The Hong Kong Halal Pavilion Expo 2024: Biggest Halal Showcase in the City

By Shameel Ibrahim | 24, Jan, 2024
The Hong Kong Halal Pavilion Expo 2024: Biggest Halal Showcase in the City

The HALAL Pavilion is set to be the largest-scale Halal expo event in Hong Kong, scheduled to take place from January 26 to January 28, 2024, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) at Hall 3FG in Wan Chai. The event will be open on the following days and times:

  • January 26th and 27th: 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • January 28th: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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Aim of the Expo

The event aims to showcase various aspects of the Halal industry, including Muslim-friendly hotel facilities and prayer rooms, forums on halal food culture and market development, and the exhibition of halal products from both local and overseas exhibitors. Additionally, attendees can expect to receive information on Muslim-friendly cities and travel tips, explore a sourcing platform for Halal food ingredients, learn about Halal certification bodies and the application process, participate in business matching at the VIP lounge, and even enjoy halal food testing and a halal candy cart.

Organisers and co-organisers of the event

The HALAL Pavilion is organized by Exhibition Group / LOHAS Expo, with 3 HANI Enterprises Limited / Hani Halal serving as the co-organizer. The event has garnered support from several important partners, including MATRADE and Evenesis as business partners, and InvestHK, Equal Opportunities Commission, Macau Government Tourism Office, and Thai Muslim Trade Association as supporting organizations.

How to get there

Take the East Rail Line (light blue color) to Exhibition Centre station and walk to Exit B3 towards the HKCEC. Then follow the signs to the hall. If you have any enquiries, reach to the ground staff at the Centre. If you are new to Hong Kong, please download the MTR Mobile App and purchase an Octopus card as soon as you land in the city to seamlessly pay for your transport to get around the city.

Click this Google Map link to get to the HKCEC.
Address: 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai

How to get in touch with the event updates

You can follow the Halal Expo Instagram page by clicking here for latest updates.
You can also visit the LOHAS Expo website here.

Registering Tickets

Pre-register your company online for free from 1 November 2023, 12:00 to 28 January 2024, 18:00. Simply provide your company details and nature of business through this link.

Visitors attending the exhibition can secure their entry by paying HK$30 through Klook before the day of the event. You can make the payment and secure your spot by accessing the following link.



Sharifa Lueng, Co-founder of 3 Hani Enterprises and co-organsier of the Halal Pavilion

We spoke to Sharifa Leung, the co-founder of 3 Hani Enterprises Limited, founded in 2018 who’s also the co-organiser of this event to know more about the details regarding the expo and the opportunities and challenges within the Halal economy within Hong Kong as well as in other Asian and Southeast Asian countries.

About Hani Halal

Hani Halal is a reputable company specializing in Halal wholesaling, training, and consultancy services. With a focus on sourcing products from Japan and Korea, they have established a strong presence in the industry over the past six years. Their expertise extends to organizing events and providing training, contributing to the promotion of Halal awareness and the creation of a Muslim-friendly environment in Hong Kong.

Focus of the Halal Expo - Building a Muslim-Friendly Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Halal Expo aims to transform the city into a Muslim-friendly destination by focusing on the promotion of Halal products and services. Sharifa Leung, one of the organizers, highlighted the expo's central theme, stating, "The theme of this expo is actually how to build Hong Kong as a Muslim-friendly city. And by bringing in the GBA, by bringing in Macau, by bringing in companies from overseas, internationally, we can create unity."

With an impressive lineup of exhibitors, the event showcases a diverse range of Halal offerings, including the spotlight on a major supplier of Wudu facilities, Wudumate, a UK-based supplier of wudu units. Sharifa further explained, "If we are building a Muslim-friendly city in Hong Kong, these [Wudu facilities] are units that will definitely be helpful for Muslims." By uniting local businesses, international participants, and companies from the Greater Bay Area, the expo strives to foster unity and establish an inclusive environment that caters to the needs of the Muslim community in Hong Kong.

