Experience Halal Local Hospitality at Tinhat Boutique Hotel & Restaurant When You're In Davao City, Philippines

By Arwa Munnaverali | 21, Oct, 2019
Experience Halal Local Hospitality at Tinhat Boutique Hotel & Restaurant When You're In Davao City, Philippines

The word Tinhat originates from Arabic which means
greenfield in the desert where lovely desert flowers grow.

Situated in Davao, Tinhat Boutique Hotel and Restaurant is granted as a boutique hotel with exceptional service and hospitality in Davao city. Flaunting a homely Filipino environment, furnished with complete amenities for visitors' solace, including wireless internet access, an air conditioner, ironing facilities, and an LCD television. Visitors can feast at the on-location eatery that serves an assortment of heavenly cooking styles. Offering quality convenience with inviting accommodation, Tinhat Boutique Hotel and Restaurant is a perfect spot to put yourself up when in Davao.

Tinhat company, Inc. is a Philippine enrolled private hospitality enterprise working together under the name and style of Tinhat Boutique Hotel and Restaurant. It is a family partnership carefully watching the halal respectability and advancing the Muslim-accommodating society to the world's voyagers. It is an 18-room hotel structured and outfitted in a themed way to suit the individual taste of solace at a reasonable price.

It has an on-location halal affirmed kitchen to cook for both Muslim and non-Muslim visitors for their dietary necessities and to guarantee that every single dietary prerequisite is given in the agreement to the Islamic faith.

The slogan 'Home Sweeter Than Home' mirrors the Tinhat climate that is uncommonly not the same as the homogenous hotel condition, in fact, a home better than home for each visitor around the globe. The course in setting up Tinhat was fresh, sweet, and genial yet rich.

"A Smile Brings Extra Mile in Business" and " Smile Is the Best Form of Charity" are the convictions grasped by the Tinhat organization. They accept that administration with a smile carries delight to each visitor who livened up their day while at Tinhat - the trademark of a genuine Filipino motion - that activity expresses more intense than words, the pride, and soul that stays in each heart of its employees.

Halal Restaurant


At Tinhat's ensured Halal restaurant, they guarantee that you will love their range of local halal treats. The Halal supply network is profoundly watched and privately sourced, hence, lessening carbon impressions that help the safeguarding of the Earth, endorsing local products for sustainable progress of local farmers and guaranteeing Halal trustworthiness.

You can be guaranteed that Halal meals are served to visitors as they carefully execute the Halal Management System that Halal affirmation is profoundly seen which results in it being safe, healthy and sterile.

Their persevering affirmed Halal equipped staff and astonishing youthful culinary experts will never frustrate you in giving immaculate millennial service and support. At Tinhat, they are constantly pleased to serve amazing halal meals and fresh fruit juices alongside service with a smile on their faces.



Comfort is the number one need! At Tinhat, they ensure that each esteemed visitor is dealt with like a lord. They generally love to help with whatever you need, wish and require! Exceptionally customized service is the fundamental center of Tinhat, checking-in quickly and being accompanied to your room is an unquestionable requirement ensuring that you will have a stress-free remain.

Further to that, their familial association with the staff guaranteeing their joy at work to be able to deliver and serve worthy service to visitors talk volume of their reputation and a good name in the hospitality sector for more than 12 years now. A cheerful worker makes a glad visitor! A sanctuary of Davao's excellent city.

What Makes Tinhat Boutique Hotel and Restaurant So Halal-friendly?


The vision of Tinhat is to aim to be the main choice of halal voyagers. Furthermore, their central goal is to keep up its reputation for being a Muslim-accommodating foundation while providing Islamic amenities to the halal voyagers all together not to compromise their confidence and faith of the Islamic lifestyle while on vacation. They additionally give a one-of-a-kind setting to inspire and impress their esteemed visitors to its rich settlement which is moderately priced, customized with faultless administration and fundamental luxuries.

A portion of the amenities being:

  • All F&B in the Hotel is Halal
  • Halal banquets can be arranged on request
  • Halal breakfast
  • Halal ensured kitchen
  • Eatery guaranteed halal by the administration
  • All food, beverages, and snacks in the room or minibar are Halal
  • Prayer direction denoted in room
  • Prayer mats can be given on request
  • List of adjacent mosques can be given on request
  • Male and female prayer rooms can be made accessible on request
  • Prayer time table accessible at the front desk/reception
  • Halal iftar can be organized
  • Arrangements can be made for visitors to be taken to the nearby mosque for Tarawih prayers
  • Halal pre-dawn meal can be arranged on request
  • The hotel will arrange visits to be taken to the nearby mosque for Eid prayers
  • Room toilets have bidets

Fundamental need-to-knows about the hotel:

