Halal restaurants to visit in Taipei, Taiwan

By Hooria Tahir | 19, May, 2022
Halal restaurants to visit in Taipei, Taiwan

As post-Covid-19 travel increases, more people choose to visit Taiwan for its rich culture and magnificent cuisine. Muslims traveling to new places can struggle with finding Halal foods and places. - Especially in non-Islamic states.

Today, we will discuss different restaurants scattered all around Taipei that will suit your Halal street food needs. From traditional Taiwanese food to some foreign dishes, Taipei has it all. Muslims can often times find it difficult to travel to foreign countries but not find quality food. 

However, you’ll be surprised to see how far our world has come in accommodating Muslims and Halal foods. If you like to indulge in cultural cuisines and try new things, you’ll want to read this article. We have listed some of the best spots in Taipei to try out all kinds of Halal cuisine. 

Now, you can travel freely without having to worry about the food. Muslims in Taiwan have amped up the food game and are ready to serve locals and foreigners. Most of these restaurants are Halal certified and have Muslim chefs who follow the correct way of preparing a Halal dish. So, what are you waiting for? 

Scroll down to find some of the best dishes that await you in Taipei.

Taipei city

Image Credit: Timo Volz on Unsplash


1. Chang’s Beef Noodle Soup
Halal Beef Noodle

Image Credit: GO! Taiwan

Perhaps you are craving a Halal take on classic Taiwanese beef noodles? We have got you covered. Visit Chang’s Beef Noodle Soup for the best beef noodles in all of Taipei. 

Not only will you feel the authenticity of the food from the shop itself, but also the noodles. They are a certified Halal restaurant and can accommodate Muslims anytime. 

They have other things on their menus, such as Bean Vermicelli, beef dumplings, and different types of noodles. The serving size per noodle bowl is super generous, so you get an excellent deal for your buck. 

The soup that comes with the noodles is hearty and delicious. Anyone visiting here will be in for a real treat.


2. Little Indonesia

Number second on our list of top street food points to visit in Taipei is Little Indonesia. This restaurant offers you the best take on Indonesian food in Taipei. The restaurant offers a buffet of foods you can choose from and quite a few ala carte options. 

Soto Ayam is a must-try in this restaurant. The dish is an Indonesian aromatic soup that comes with chicken, veggies, and rice. 

This restaurant is, of course, Halal. The owners are also super friendly. The authentic Indonesian food is enough reason to visit here, but the friendly people are a bonus!


3. Vigor Kobo 

If you’re craving something sweet in Taipei, worry not. Visit Vigor Kobo to try some of the best Halal cakes in the city. The store has other desserts like cupcakes, but the jumbo cakes are our personal favorite on the menu. 

Made with authentic Taiwanese ingredients, these cakes will leave you with cravings for days. If you’re a dessert person, come down here and try at least one of the cakes out. 


4. Tajin Moroccan Restaurant 
Moroccan Tajine

Image Credit: Thiébaud Faix on Unsplash

When in Taipei, you must visit Tajin Moroccan Restaurant. - A true take on authentic Moroccan cuisine, you can find some of the most excellent dishes like lamb tajines or other meat platters. The staff at Tajin is trained to accommodate locals and foreign people as they are qualified to speak six different languages. 

The aromas of tajines in this restaurant will leave your mouth watered as soon as you enter it. Make sure to try the chicken or lamb tajines as those are the most popular ones available. The restaurant is great for sitting down and taking in the rich Moroccan culture.

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