Watashi Need Takoyaki! 5 Places To Feed Your Tummy Some TLC!

By Assia Hamdi | 18, Feb, 2019
Watashi Need Takoyaki! 5 Places To Feed Your Tummy Some TLC!

Craaaaving for Halal Takoyaki in Singapore? You’ve come to the right place!

Here, all your Takoyaki dreams will come true. Whether you want to some vegetarian green onion, pickled ginger or vegetable tempura or diced octopus (tako) or even go crazy with less traditional variations but equally tasty choices, we've got just the place for you!

This Japanese snack originates from the land of Osaka, combining the Takoyaki sauce, citrus vinegar, mayonnaise, Goma Dare, seaweed and dried bonito. With more choices are popping up in Singapore, its popularity has grown immensely in the food industry.

Luckily, getting Halal Takoyaki is no longer a problem in Singapore. Here are some places you can get your Takoyaki to give your cravings some TLC!

Yummy Takoyaki

Credit: Yummy Takoyaki on Facebook

This muslim-owned store specializes in creating Halal Takoyaki with a variety of fillings, ranging from hotdogs, prawns, mushrooms, octopus and crab sticks. Yummy Takoyaki can satisfy your cravings and not injure your wallet. Grab it on the go, order it through delivery, it’s perfect for anyone with a busy schedule but no desire to starve. There are even sharing platters for big groups!

Plot twist! Yummy Takoyaki also created dessert variations including the Premium Tako Tella for those with a tingling sweet tooth.

Address: East Village, 430 Upper Changi Road, #01-61, Singapore, 487048
Operating Hours: 12PM to 8PM (Tuesdays to Sundays)
Contact: 93379195
Website Facebook | Instagram


Credit: Saiko on Facebook

Saiko is a more elite take on the Japanese street snack, even its name translates to be “awesome” or “the best”. It's true, the variations of Takoyaki found on the menu of Saiko has reached a whole new level. With Saiko Takoyaki, you get the best of both worlds; aesthetics and flavor. Some options include the Miso Butter Takoyaki Filled with Octopus and the Panko Takoyaki Drizzled with Mayonnaise.

Our favorite is definitely the Takoyaki with Truffle Mayo! #AMAZING

Credit: @getsaiko on Instagram

Saiko also allows you to get creative mixing fillings. If you are feeling indecisive, you and your friends can split a 30 Balls Takoyaki platter for 30SGD.

Address: Saiko takes part in selected festivals. Keep a look out for updates on their Instagram page!
Facebook | Instagram


Credit: @oohnique on Instagram

In a variation of three flavors, Original, Spicy and Cheesy, these Tako Yums can unlock new flavors with the fillings. Offering the 7 standard fillings — Octopus, Tuna, Mushroom, Prawn, Crab and Sausage, and Beef, there is something for everyone. There are quite a few other unique treats on their menu such as meringues to salted egg chips/flakes. All you need to do to place your Takoyaki order is to fill in the Order Form found on their Instagram bio. In the form, you can choose when and where you want your order to be delivered. Plan ahead and place your order soon!


Tako Queen

Credit: @tako_queen on Instagram

Tako queen seems to offer slight variations and always more flavors, for those looking for new flavors and experimentation. For example, new toppings can include egg mayo, tuna or corned beef even scallop, depending on what you like! Tako Queen also offers a variety of sides that you can add to your order if you particularly like an intense flavor. Freshly baked, brushed with sauces and mayonnaise, there are only 3 times you can order to ensure hot, tasty Tako. Tako Queen also offers Nutella cakes and Nutella TakoYaki’s, allowing you a 2-in-1 — lunch and dessert.

Address: Millage 55 Changi Road, #01-21 SE 419709 
                  (Next To Pasar Geylang)
Operating Hours: Walk-In Orders
                                  10AM to 8PM (Daily)

                                  Delivery Time
                                 12PM to 3PM | 4PM to 7PM | 8PM to 10PM
Contact: 97993284
 | Facebook | Instagram

Inari-Ku: My Inari

Credit: Inari-ku : My Inari on Facebook

Although the store is not entirely dedicated to Takoyaki, this Japanese delivery service offers a fine dining experience along with some Takoyaki choices, all HALAL! Their main selling point is that they are lovingly made at home by a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum).

Having taken specialized lessons from the senpais themselves, she was able to find her passion for creating beautifully tasting Japanese meals. If you're looking to eat a variation of Japanese delights, not just TakoYaki, Inari-Ku is the place to go. You can have some sushi with Inari aged skin, alongside Takoyaki platters with all your classic flavors. The Takoyaki can be a starter to your Udon Noodle meal or Ebi Tendon (a rice bowl served with miso soup, potato salad, and stir fry). The combinations are endless!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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