7 Halal Hotels in Istanbul

By Hishama Hashim | 17, Apr, 2018
7 Halal Hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul is a mesmerizing city, exuding charm unlike any other. With its breathtaking natural beauty, beautiful traditional architecture and diverse and vibrant culture, there is no doubt that the city is one of the greatest in the world. Housing some of the world’s best must-see attractions, it is also an incredibly popular travel destination, attracting millions of tourists from across the globe each year. As a city split between two continents - Europe and Asia - Istanbul offers visitors a unique twist, with its old world charm and modern lifestyle. Its rich past and Ottoman sights will inspire you, its stunning natural spots will astound you and its delicious food will keep you coming back for more!

If you’re planning a Muslim-friendly tour to Istanbul, then after figuring out things like flight and duration of the trip, you’re going to have to decide on where to stay in Istanbul - and you’re in luck! Did you know that you can actually find Halal hotels in Istanbul? We were amazed to find out that numerous hotels and resorts in Istanbul are now making changes to the services and facilities they offer, so that they can be more appealing to Muslim tourists visiting the city. So we decided that a detailed round-up of the Halal hotels near you in Istanbul was an absolute must! What better way to make your Halal trip to Istanbul a little more comfortable, than to stay at a hotel that is Muslim-friendly!

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From serving only Halal food and beverages, to offering separate recreational facilities for men and women, these 7 hotels are really upping the Halal travel game!


1. Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet

The Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet is not just one of the most Muslim-friendly hotels in Istanbul, but also probably in the world. Located in the heart of Sultanahmet in Fatih, Istanbul, close to numerous renowned attractions, the exquisite hotel not only boasts stunning Ottoman-style architecture and oozes luxury, but does it all with a Halal approach. All of the food served at the hotel is a 100% Halal, as all of it is prepared in a Halal certified kitchen. Zeferan Restaurant, located on the top floor of the hotel, is a must-visit for its delicious Azerbaijani dishes, as well as for the spectacular views it offers of the Blue Mosque and the Sea of Marmara. Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet also has a Turkish hammam or traditional bath, a pool, gym, sauna, spa and numerous other facilities, all of which have separate hours for women and men. Muslims staying at the hotel can also request for prayer mats, and a prayer timetable as well as prayer attire. All of the rooms in the hotel have the Qibla direction marked. Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet was also awarded the highest rating of 7 based on the level of Muslim-friendly facilities it offers, by the world’s leading authority on halal-friendly travel, CrescentRating.

Address: Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet, Emin Sinan Mahallesi, Piyerloti Caddesi No: 30, 34126, Sultanahmet / Istanbul, Turkey
+90 212 638 22 00
Website: www.ajwa.com.tr

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2. Golden Tulip Istanbul Bayrampasa Hotel
Golden Tulip Istanbul Bayrampasa Hotel

Image Credit: booking.com

The 5 star Golden Tulip Istanbul Bayrampasa is a popular hotel in Istanbul among both business and leisure travellers. It is also another well-known Muslim-friendly hotel in Istanbul. With 169 luxurious rooms overlooking the breathtaking Marmara Sea, not to mention the equally spectacular city, its convenient location, and all of the Halal amenities and services it provides, the Golden Tulip Istanbul Bayrampasa will definitely complete your Halal trip to Istanbul! The mouthwatering Turkish and other international dishes served at the hotel’s Montana Restaurant are all Halal, so you can eat to your heart's content without a worry, and then take a quick dip or a leisurely swim in the hotel’s indoor pool, which is another great feature of the hotel, because it has specific hours reserved for men and for women.

Address: Yenidogan Mah Cicoz Yolu Cad No13 Bayrampasa, 34030, ISTANBUL
Tel.: +90 212 647 00 00 / +90 800 358 0846
Website: www.goldentulip.com/en/hotels/golden-tulip-istanbul-bayrampasa

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3. Damatris Palace Hotel

The modern Damatris Palace Hotel, located in Samandira, Istanbul is another well known Halal hotel in the city. The hotel is frequented by visiting couples and families due to the numerous facilities it offers. In addition to only Halal food being served in the hotel, Muslim guests, especially women will be delighted to know that the Damatris Palace Hotel has a wellness and spa centre that can offer separate hours upon request, just for them to get into a bit of relaxation and pampering. The Damatris Palace Hotel is sure to cater to any of your requirements, and will truly allow you to have the Halal holiday of your dreams!

