Is Pizza Hut Halal? Your Guide to Halal Pizza Hut Restaurants

By Halal Trip | 04, Oct, 2016
Is Pizza Hut Halal? Your Guide to Halal Pizza Hut Restaurants

Halal Pizza Hut outlets can be quite easy to find in some countries. Pizza Hut has been a major food chain for a long time and has gained popularity worldwide with their pizza, pasta and snacks as well. As with most international food chains, there are interesting menu variations that are unique to each country and that is only available in one place. Halal pizza branches generally have a Halal logo on display, on the menus and product packaging as well.


Is Pizza Hut Halal in Singapore?

Pizza Hut in Singapore has a huge following as well. The Singapore Pizza Hut franchise is Halal certified and Halal pizza branches can found with no trouble at food courts in most locations. Only Halal meat and ingredients are used in food preparation at all Halal Pizza restaurants. There are branches at most malls and shopping centres like Thomson Mall, NEX, Tampines Plaza, Bedok Mall and more. To find Halal pizza branches in Singapore with no hassle that are closest to you, simply visit the Singapore Pizza Hut website.


Is Pizza Hut Halal in Malaysia?

Pizza Hut in Malaysia serve Halal certified meat and Halal products as the whole franchise is Halal certified. There are several places where Halal Pizza restaurants in Malaysia have been opened in cities like Sarawak, Sabah, Pahang, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. Being a popular fast food chain, you can find Halal pizza branches at most food courts in shopping complexes and malls as well. To easily locate Halal Pizza restaurants that are near you, visit the Pizza Hut Malaysia website where all branches will be mentioned.


Is Pizza Hut Halal in Sri Lanka?

The entire Pizza Hut franchise is Halal certified with Halal meat being served, and Halal certified products being used. Halal Pizza restaurants in Sri Lanka can be located easily in the main cities such as Colombo, Galle, Kandy and Kurunegala and all pizza restaurants have Halal accreditation. Halal pizza branches located in places like Fort, Colpetty, Mount Lavinia and Bambalpitiya are quite easy to find in highly populated areas, and restaurants can even be found in Rajagiriya, Nugegoda and Maharagama as well.  You can visit the Pizza Hut Sri Lanka website to locate Halal pizza restaurants that are close to your destination or that will be in the area you are visiting.

There are more Halal Pizza Hut branches around the world, including Pizza Hut outlets in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and several other OIC countries. Tell us about the Halal Pizza Hut outlets in your country!

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