The company has successfully hosted a halal pavilion for six consecutive years. Ms Leung emphasized the organization's long-standing commitment to promoting halal products and services. In a recent statement, Leung highlighted the significance of the event, stating, "This show, if we are trying to go back to the theme and focus, is that we are the organizers for a halal pavilion, and Alhamdulillah we have been working on it for six years." Despite the relentless challenges posed by the pandemic, Hani Halal has remained steadfast in its mission to establish Hong Kong as a halal-friendly destination. Leung affirmed their unwavering dedication, saying, "Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we have continued our efforts to make Hong Kong Halal-friendly.".


Opportunities and Challenges of building a Muslim-friendly Hong Kong

A need for unity for a thriving Halal ecosystem in Hong Kong

The halal ecosystem has been flourishing in various parts of Asia, but unfortunately, Hong Kong has not been able to keep up with this trend. This setback can be attributed to the absence of support from the Muslim community, government, and businesses. Ms. Sharifa Leung, the owner of Hani Halal, emphasized this issue by stating, "There is an opportunity in the Muslim world because the halal ecosystem is running very well overseas, Asia except Hong Kong, because of the lack of support from the Muslim community, the lack of support from the government, the lack of support from the businesses, there is no unity – to bring this message out for a Muslim-friendly Hong Kong."

The upcoming expo in Hong Kong aims to showcase the potential of the Muslim business world and promote opportunities in the halal industry for both Muslims and non-Muslims. By inviting participants from diverse backgrounds and highlighting their products, the expo seeks to foster unity and collaboration among the Muslim community, government, and businesses. Its ultimate goal is to establish Hong Kong as a Muslim-friendly city where the halal industry can flourish and cater to the needs of locals and visitors.

Halal Certification for Businesses in Hong Kong and Their Challenges

Lack of a comprehensive system for a Halal ecosystem

The lack of a comprehensive system for halal certification, sourcing, and manufacturing has posed significant challenges for hotels, theme parks, and manufacturers in Hong Kong. These businesses struggle to find halal ingredients and navigate the procedure of obtaining halal certification. To address these issues, the expo will feature two halal certification agencies as exhibitors: the Trustees and the recently established GBA Halal Certification Center. The GBA Halal Certification Center, co-founded by Sharifa Leung in September 2023, aims to provide halal certification services and fill the void in Hong Kong's halal certification system.

In discussing the importance of the event, Sharifa Leung stated, "People do not know how to get Halal certificate and the procedure, where, how, and how do I approach people? So [for] this event, we have two halal certification agencies as an exhibitor." She highlighted the lack of knowledge and guidance surrounding the process of obtaining a halal certificate, emphasizing the need for support and information for businesses seeking certification.

Furthermore, Sharifa Leung explained, "Because we have lacked this, we have lacked a system in halal certification in Hong Kong. There is no one that [is] being trained except our company [GBA] and the halal industry, because internationally [in] Malaysia or Singapore, most of the auditors [of] Sharia or technicians [are] halal-trained." She pointed out the scarcity of trained professionals in halal certification within Hong Kong, highlighting the contrast with countries like Malaysia and Singapore, where there is a well-trained pool of auditors and technicians in the field.

To ensure compliance with international halal standards, including those set by JAKIM, MUIS, and SMIIC, the GBA Halal Certification Center collaborates with the Halal Testing Center and DEA Testing. The ultimate goal is to enable manufacturers in Hong Kong to export their products as halal by incorporating international halal systems into the certification process. This event and the establishment of the GBA Halal Certification Center mark significant steps towards addressing the challenges faced by businesses in Hong Kong seeking halal certification and sourcing.

She added that her company has undergone training through various systems, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Turkey, which covered a range of competencies, awareness, auditors, and cosmetics and overall has helped GBA establish connections with international institutions.

