Find Halal Food Places Near you in Rotterdam

By Nathasha Wickramasinghe | 30, Apr, 2018
Find Halal Food Places Near you in Rotterdam

Netherlands has an abundant to offer to the Muslim traveller, a country rich in history and culture, there’s a lot to discover. Ever since Muslim-friendly holidays are a booming global business, Netherlands has become one of the European countries to become more accessible to Muslim travellers. In addition to that, Netherlands is set to host the Halal Expo 2018 in June.

Rotterdam is part of the ‘big four’ must visit cities in Netherlands, the other three being Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Rotterdam is the country’s second largest metropolis with a diverse multi-ethnic community consisting of 80,000 Muslims, making up 13% of the population. This city is also one of Europe’s busiest ports with  fascinating maritime history and also home to a number of top-class museums. The city offers a stunning skyline, with a mix of historic and modern architecture - it is simply an open air gallery.

Food. A major concern when travelling as a muslim, finding Halal-friendly fare can sometimes be a bit of a hassle when travelling. However, in Rotterdam, you can easily find restaurants and cafes which are Halal friendly, so all you foodies don’t have to worry! A quick search on our app can help you locate Halal restaurants easily; with a variety of cuisines served at restaurants – from Indian cuisine to North African cuisine – you won’t be disappointed. We have listed a few great spots for you to check out for some Halal grub!

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Find Halal restaurants in Rotterdam



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Located in an iconic building in the centre of Rotterdam, Bazar has been up and running since 1997. With colourful, interesting interior, bright lights and cheerful music, it gives off the vibe of a busy marketplace in a far off exotic location.

The quirky restaurant serves North African and Middle Eastern cuisine, which is prepared according to Halal requirements, and is not overly priced; their daily special starts at € 8.50. All you gastronomically adventurous foodies would enjoy the colourful flavours of North African cuisine (Maghreb cuisine), whilst Middle Eastern cuisine is a go to.

Bonus point: This rustic happy restaurant is definitely instagram-worthy, so be sure to click the perfect pics and add those filters! Also, since Bazar is also a hotel, you can even book a stay or just ask to view the rooms because the interior is extremely funky, with retro comic panels blown up to full scale acting as wallpapers. They offer American style, African style and Middle Eastern style rooms!

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday (8AM-12AM)
                          Fridays and Saturdays (8AM-1AM)
                          Sunday (9AM-12AM)
Contact number: +31 10 206 5151
Address: Hotel-Restaurant Bazar Rotterdam, Witte de Withstraat 16, 3012 BP Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Zainab Roshni Mahal

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Everyone loves some good ol’ Indian or Pakistani biryani no matter where in the world they are and Zainab Roshni Mahal is the spot to be when in Rotterdam. The restaurant specializes in Indian and Pakistani cuisine, and serves 100% Halal food. The head Chef, Chef Khan, has years of experience in preparing Indian and Pakistani dishes and assures you a unique experience.

Their all you-can-eat buffet comprises of lamb, chicken, vegetarian curries, pilau rice and salads. They also offer a variety of side dishes such as, spicy chickpeas salad, roasted aubergines and raita (yogurt). You can enjoy traditional desserts such as kheer, custard and mixed fruit. The buffet is reasonably priced at € 16.50, bring on the food coma! The restaurant also offers an extensive a’ la carte menu.

The interior is bold and colourful with more than a 160 seats. If you are craving for some authentic Indian or Pakistani goodness after a long stroll through the city, be sure to visit Zainab Roshni Mahal.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (4PM-11PM)
Contact number: 010 4771244
Email: [email protected]
Website: https:/
Address: Zainab Roshni Mahal, New Binnenweg 317, 3021 GH Rotterdam, South Holland, the Netherlands


Grillig Sandwiches

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This Halal-friendly sandwich shop is the brain child of two high school friends – Mo and Thomas – who wanted to create the ideal sandwich. Their dream finally came true with the opening in 2015, their main focus was in creating fresh and healthy sandwiches which could be enjoyed by everyone and since then garnered much popularity for serving some of the best sandwiches in the city!

All the meat used in the sandwiches is cooked in their coal-fired BBQ which is placed in the middle of the middle of the shop so you can see how the food is prepared. In addition to their sandwiches they offer a variety of other dishes such as soups, and grilled meat as well as steaks. They also offer combo meals which are extremely cost effective! 

The presentation is excellent and the atmosphere of the cafe is great, following a minimalist rustic look with the interior – definitely Instagram worthy!

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (12PM-10PM) 
                          Tuesday (closed)
                          Sunday (2PM-10PM)
Contact number: 010-254 1002
Email: [email protected]
Address: Grillig Sandwiches,New Binnenweg 188D, 3021 GK Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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Be sure to step into these restaurants for a bite or just sit by the window and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate while you watch the locals get about their day. Keep those Instagram posts of perfect food pictures and the sights and sounds of the city coming and happy holidaying in Rotterdam!

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