Best Halal Restaurants in Manchester That You Have to Visit!

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 09, Sep, 2021
Best Halal Restaurants in Manchester That You Have to Visit!

Finding Halal food in the UK isn't a big deal. All you have to do is type "halal restaurants nearby" on Google, and you'll find dozens of them. Alternatively, you can use the Halal Trip app to find all the restaurants and Muslim-friendly places wherever you go.

However, not all Halal restaurants in Manchester are worth your time and money. Some restaurants stand out as the best Halal restaurants in Manchester because they do a great job.

If you're in Manchester and want to grab some halal food, you have to check out these Halal Restaurants below:


Red Marrakech
Red Marrakech Old Trafford Manchester UK

Image Credit: Restaurant Guru

If you've never tried Moroccan cuisine, I highly suggest you visit Morocco. If you can't do that, you may visit Red Marrakech in Manchester.

Red Marrakech is a halal restaurant that celebrates the Moroccan gastronomy heritage. Meals like the Tagine, Couscous, and Harira are super-yummy in Red Marrakech.

97 Ayres Rd, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 7GS, United Kingdom


Etci Mehmet
ETCI Mehmet Manchester UK

Image Credit: Etci Mehmet

Are you a fan of Turkish cuisine, kebab, and everything that has to do with grilled, juicy meat? Okay, you gotta visit Etci Mehmet, which is probably the top Turkish restaurant in Manchester.

Etci Mehmet has dozens of top-rated Turkish chefs that all look like Salt Bae. You'd love the atmosphere and, of course, you'll eat some of the best Turkish meals ever.

Unit 4, The Quadrangle, Chester St, Manchester M1 5QS, United Kingdom


MyLahore Manchester UK

Image Credit: MyLahore on Facebook

MyLahore sits at the top of the Asian restaurant hierarchy in Manchester. Their menu is absolutely amazing. You'll have to visit several times to get a real taste of their diverse cuisine.

MyLahore offers something for everyone. For example, if you're a Muslim vegetarian or vegan, MyLahore has some great options for you. Also, they're only charging reasonable prices.

14-18 Wilmslow Rd, Rusholme, Manchester M14 5TQ, United Kingdom


This & That Cafe
This & That Manchester UK

Image Credit: This & That Cafe on Facebook

This & That Cafe is one of the old curry houses in Manchester. It's a family-owned business that pays homage to traditional Indian cuisine. Brace yourself for some spicy food in This & That.

Check out their menu for each day of the week to know what to order before you go there. You can check out their menu on their website.

3 Soap St, Manchester M4 1EW, United Kingdom


Comptoir Libanais
Comptoir Libanis Manchester UK

Image Credit: Comptoir Libanais on Facebook

Have you ever heard of Lebanese cuisine? No? If not, you're missing out a lot. From the treasures of the Middle East (by treasures I mean yummy recipes), Comptoir Libanais has taken its inspiration.

Visiting Comptoir Libanais in Manchester is your big chance to taste some of the most nutritious cuisines in the world.

18-19 The Avenue, Manchester M3 3HF, United Kingdom


Al Jazeera Restaurant
Al Jazeera Restaurant Manchester UK

Image Credit: Al Jazeera Restaurant on Facebook

This restaurant sets the bar really high when it comes to high-quality ingredients, customer services, and delicious meals that cannot be found anywhere else.

Al Jazeera restaurant has a big menu of Middle Eastern and Arab foods with a modern, British spin. Check out their website for more details.

22 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 5TQ, United Kingdom


Bottom Line

The above list is a good starting point if you feel hungry in Manchester and want some Halal Food. There are many other great restaurants that are not on the list. You can find more on Halal Trip's Nearby Halal Restaurants.

Make sure to download the app for lots of important features that a Muslim traveler needs.

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