Lack of Halal certification in Muslim-owned shops—doubting the authenticity of Muslim-owned shops

In Hong Kong, the Muslim community faces challenges in running their businesses in an accurate and authentic manner, leading to doubts about the authenticity of Muslim-owned shops. According to Sharifa Leung, there is no international system in place to accredit Muslim-owned businesses as they are generally believed to sell Halal items. Sharifa Leung expressed her concerns by stating, “But that it is a problem in Hong Kong now that the community, [you] yourself is trying to jeopardize a Muslim trying to run their business in an accurate way. You know, there is no international system that [to certify a] Muslim-owned [businesses]."

She added that even in Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea, there is a scale “that Muslim-owned is fine."

However, she also added that verifying whether an establishment is Muslim-owned is important but generally trusted Muslim-owned establishments even without a Halal certificate as she stresses on the unity of the Muslim community.

Challenges of Creating a Halal Ecosystem in Hong Kong

Hani Halal has been actively working for six years to advocate for a Muslim-friendly city in Hong Kong. Sharifa Leung, representing Hani Halal, expressed concerns about the lack of engagement from the government and NGOs in supporting the Muslim community and individuals seeking to export their products to Muslim-majority countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. This lack of support and capacity from relevant authorities has hindered the assistance provided to manufacturers in meeting international Halal industry standards. Sharifa emphasized the need to address the economic impact on the Hong Kong industry, exports, GDP, and the Halal industry as a whole.

She stated, "The lack of engagement from the government or NGOs hinders our ability to support Muslims within the ethnic minorities and those wishing to export products to Muslim-majority countries like Malaysia and Indonesia." As an industry player focused on Halal and driven by their identity as Muslims, Hani Halal feels a sense of obligation to address these issues and work towards meeting international Halal industry standards while considering the economic impact on Hong Kong's industry, exports, and GDP.


Outlook for Hong Kong’s Halal development

The expo showcases a diverse range of products, including prayer mats, soya sauce, wheat pack cookies, imperial mooncake, and more. Attendees can explore a wide variety of items on display, reflecting the diverse offerings within the Halal industry at the exhibition.

Hong Kong's Halal industry still has many areas that require attention and improvement, according to Sharifa Leung. She highlights the existence of business opportunities, particularly in career paths for Muslims, as Hong Kong currently lacks Halal-trained professionals, except for roles in supermarkets and provision stores. However, there is significant potential for young students to pursue higher professional levels within the Halal industry.

The continuous growth of the Muslim population ensures a sustained market for Halal products and services. Sharifa points out that Indonesia has experienced substantial growth in the Halal industry, and expectations of significant travel-related expenses are projected by 2030. In Hong Kong, the shortage of Muslim professionals in manufacturing plants presents career opportunities as Halal executives, auditors, and internal staff. Sharifa Leung emphasizes this by stating, "There are still a lot of areas of work to do, especially when it comes to business opportunities... We do not have enough people working in this area of work except supermarkets, provision stores. But at a higher professional level, for young students, this is a very high opportunity.".

She also notes, "The market is there because when the Muslim population grows, it won't go low, it will only increase. There's more Muslims, right? So the market is there." Additionally, she highlights the lack of Muslim professionals within manufacturing plants, stating, "And if I want to be in a career, Halal executive, Halal auditors, if a company that we certified and we need Halal auditors, or Halal internal staff within the manufacturing plant, where are Muslims? Muslims in this area? Because for most, for Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, you need a Muslim who's in the manufacturing plant. Right [now] in Hong Kong, there is zero.".


The need for Training Professionals for the Halal Industry

Sharifa Leung is currently considering a plan to provide training opportunities for individuals interested in the Halal industry in Hong Kong. While the plan has not been confirmed yet, it aims to offer courses that cover various roles such as supervisory lead auditors and Halal executives.

She added that 14 institutions in Malaysia, as well as two institutions in Indonesia and Singapore offer Halal certification courses and that successful completion of the training would provide individuals with professional expertise in the Halal industry. Ms. Leung strongly believes in the obligation to provide training opportunities, stating, "The plan is we will provide training people to sign up so they, of course, they have to pay for themselves, like you have to pay for university. Why do we have the obligations? We have the obligations to provide training opportunities.." As of now, the plan is still being considered, and further details and confirmation are necessary before the training program can be established in Hong Kong.