Address: Eyüp Sultan Mah, Kızılay Cd. No:25/A, 34885 Sancaktepe / İstanbul Türkiye
Tel.: 0 (216) 311 8888
Website: http://damatrispalacehotel.com/

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4. ByOtell Hotel Istanbul

The 5-star ByOtell Hotel Istanbul is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, making it closely situated to numerous places of interest, but away from the city’s main tourist-crowded areas. The hotel features numerous chic rooms, all of which offer incredible views of the city, as well as four dining areas, namely, Bistro Gülizar, Kehribar, Lavazza and Edwards, all known to be Halal. Yes, you read that right! You’ve got not one, but four restaurants to choose from! Alcohol is also not served anywhere within the hotel’s premises. The ByOtell Hotel Istanbul is also another great hotel for Muslim women, as it houses a wellness center and spa that offers a variety of fantastic services just for ladies, from aerobics, pilates and spinning classes to massage and relaxation rooms, and even a Turkish Hammam. This hotel may just end up being one of your favourite parts of your holiday in Istanbul!

Address: Saniye Ermutlu Sokak No:3 Kozyatağı, İstanbul
Tel.: 0 216 571 61 00

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5. Bof Hotels Ataşehir

Located in the heart of Istanbul’s tourism and finance district, Bof Hotels Atasehir is another Halal hotel in the city’s Asian side. The hotel’s award-winning chef not only prepares Turkish and International dishes that are utterly sensational, but also entirely Halal. In addition to that, the hotel does not serve alcohol within its premises and has separate spa and sauna facilities for men and women. We think Bof Hotels Atasehir makes for a memorable Muslim-friendly stay in Istanbul! Don’t you?

Address: Tatlısu Mah. Haliç Sokak No:10 Ataşehir İSTANBUL - TÜRKİYE
Tel.: +90 216 266 50 50
Website: www.bofhotels.com

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6. Sokullu Paşa Hotel

If hotel location is as important to you as the Muslim-friendly facilities it offers, then the Sokullu Paşa Hotel is the absolute perfect choice! Located just minutes away from world renowned attractions like the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace, in the historic district of Istanbul, Sokullu Paşa Hotel’s traditional Turkish hospitality and traditional style attracts visitors from all around the world, whether they are travelling for business or leisure. The hotel serves Halal food, and Muslim guests can request for their rooms to be free of any alcoholic beverages. Although Sokullu Paşa Hotel only has 24 rooms, and may not be as large as some of the ones mentioned above, nor does it house a wellness center or the likes of it, it makes up for all that with its great location and exceptional service.

Address: Kucuk Ayasofya Mah. Şehit Mehmet Paşa, SK. No:3/ 3440, Sultanahmet - Istanbul/Turke
+90 212 5181790-91-92
Website: www.sokullupasahotel.com


7. Deluxe Golden Horn Hotel
Deluxe Golden Horn Hotel

Picture Credit - Deluxe Golden Horn Hotel

Deluxe Golden Horn Hotel is located in the historic Sultanahmet area of Istanbul, and is therefore just a short walk away from numerous must-see sites of the city, such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar. The rooms within the hotel offer fantastic views of these attractions, as well as the rest of the city, new and old. The Deluxe Golden Horn Hotel has two restaurants, namely, the Terrace Restaurant, and the Lobby Café, both of which serve food that's completely Halal. The hotel also does not serve alcohol within its premises.

Address: Binbirdirek Mah. Binbirdirek Meydanı Sok. No:1 34400, Sultanahmet / İstanbul Türkiye
Tel.: +90(212) 518 17 17
Website: www.deluxegoldenhornhotel.com

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