Top 5 Halal Ramen in Singapore, Suitable for Rainy Days

By Muhammad Jodi Pratama | 01, Aug, 2022
Top 5 Halal Ramen in Singapore, Suitable for Rainy Days

As we’re saying goodbye to the hot humid days and welcome the rainy season in Singapore, a bowl of warm halal ramen is what you need to accompany you to get through the day. From the rich broth to the flavorful seafood ramens, we got you covered! Here are 5 halal restaurants that serve halal ramen in Singapore!

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1. Ichikokudo

Sapporo Soup Curry Chicken Ramen

Image Credit: Ichikokudo on Instagram

As the one who started them all, Ichikokudo is the perfect start for you to try as they are the first restaurant to bring halal Hokkaido ramen to Singapore. With multiple outlets and authentic taste, no wonder Ichikokudo is one of the local's favorites! Its warm broth that lays as the base for their ramens is cooked with such consistency with the freshest ingredients to create a rich-flavored bowl of ramen.

Make sure to try the Ichikokudo Ramen for some authentic shoyu ramen. Cooked in slow-shimmered chicken bones and combined with shoyu, you’ll be drooling for the rich broth with a pinch of “sea flavor” of the broth. Aside from that, you can also try Ichi-Ramen Gifts from the Sea for seafood lovers and opt for Hokkaido Orochon Red Hot Ramen for the ones who wanted some spiciness. For a complete experience, the restaurant also presents a traditional Tatami-styled seating for the most authentic Japanese ramen dining experience.

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2. Omoomo

Craving both Japanese and Korean food at the same time? Try Omoomo’s fusion dishes, it is unique and surprisingly good! Kimchi or original broth? Beef or Karaage topping? You decide. Here you can mix and match or build your own ramen with your choice of broth, ramen noodles, and toppings for a guaranteed “Omo omo!”. Japanese toppings with Korean broth? Why not?

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3. The Ramen Stall

the ramen stall beef ramen

Image Credit: The Ramen Stall on Instagram

The Ramen Stall is one of the restaurants that serves authentic Japanese cuisine, while also catering to suit the local's palate by bringing in some Singaporean twists to their menus. The Ramen Stall always makes sure that their taste stayed consistent, with the use of the freshest ingredients and broth that are well prepared without artificial flavorings added.

They’re best known for their beef ramen, with well-prepared broth that is made by boiling bones and meat for over 30 hours, to get the rich, smooth, and milky texture that they’re known for. Warm soups are not in your today's mood? Chilled Soba, dry ramen, and their Hokkaido chicken strips might be a better option for you. Other than their Ramen and wheat-based foods, they also serve sushi and rolls to satisfy your seafood intake.

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4. Hei Sushi

Coming to a Sushi restaurant does not always mean it is a sin to order other dishes than sushi. Although being known for their belt sushi, all of their foods are halal certified and Hei Sushi has also their fair share of ramen options. With tasty and high-quality dishes at an affordable price, their Jigoku Ramen, Gyu Ramen, and Kaisen Ramen are a must-try during your visit. If you’re craving different textures, you can also opt for their udon or soba.

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5. Tokyo Shokudo

tokyo shokudo ramen

Image Credit: Tokyo Shokudo on Facebook

Tokyo Shokudo is a halal-certified restaurant that specializes in tempura and ramen. Created by the Gold Medalist Chef, Akimitsu Tanihara, their dishes are the first of its kind, prepared with high quality and delicious taste. Their most popular items and the chef’s recommended choices are their original scallop ramen and ebi yuzu ramen, suitable for seafood lovers that are craving some flavorful broth. Aside from their ramens, their tendons, tsukemen, and toji are a must-try and devour during your visits.

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Here is our selection of the top 5 restaurants that serve halal ramen in Singapore, which one would accompany your rainy days?

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