Roadmap for Training People for the Halal Industry

Ms. Leung also said that they have a roadmap in mind to provide training for individuals in the Halal industry. They conduct in-house training programs and offer training services to private firms. With a strong focus on meeting industry demands, their roadmap emphasizes high-quality training programs to ensure individuals are well-prepared for the Halal industry. Details of the roadmap are yet to be confirmed in the near future

Training for Students in the Halal Industry

Currently, 3 Hani Enterprises primarily focuses on corporate training for the Halal industry and has not yet developed specific training programs for students. However, there is a hope and aspiration to provide training for students in the future. Sharifa Leung emphasizes the significance of Muslims as the best Halal ambassadors. The intention is to offer training opportunities that equip students with knowledge and skills to become professionals in the Halal industry.

Struggles of Muslim Businesses and the Need for a Dedicated Platform

Muslim entrepreneurs and businesses face unique struggles and challenges that require support and understanding from the community. Sharifa Leung emphasizes the importance of providing allowances and wholehearted support for Muslim-owned businesses. She states, "When a Muslim starts up a shop, we have to understand it's not very easy for them, so we have to give allowance for them and support them wholeheartedly."

Collaboration and support within the Muslim community play a significant role in addressing these challenges. There is a need for a dedicated platform that supports and promotes Muslim businesses, providing essential resources, networking opportunities, and visibility for Muslim entrepreneurs. Sharifa added the Halal Pavilion as an example of such a platform, and she envisions a future where there is a dedicated conference hall or pavilion solely focused on showcasing Halal products and services.

She expresses her aspirations by saying, "It's very important that we try to support each other as I say. So, we create a platform, someone has to do something, someone create a platform, right? Halal parade and the first one, the second, the third, it's going, and inshallah I really wish that one day we have a whole conference hall of Halal pavilion."

Islam encourages Muslims to pursue business ventures as a means of supporting each other's families, as Sharifa Leung explains, "Muslims are encouraged to be business persons... Islam encourages businesses because we are supporting each other's families." Muslim entrepreneurs have a significant role in promoting unity within the community and upholding the principles of Islam. The company's ethics, missions, and visions prioritize unity and making positive contributions to the community. Sharifa affirms this by stating, "This is our company's ethics, our missions, and visions... It's about unity and bringing out Islam. Our intention is to bring positive contributions to the community." By embodying these values, Muslim entrepreneurs can contribute to the well-being of society while adhering to their faith.

Educating Non-Muslims about Islam - The Intention of Hani Halal

Hani Halal’s aim is to spread awareness and knowledge about Islam to non-Muslims. Their approach to achieving this goal is through their business activities. Ms Leung explains, "We as Muslims, [our] niyyah (intention) is to tell about Islam to non-Muslim[s]." Their efforts have received positive recognition from the press and continuous invitations, indicating the impact they are making in promoting Islam to a wider audience. Sharifa expresses her gratitude, saying, "Alhamdulillah Allah graced us... we've got noises from the press. I have continuous invitations. So, they see that." Through their business endeavors, Hani Halal creates opportunities for non-Muslims to learn about and understand Islam, fostering greater understanding and appreciation among diverse communities.

We are eagerly awaiting your presence at the Halal Pavilion, where you can discover the extensive range of Halal-certified items beyond just food, encompassing a multitude of products that reflect the diverse and vibrant nature of the Halal lifestyle.



What to expect in the Expo

Halal Certification Bodies and Experts

The expo features two prominent Halal certification bodies: The Trustees and the GBA Halal Certification Center. Attendees can engage with professionals from these organizations to gain insights into Halal certifications.

The event includes speaking sessions on international aspects and facility assurance. Halal testing, particularly PCR and DNA testing, is emphasized for compliance with Halal standards. PCR testing kits aligned with the Malaysian standard set by JAKIM are available at the expo.

