Halal Food in Singapore – A Gastronomic Journey

By Halal Trip | 08, Jul, 2016
Halal Food in Singapore – A Gastronomic Journey

Singapore represents the glamour and charm that modern Asia is known for. The country is home to a diverse populace that comprises a melting pot of several cultures and various ethnic groups including Chinese, Malay, Indian and Caucasian communities, making it one of the most religiously and culturally diverse countries in the world. Muslims make up a significant 15% of the total population of 5 million.

Food plays a prominent role in the culture of Singapore. The country's ethnic diversity and its fusion of cultures from all over the world give rise to a wealth of different types of cuisine and varieties of exotic dishes. While cuisine bears influences of Malay, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Western elements, it also stays true to a unique identity of its own. Visitors to the country will discover a wide assortment of dishes to choose from, catering to any type of palate and any type of budget.

Halal Food in Singapore

Due to the sizeable Muslim population, Halal food in Singapore will be available in abundance. From fine-dining restaurants to popular food stalls, almost all eateries serve Halal food of which many hold Halal certifications. The MUIS - Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura - is an authority dedicated to identifying and certifying restaurants and their manufacturing facilities on their adherence to Halal standards and procedures.

Halal Restaurants in Singapore Hotels

With a wealth of Halal food options to choose from, Singapore offers something for everyone. For those looking for Halal restaurants in Singapore hotels, the Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts, the Asian Market Café at the Fairmont Hotel and the Aquamarine at the Marina Mandarin Hotel are three of the best restaurants that serve Halal cuisine from kitchens certified by MUIS.

Halal Restaurants in Singapore

Cheaper dining options include the Badoque restaurant - a delightful casual restaurant serving mouthwatering Western Halal cuisine, Bumbu - a shophouse eatery serving a range of Asian fare, Gurame Indonesian Restaurant - an ideal spot to savour tongue-tingling Indonesian delicacies, and The Orange Lantern - a pleasant Vietnamese restaurant with a number of Halal dishes to choose from.

Halal Street Food in Singapore

In addition to its restaurants, street food in Singapore forms an important component of Singaporean cuisine. The inexpensive open-air food courts in the city offer delightful Halal snacks and dishes ranging from chili crabs to Indian rotis to carrot cakes. To sample the rich flavours of Singaporean street food, visitors could head down to the Maxwell Road Hawker Centre which offers a number of Halal food stands, as well as the East Coast Lagoon Food Village at East Coast Park and the Food Republic at the Wisma Atria.

Halal Fast Food Chains in Singapore

It is also possible to opt for food from popular international restaurants or fast food chains in Singapore which are Halal certified by the MUIS. McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Swensons, Burger King, Long John Silver, Deli France and Coffee Bean are popular spots.

Visitors must also make sure to not miss out on the chilli crabs, curry fish head, oyster omlettes, BBQ sambal stingray, satay and laksa which are must-try food when travelling to Singapore!

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