  • Free of charge for kids below 12 years old if they are sharing with an adult. (Additional charge for extra bed required)
  • Keep your booking affirmation email or voucher with your identification card or passport in hand upon check-in.
  • Ala carte breakfast is served each morning between 7 am-10 am. If you are entitled to free breakfast, you will need to present your voucher to the restaurant staff. You can get your morning meal conveyed to your room with a minimal expense by dialing '106'.
  • Concierge is accessible all day, every day for any issues, for example, transport arrangements, restaurant bookings and so forth. You can either visit the Concierge or dial '0' from the comfort of your room.
  • The Philippine standard voltage is 220v. Universal sockets are accessible in the room. On the off chance that it isn't incongruity with your appliance, you can contact reception and request for another adapted with a minimal deposit fee.
  • All rooms are provided with the direction and details of the Qibla and prayer timings to ensure the status of being a Muslim-friendly hotel
  • No pork or liquor will be permitted inside hotel premises to keep up the Halal norms of the hotel.
  • Durian and mangosteen are not allowed for consumption in the hotel due to the overpowering smell and in case of stains, which would be difficult to eradicate. Visitors can eat these types of fruits in the terrace area.
  • The hotel does not provide a laundry service.
  • All rooms and public areas are installed with free WI-FI internet access.
  • Smoking and vaping is punishable by law and is not allowed in the hotel.

List of nearby mosques:

  • Mercy Islamic Foundation Mosque: 0.5km away from the hotel
  • Davao City Islamic Center Mosque: 0.55km away from the hotel
  • Mini-Forest Blvd. Grand Mosque: 1.3km away from the hotel
  • Eco land Mosque: 3.5km away from the hotel


Top 10 Places Nearby Tinhat Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

1. D' Bone Collector Museum 

     San Pedro, Bucana Barangay 76-A, Davao City, Mindanao Philippines                 (0.5km)

6. Lazuli Spa

     Floor 4th C.M. Recto Marco Polo Davao Hotel, Davao City, Mindanao 8000         Philippines (0.7km)

2. Museo Dabawenyo

    Corner A. Pichon and C.M. Recto Streets, Davao City, Mindanao 8005                Philippines (0.6km)

7. Roxas Avenue Night Market

     Roxas Avenue, Davao City, Mindanao 8000 Philippines (0.5km)

3. Aldevinco Shopping Center

    Claro M. Recto Ave, Davao City, Mindanao Philippines (0.5km)

8. Osmena Park 

     Corner of C.M. Recto St and San Pedro St, Davao City, Mindanao                     Philippines (0.5km) 

4. San Pedro Cathedral

    San Pedro Street, Davao City, Mindanao Philippines (0.5km)

9. People's Park

    Palma Gil St, Davao City, Mindanao Philippines (0.9km)

5. Pro Dive Davao

     Palma Gil Street, Davao City, Mindanao 8000 Philippines (0.7km)

10. Felcris Centrale

       Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City, Mindanao 8000 Philippines (0.8km) 


City Tours


Price Pax Per Tour Activities

Tour 1

Php 4000 1 - 8 Pax
  • Eden Nature Park
  • Davao Crocodile Park 
  • Outland Adventure (Zipline)
  • Japanese Tunnel
  • Jack's Ridge

Tour 2

Php 4000 1 - 8 Pax
  • Davao Crocodile Park
  • Philippine Eagle Park
  • Malagos Garden Resort
  • Japanese Tunnel
  • Outland Adventure

Tour 3

Php 4500 1 - 8 Pax
  • Eden Nature Park
  • Malagos Garden Resort
  • Japanese Tunnel
  • Outland Adventure
  • Philippine Eagle Park
  • Crocodile Park
  • Jack's Ridge

Tour 4

Php 4500 1 - 8 Pax
  • Samal Island Tour (Exclusive of Ferryboat fare)
  • Maxima AquaFun Resort
  • Blu Jazz Resort
  • Paradise Island Resort
  • Hagimit Falls
  • Samal Bat Cave

Tour 5 (City Day or Night Tour)

Php 3000


  • People's Park
  • Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus
  • Museo Davao
  • Aldevinco Shopping Center
  • City Malls
  • Crocodile Park
  • Japanese Tunnel
  • Davao Fruit Stand
  • Durian Candy Factory
  • Statue of David
  • Jack's Ridge
  • Matina Town Square
  • Outland Adventure
  • Restaurants


The tour is limited for 8 hours maximum per day. An additional fee of Php 300 per hour will have to be incurred if it surpasses the allocated hours limit.

Please try to remain cautious about the no-smoking mandate in Davao City. According to the government's declaration;

The no-smoking law forbids smoking of any tobacco item including e-cigarettes, shishas and so forth, in all locations and entertainments foundations, work environments, encased open spots, somewhat encased open locations, public buildings, open outside spaces and every open public space, government-owned vehicles and other different methods of public transport inside the regional purview of Davao City (Ordinance No. 0367-12).




Address: Artiaga Street, Davao City, Davao del Norte 8000, Philippines
Check-In: 2PM
Check Out: 12PM
Travel Time From Airport: 20mins (Airport Transfer: Php 500)
Nearest ATM: 360m


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