Participation of Companies in the Expo

Companies secure booths at the expo by paying for them, both internationally and locally. Local booths are funded by the Export Marketing Fund (EMF). Being a B2B event, the expo is eligible for government subsidies from the EMF fund.

To participate, companies are not required to submit a proposal but must demonstrate attributes such as halal certification, Muslim-friendly practices, or vegan or vegetarian options. A product evaluation is conducted to assess eligibility for participation.

Countries with Exhibited Booths

The exhibition features booths representing various countries, including Palestine, the UK, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. The exhibition includes one booth from Palestine, one from the UK, three from Japan, one from Korea, and two from Singapore. The remaining booths are allocated to local exhibitors from Hong Kong. Notably, six booths are specifically allocated to companies from the Gansu region in China, renowned for its high-quality agriculture, mutton, and beef. In total, there are 30 booths in the exhibition.

Rundown of Events

There is a pamphlet with a rundown of events in this link


Exhibited booths (some of the booths that are listed)

Al’Ard Oil

Origin: Palestine

Al'Ard Oil is a family-run Palestinian company dedicated to producing the finest artisanal foods rooted in their love for the land. They prioritize organic and environmentally friendly farming practices, recognizing the importance of healthy food for a healthy body. Established in 2008, the company was founded by Ziad Anabtawi to support underprivileged Palestinian farmers by providing them with modern facilities and access to global markets. With a focus on fair trade and transparent business ethics, Al'Ard Oil ensures farmers' well-being by offering tools, storage facilities, agricultural expertise, and internationally recognized certification.
They sell a diverse range of authentic Palestinian products, including olive oil, herbs, spices, dates, olive oil soap, black seed, and many others.

By sourcing their ingredients directly from local farmers and utilizing organic farming practices, they guarantee the highest quality and purity of their products. Al'Ard Oil aims to preserve and share the rich culinary heritage of Palestine while supporting farmers and promoting fair trade principles. Through their products, customers can experience the flavors and cultural significance of Palestinian cuisine while contributing to the betterment of farmers' lives.


All Asia Tech Solutions

All Asia Tech Solutions is a one-stop destination for technology needs in Asia. They offer web solutions, digital marketing, IT services, business solutions, and training and workshops to help businesses thrive in the digital era. Their mission is to unlock technological solutions for a connected Asia, providing high-quality results and leveraging the latest technology and industry best practices.


Apple's Island

Apple's Island is a manufacturer and distributor of a diverse range of products, including dried fruits, cashew nuts, peanuts, seaweed chips, and rice snacks. They offer these products under the brands Red A, N-yoto, and di Siam.



ARIHA is a company that aims to promote Palestinian products in Malaysia. They source their products from the Palestinian-occupied territories and continuously expand their product range. By providing a market outside of Palestine, Ariha offers Palestinian farmers and producers the opportunity to sell their high-quality goods at fair prices. They ensure that all their products originate from Palestinian farms and factories, supporting the local economy and creating job opportunities. Ariha believes in empowering the local community and channeling a portion of their sales profit to charity organizations for agricultural projects in Palestine. They have been in partnership with Yaffa Ltd. in the United Kingdom since 2013.



Bonroy International Ltd. is a prominent manufacturer and exporter based in Qingdao, China. They specialize in producing and exporting food ingredients, food additives, and pharmaceutical raw materials. With certifications including ISO, HACCP, GMP, HALAL, and KOSHER, Bonroy ensures the highest standards of quality and safety in their products.


Cookies Quartet

Cookies Quartet is dedicated to transforming the taste of cookies into a delightful experience. With a keen focus on detail, they meticulously select the finest ingredients to create their cookies. They prioritize the preservation of natural aromas and incorporate healthy elements without compromising on rich and distinct flavors. Complemented by premium packaging, including unique festive gift boxes, Cookies Quartet offers the ideal gift for any occasion.



