Halal Restaurants in Leicester, UK

By Babajide IJIYODE | 13, Jul, 2022
Halal Restaurants in Leicester, UK

The UK's halal food market is one of the fastest-growing in the country

Because of the city's large Muslim population, it's not surprising that several excellent restaurants in Leicester serve halal-friendly meals.

Halal is a term commonly used to describe foods and beverages that Muslims are allowed to consume, and in Islam, it means "permissible" or "lawful". Pork, alcohol, and meat that hasn't been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law are all examples of foods that aren't considered halal in Islam, according to the Quran.

Here are 9 Halal-certified restaurants in Leicester!

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1. Rockin Diner

rockin diner fried chicken

Image Credit: Rockin Diner on Facebook

This diner with an Americana theme offers an entirely halal selection of fast food for those who are seeking something a little out of the ordinary.

You can choose between burgers, sub rolls, nachos, and burritos, and then wash it all down with a classic milkshake or soda float.

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2. Spice Bazzar

Spice Bazzar is a well-known Indian restaurant located on Welford Road.

On the menu, you'll find every one of your favorite Indian dishes, from tandoori specialties to vegetarian curries and everything in between.

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3. Fernandez Grill house

This steakhouse in the middle of the city specializes in serving enormous burgers, chicken wings, and steak.

The sharer platters they offer are quite popular; however, you should make sure to save room in your stomach for one of their milkshakes. Exquisite!

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4. Chef and Spice

chef and spice grilled doner

Image Credit: Chef and Spice Buffet on Facebook

If you are starving and in need of a filling dinner, there is only one place you can go. More than 40 options are available at the buffet at Chef and Spice, the 2015 Leicester Mercury Restaurant Of The Year winner.

Their lunches are relatively reasonable, especially for students, from Sunday through Thursday. The fact that several football stars have been observed eating there suggests that it must be fantastic.

We do advise you to dine carefully and recheck by asking which menu is halal since their restaurant still serves spirits and alcoholic drinks.

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5. Kayal

The first Keralan seafood dish to reach Leicester! With several honors and a remarkable background, Kayal is becoming more well-liked in Britain.

When it comes to special occasions like St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day, the restaurant is suitably decorated. Visit there to experience the delicious spice combinations and the local cuisine.

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BRGR.BRO burgers and fries

Image Credit: BRGR.BRO on Instagram

The peak of American halal is right here. The nicest, juiciest burgers, delectable sliders, and the best buffalo nibbles you've ever eaten are all available at reasonable prices from BRGR.BRO, branded the "UK's first slider specialist". You can always count on the staff of BRGR.BRO to be courteous and accommodating to your needs.

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7. Kobe Sizzlers

It's difficult to resist getting hungry simply by observing the burger. If you're in the want of some steak but prefer something a little finer than a McDonald's, Kobe Sizzlers is the destination to go. Their delicious (and, quite simply, magnificent) food offers an exceptional dining experience.

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8. Shimla Pinks’

Shimla Pinks' goal is simple enough: to imitate Delhi's hubbub in Leicester. This Indian restaurant received the Leicester Mercury's Restaurant Of The Year award in 2016 for creating enticing and delectable cuisine with fresh herbs and spices.

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9. Tipu Sultan

tipu sultan foods

Image Credit: Tipu Sultan on Instagram

Tipu Sultan is a gorgeous, HMC-certified restaurant on the ground level that serves a range of traditional Indian fare. Aiming to provide the experience deserving of an emperor at your table, Tipu Sultan undoubtedly succeeded!

Tipu Sultan has a lot of seating available to accommodate its high level of popularity. The seating is cozy and can accommodate both little and big parties.

Delicious dishes including Lamb Chops (£6.95) and Seekh Kebabs (£3.95), as well as Masala fries and Buttered chicken, are available on their menu. all presented elegantly! With these halal cuisines, you can never go wrong.

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Above are some fantastic restaurants in Leicester that you should definitely visit if you want to eat wonderful and tasteful Halal meals. If you visit any of the aforementioned places, you will undoubtedly come back numerous times and even invite friends, and not for any other reason than the fact that their food is so amazing!

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