

The Investec Ashes 5 test series will be played at five venues; Sophia Gardens (Cardiff), Lord's (London), Edgbaston (Birmingham), Trent Bridge (Nottingham) and The Oval (London). The 1st test will be during the month of Ramadan and the 2nd test will take place at the end of Ramadan. If you are planning to watch the matches live at the venues, here is a brief overview of where to find Halal food and mosques nearby at the 5 cricket stadiums.

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1st Test - Sophia Gardens - Cardiff

Starting on the 8th of July, the first test match takes place in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. Within 1.5 km of the grounds, find mouth-watering Halal burgers at gourmet joint The Bagel and Burger, and Peri-peri specialist, Chunky Chicken. There’s no shortage of mosques nearby. Within 15 minutes in Cardiff alone, find Jamia Masjid Bilal and Al-Manar centre both within 1 km of Sophia Gardens.

2nd Test - Lord’s - London As the UK's multicultural centre, you’ll be sure to find countless Halal restaurants spread across the city, whether you’re awaiting the start of the second test or simply want to take the family out after enjoying a days play. From Persian cuisine at KISH restaurant, Lebanese dishes at Maroush, Malaysian and Chinese at Lagenda and Noodle-Oodle, there will always be something to satisfy your taste buds, and that’s just within 2 km of the grounds! The London central mosque is a mere half a kilometer from Lord’s, easily accessible on the second day of the test for Jumu’ah.

3rd Test - Edgbaston - Birmingham

Try Toro’s Steakhouse, flame-grilled chicken at Pepe’s Slough, East African dishes at Mullah’s, or stick with what you know you love at Subway and KFC, not more than 2 km from Edgbaston. For prayers, Birmingham Central mosque is just 1.2 km from the grounds.

4th Test - Trent Bridge - Nottingham

Try some exciting Asian dishes at Spice Arena, or go for KFC and Chunky Chicken for easy to grab fast food. The closest mosque is the Islamic centre at 3 km from the grounds.

5th Test - The Oval, London

Back to London for the fifth and final test, check out Souk Bazaar for flavourful North African dishes, Rasa Sayang for Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine, or Chor Bizarre for Kashmiri classics; all 3 km from the match venue. With 8 Mosques and Islamic Centres within a 4km radius of the Oval, the easiest to get to are the Brixton Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre, and the Baitul Rahman Masjid.

You can also find more nearby Halal restaurant options here, or find more mosques here. If you find more Halal outlets or prayer facilities nearby these venues, don't forget to add them on the HalalTrip App so that it will make it easier for others looking for them.


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