DAS (Dr. Aishah Solution Sdn. Bhd.) is a company focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle. They offer a range of products under the brands DASTO and Dr. Aisha, which are designed to tackle obesity and improve overall health. Their products are low in sugar and calories, cholesterol-free, trans-fat-free, and high in fiber and protein. DAS incorporates Asian superfoods like GAC fruit, mangosteen, moringa, and chia seeds, known for their antioxidant properties and various health benefits.



EL-DINA is a prominent brand builder and food manufacturing group specializing in ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meat products. With over 27 years of experience, they have become a major player in Singapore and Malaysia, offering a diverse range of brands, including "Golden Bridge" and "Kelly's." Their focus on innovation, supported by in-house research and development, enables them to stay responsive to market trends and customer preferences.

With modern manufacturing facilities and a strong emphasis on quality assurance, EL-DINA ensures the safety and excellence of their products. They have an established distribution network, reaching major supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia, as well as exporting to over 25 countries.

EL-DINA, a leading brand builder and food manufacturing group, specializes in ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meat products. Their flagship brands, "Golden Bridge" and "Kelly's," have gained recognition in Singapore and Malaysia. With a focus on innovation and quality assurance, they continuously improve their recipes and manufacturing processes. EL-DINA's products are widely distributed through major retail channels in Singapore and Malaysia, and they also export to numerous countries.



E-SEIDO 懿生堂 is a healthcare company founded in 1973 with a mission to support healthy lives globally. Initially established by chemist Kazuo Sato in Taiwan and later expanded to China, the company specializes in creams and herbal products. Led by Keiko Sato, the second generation of the founding family, E-SEIDO is dedicated to promoting well-being and utilizes Japanese sincerity and technology in their worldwide operations.


GBA Halal Certification Center

GBA Halal Certification Center is a newly established Halal certification company co-founded recently by Ms.Leung. The company focuses on providing Halal certification that is in accordance with international Halal certification standards, aiming to help manufacturers get certified.



HALAL LAB is the first Muslim-owned and run Social Enterprise Bakery in Hong Kong. It aims to benefit the EM (Ethnic Minority) community by offering career programs and promoting Halal enterprise.


Imperial Patisserie

Imperial Patisserie is a Hong Kong-based company that produces high-quality pastries. They offer a wide range of products, including mooncakes, Palmiers, honeycomb egg rolls, crispy cookies, and the Tonggwoji series. With a focus on quality ingredients and elegant packaging, they provide a gastronomic experience and promote an elegant lifestyle. Founded by Dr. Martin Yim, Imperial Patisserie collaborates with Michelin-starred Master Chefs to ensure exceptional taste and uphold the "Made in Hong Kong" spirit.



SINSTANT offers Ready-to-Eat (RTE) and Ready-to-Cook (RTC) Singaporean and Asian gourmet meals worldwide. Produced in Singapore, their recipes are curated by renowned MICHELIN-awarded and veteran chefs from Hong Kong and Singapore. They also provide Halal options to cater to diverse dietary preferences.



SÖLTY is a lifestyle brand that brings the magic of Himalayan salt to homes worldwide. They offer premium salt products, including lamps, bath salts, massage stones, and edible salt. SÖLTY prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices, sourcing salt from the Himalayas while working closely with local communities. With a focus on wellness, luxury, and sustainability, SÖLTY invites customers to enhance their lives with the beauty and healing powers of Himalayan salt.


Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong

The Incorporated Trustees, also known as the Board of Trustees for short, is the official representative body for Muslims in Hong Kong. They are responsible for the Halal certification of restaurants in the region, ensuring compliance with Islamic dietary guidelines.



WuduMate is a leading supplier of ablution products worldwide. Their range of products is designed for prayer and multi-faith rooms, mosques, workplaces, and homes, providing convenient and hygienic solutions for performing ablution before prayers.



Please kindly note that the patisseries and bakeries mentioned in the previous information are Halal-certified based on the provided information from the co-organizer, Ms. Leung. While we acknowledge the credibility of the organizer, we encourage you to verify the Halal certification for your own peace of mind. Taking this step would ensure that you can confidently enjoy the products and services offered by these establishments.


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