6 Restaurants To Satisfy Your Korean Cravings in Seoul, South Korea

By Shamilka Rasheed | 19, Jul, 2017
6 Restaurants To Satisfy Your Korean Cravings in Seoul, South Korea
Locating places that serve Halal food in Seoul can be a bit difficult sometimes, but you don’t have to miss out on a great food experience. However, there are restaurants that serve Muslim-friendly food in Seoul that you should try out at least once to taste the unique flavours of Korean cuisine. Do have a look at this very helpful Seoul food guide if you need to find the best Korean restaurants in Seoul that will come in handy when exploring the city.
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1) EID Halal Korean Food

Eid Halal Korean Food is located in Itaewon and is among the most popular Korean restaurants when it comes to finding Muslim-friendly food in Seoul. An extensive menu can be enjoyed in a simple, cosy setting especially when traveling with the family where you can taste authentic Korean food that you must not miss. Delicious items such as beef bulgogi, samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup), tteokbokki or Korean rice cakes, jjimdak (braised chicken in a spicy sauce) are some of the must eat foods when you visit Seoul. The restaurant also offers free re-fills for soups and other side dishes like most Korean restaurants.

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2) Makan Halal Korean Restaurant

As one of the best Korean restaurants in Seoul, the Muslim-owned Makan Halal Korean Restaurant is a brightly lit spot with simple décor that serves some delicious bulgogi, cold noodles or mulnaengmyeon, seafood dishes and more. The restaurant takes orders for packed lunches or dosiraks with some delicious items that you can take along with while you visit some of the beautiful attractions in South Korea – it’s a another ideal spotfor a small crowd.

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3) Yang Good BBQ

Finding authentic Halal Korean Barbeque and Muslim-friendly food in Seoul is not that easy, however, you can have just that when you drop by Yang Good BBQ. While the restaurant does serve alcohol, Halal meat and ingredients are used for food preparation. Yang Good is among the best best Korean restaurants in Seoul to try barbecued lamb ribs that can be marinated in spicy sauce if you wish.

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4) Murree Halal Korean Food

When it comes restaurants to try in Seoul, do check out Murree Halal Korean Food where you can taste a variety of authentic dishes – they are also known for their amazing Indian food too. From their wide menu you can try out popular Korean dishes such bulgogi and kimchi fried rice along with side-dishes that will be re-filled for free. The pleasant setting of the restaurant is the perfect place to relax and try the local cuisine in South Korea.

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6) Osegyehyang Vegetarian Restaurant

Don’t forget to consider delicious vegan or vegetarian food options when looking for Muslim-friendly food in Seoul. Osegyehyang’s warm, inviting interior is in the style of a traditional Korean home - making this the ideal place to enjoy delicious Korean cuisine. Everything is prepared with vegetarian ingredients. Their fried dumplings and soups are especially popular among locals and tourists alike, so do give it try when you are in Seoul.

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6) BoA Travel House

The BoA Guesthouse is best known for their Halal packed lunches or dosiraks has quickly become known as a great spot to find Muslim-friendly food in Seoul. However, you can enjoy a delicious meal in their well-lit spacious dining area BoA is one of the few places where you will find delicious Halal Korean fried chicken too, and their bulgogi or squid dosiraks are some of the must eat foods when you visit Seoul.

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The next time you are in South Korea, don’t forget to drop into these popular Korean restaurants!

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