Halal Ice Cream in Sri Lanka

By Poornima S | 08, Jun, 2022
Halal Ice Cream in Sri Lanka

Who doesn’t like ice cream? If you’re traveling in Sri Lanka and you’re looking out for the best places that you could visit in order to try some refreshing Halal ice cream, we’ve got a list for you. We’ve compiled a list of popular ice cream spots in Sri Lanka that you definitely should check out during your travels.


1. Carnival 

carnival waffle and icecream

Image Credit: Carnival Ice Cream on Instagram

This ice cream parlor is one of the most popular places in Colombo to get a wide range of enticing ice cream flavors at an affordable cost. It is frequented by numerous families and people of all ages who drop by to grab their favorite ice cream. The building itself is a historic landmark with colonial roots, with the spot retaining its popularity over the years. Choose from a range of sundaes and banana boats - with numerous exciting flavors to try out. 

Address: 263 Colombo - Galle Main Rd, Colombo 00300

Phone: +94115 346 139


2. Rio Ice Cream

Another popular ice cream spot amongst locals, Rio Ice Cream has a number of outlets in the country, with its most prominent ones being located in Jaffna and Colombo. The franchise is about 40 years old and is an affordable place sought after by locals who wish to enjoy a range of fun and exciting ice cream flavors. The most popular sundaes comprise ice cream topped with chocolate chips, cashew nuts, biscuits, cherries, and strawberry sauce - truly an explosion of flavors.

Jaffna Outlet

Address: 448A, AB20, Jaffna 40000

Phone: +94 212 227 224

Colombo Outlet

Address: 4A Wellawatta Station Rd, Colombo

Phone: +94 112 058 051


3. JAM Rolled Ice Cream

JAM Rolled Ice Cream

Image Credit: JAM Rolled Ice Cream on Instagram

This spot is a great place to head to if you're in the mood for some delicious rolled ice cream. Once you've selected your preferred ice cream flavor - be it a Milo Roll, Oreo Blaze, Banana Boost, or Red Velvet - the staff will begin preparing your ice cream right in front of you. Liquid cream is poured, frozen, and flattened on a cold plate, and once the desired consistency is reached, fruits or chocolate, or biscuits are added - based on the flavor that you've selected. The ice cream is then rolled and served with whipped cream or any toppings of your preference.

Address: 56 Horton Pl, Colombo 00700

Phone: +94 115 922 264


4. Baskin Robbins

This popular international franchise has outlets in a number of locations across Colombo. Though prices are slightly on the higher side in comparison to other local ice cream spots, it is frequented by locals and tourists alike to try out a number of different ice cream flavors. Popular flavors include World Class Chocolate, Cookie N Cream, Tiramisu, Cotton Candy, Fruit Overload, and more. A great idea is to mix and match different scoops of ice cream flavors for an exciting experience. 

Kollupitiya Outlet

Address: 362 Galle Rd, Colombo 03

Phone: +94112 573 574

One Galle Face Outlet

Address: #LG-K16, The Mall at One, Colombo - Galle Main Rd, Colombo

Phone: +94112 044 494

Ward Place Outlet

Address: 6 Ward Pl, Colombo 007

Phone: +94115 760 303

Maharagama Outlet

Address: RWXF+QMM, Maharagama 10280

Phone: +94115 760 808

Colombo 04 Outlet

Address: VVW4+8R6, Colombo Rd, Colombo 04

Phone: +94115 058 881


5. Isle of Gelato

Isle of Gelato

Image Credit: Isle of Gelato on Instagram

This is a popular spot for a delicious range of homemade ice creams and sorbets made using fresh local ingredients and no artificial flavoring. An Italian recipe is followed for gelato which is much loved for its rich and creamy texture. Must-try flavors include pistachio and the classic vanilla and chocolate, whilst more adventurous souls may sample exciting flavors such as Banana & Kiwi, Zesty Orange & Cardamom as well as Buffalo Curd. There are a number of outlets that you can visit - the most famous one being located down south of the country, near the Galle Fort.

Colombo City Centre Mall Outlet

Address: 137 Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 002

Phone: +9477 771 2732

Kollupitiya Outlet

Address: 19A2, Alfred Pl, Colombo 003

Phone: +9477 771 2732

Galle Fort Outlet

Address: 60a Pedlar St, Galle 80000

Phone: +94912 241 687 


6. Il Gelato

Having been around for over a decade, Il Gelato is known for its extremely high levels of quality - despite being a bit on the expensive side. Interesting flavours at Il Gelato include dark chocolate fondant, tiramisu, oreo, and puffi. You may also sample their ice cream specials such as the banana split and the gelato maxi which are well worth the price. A number of outlets are available across Colombo - including in prominent locations such as ODEL.

Colombo 05 Outlet

Address: 3, No 504 R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 005

Phone: +94112 580 218

Park Street Outlet

Address: PST Park Street Trattoria, 48 Park St, Colombo 002

Phone: +94112 327 111

Odel Outlet

Address: Ward Place, Odel, Colombo 07

Phone: +9477 105 3435


7. Cremalato

cremalato popsicles

Image Credit: Isle of Gelato on Instagram

Having begun as a gelato delivery service, Cremalato now operates with an outlet open for ice cream lovers to indulge in a range of exciting flavors. Options range from brownie gelato to strawberry ripple to chocolate cookie - each having an incredibly creamy texture with just the right amount of sweetness. Apart from dairy-based gelato tubs, the outlet also offers dairy-free sorbets, popsicle packs, and fruit bonbons that are served in packs.

Address: Edward Ave, Colombo 00600

Phone: 072 769 6352


8. Frosty Roll Ice Cream

Similar to JAM Rolled Ice Cream, this is yet another rolled ice cream joint that serves delicious ice cream flavors. Make sure to try out flavors such as the chocolate blast, strawberry blast, vanilla peach, mango buddy, coffee kat, and the pani kadju mix - a local favorite consisting of treacle honey and cashew nuts. The outlet itself is conveniently located in the heart of Colombo and is easily accessible at any time of the day.

Address: 581 Galle Rd, Colombo 006

Phone: +9476 875 5580

You may also try out several other roadside stalls scattered around the city where ice cream is readily available. Most smaller shops offer Halal ice cream and when in doubt you may always ask in order to obtain clarification.

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