9 Best Halal Korean Food Deliveries In Singapore!

By Nazirah Nurfatin | 17, Jun, 2020
9 Best Halal Korean Food Deliveries In Singapore!

Don't we all have one of those days where we just simply crave for some Korean food? Watching all our favourite Korean actors and idols eating bibimbap, fried chicken and some beef stew, oh don't we wish we're eating them too? With the variety of Korean food delivery services in Singapore, we no longer have to travel all the way to South Korea to get some nice and authentic Korean food! We can now have our own chicken party at home (either on our own or with our family!). 

If you're craving for some Korean food while you're stuck at home, here are 9 best Halal Korean food restaurants available for delivery in Singapore.

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1. Hanok by Masizzim Singapore

Image Credit: Hanok by Masizzim on Facebook

This new Korean food eatery which has just been certified Halal recently is at the top of our list! You may have heard of the Korean eatery Masizzim (which is not Halal-certified). Well, Hanok by Masizzim is the Halal spin-off of that popular Korean eatery! Hanok by Masizzim specializes in meat stews (galbi-jjim) and Korean traditional dishes. If you are craving for some authentic Korean dishes, this is the perfect restaurant for you! The best thing is that they offer delivery services! 

Image Credit: Hanok by Masizzim on Facebook

While watching your usual Korean drama, you can munch on their Kimchi Fried Rice that looks oh-so-delicious. 

Image Credit: Hanok by Masizzim on Facebook

Their signature dish is the Beef Rib Stew, which is customizable with a choice of either soy or spicy sauce base, udon or rice noodles and additional toppings like cheese (yum!). 

To order, click on their online order form here.

Contact: +65 6906 0965

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Image Credit: OMOOMO on Facebook

This is not a drill, OMOOMO is available for delivery! This wonderful Japanese-Korean fusion Restaurant serves a variety of food that will leave you spoiled for choice. The best part is, there are ‘Build-Your-Own’ choices from their variety of ingredient choices. You could simply customize your order based on your preference! 

Image Credit: OMOOMO on Facebook

Some of their highly recommended dishes include Bulgogi Tepan, Steak Omelette Don, Ji-Ji Don and Bulgogi & Spicy Chicken Tepan. 

OMOOMO provides delivery services through deliveroo, foodpanda and Grab food, so be sure to check your location to see if it delivers to your place. For Islandwide Delivery, simply go to the website and enter your postal code to place your orders.

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3. Dosirak 

Image Credit: Dosirak

Fancy some healthy Korean food? We’ve got you covered! Dosirak offers convenient and fast healthy Korean food with their homemade kimchi and modern sauces. 

If you’ve always wanted to get a taste of the yummy Bibimbap that you see in your Kdramas, Dosirak is the absolute perfect place for you! And…it is Halal-certified!

You could either build your own bowl or pick their signature bowl! One unique feature of this restaurant is that their bibimbap are served in fun tubs which could do a little shaking and mixing of some of their freshest ingredients and flavours before you eat!

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4. Jinjja Chicken

Image Credit: Jinjja Chicken on Facebook

Do you remember watching your favourite Kdrama series and seeing all your good-looking actors eating fried chicken? Well, you could also have your own fried chicken party by ordering some from Jinjja Chicken! 

Image Credit: Jinjja Chicken on Facebook

Not only that, Jinjja Chicken also has its very own jjajangmyeon! You never have to travel all the way to Seoul to get a taste of this popular dish. Other than that, you could also order their chicken kimbap and burger and chicken bap fries. There are just so many irresistible Korean food to choose from their menu that you'll be spoilt for choice! 

To see their delivery menu, simply drop them a WhatsApp! What are you waiting for? Order now! 

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Contact: 9149 6606

5. Seoul Garden Hotpot 

Image Credit: Seoul Garden Hotpot on Facebook 

If you can’t settle for Korean BBQ during this period, why not order some hotpot or Bento from Seoul Garden Hotpot? It even offers your personal army stew and a delicious bowl of bibimbap (mixed rice)! Definitely perfect to fill up that empty stomach of yours during lunch or dinner. 

There are a variety of items on their menu that are available for delivery. These include Spicy Soon Dubu Hot Pot, Kimchi Hot Pot, Du Yu Hot Pot, and many more. If you desire some comfort food, we recommend the Ginseng Chicken Hotpot. 

To order, simply go to the website and enter your postal code, or you could also order from Foodpanda (check first if it delivers to your area).

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6. Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant

Image Credit: Muk-Bang Singapore on Facebook

Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant offers some of the most delicious home-cooked Korean dishes. You can get army stew and stir-fried spicy chicken (dakgalbi) as well as bibimbap from this restaurant! Look at that army stew, loaded with fresh ingredients and spices. Isn't it tempting? 

Image Credit: Muk-Bang Singapore on Facebook

One of their famous item on the menu is the Grilled Saba Fish so be sure to try that out! You could also order their seafood and kimchi pancake if you still have some space left in your tummy (oh I'm sure you do!). 

Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant now offers In-House delivery services for orders above $60. It also provides Islandwide delivery for orders above $120, so you don’t have to worry about your location! Visit their Facebook page for more information.

Contact: 9155 9088

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7. Nene Chicken

Image Credit: Nene Chicken on Facebook

Working from home and undecided on what to have for lunch? Nene Chicken comes to the rescue! Nene Chicken offers work from home specials where you can choose their Bap Burger Meal and many more. Oh and not forgetting the special family bundle promotion for Father's Day! 

Other than that, if you’re craving for some chicken, you could also order their wings and sticks or some chicken tenders. The spicy, sweet and savoury fried chicken from Nene Chicken awaits you! Yummy! 

You can order from The spicy, sweet and savoury fried chicken from Nene Chicken awaits you! You can have it delivered safely to your home through GrabFood, Foodpanda & Deliveroo or visit this website to order, here


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8. JW Korean Food Story

Image Credit: JW Korean Food Story on Facebook

You can have your very own steamboat in the comfort of your own homes! Exciting right? Now, you don’t really need a special occasion to get this steamboat, you could simply just place your orders and spend some time with your family members having a nice steamboat, with freshly made soup. They have a variety of choices for you to pick from so not to worry! 

Don't miss out this chance to try out their steamboat. Order now! Visit their Facebook page for more information. 

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9. 4Fingers

Image Credit: 4Fingers on Facebook

Last but definitely not the least, we have 4Fingers on our list! Their savoury fried chicken marinated with either soy or spicy sauce taste so good, you would definitely want more! You could also order some fries, either seaweed or kimchi flavoured (yum!). Sharing is caring so why not order from 4Fingers for lunch or dinner with your family? You could have a great bonding session over fried chicken and fries!

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There you have it, 9 Halal Korean food in Singapore that is available for delivery to satisfy that craving of yours! You can now watch your Korean dramas while having a delicious Korean meal! You no longer have to travel all the way to South Korea for Korean food with a variety of Halal Korean food delivery service. Enjoy munching on those spicy fried chicken from the comfort of your home! 

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