All-in-one Muslim App You Need - HalalTrip Mobile App [Video]

By Halal Trip | 06, Jul, 2017
If you're a Muslim who travels often, there are many reasons why the HalalTrip Mobile App is perfect for you. This must-have app has been designed to cater to all faith-based requirements that arise when traveling and to help make traveling much simpler, easier, and more convenient!
This guide takes a look at some of the app's top features and how they can be used to assist you during your travels.


1) Nearby Function

You may also use the app to locate nearby mosquesHalal restaurantsattractions, and more. By simply switching on your location, the app will show you all nearby places of interest based on your location - along with the distance and estimated time taken to get there. Traveling has never been easier!


2) In-Flight Prayer Times

If you've faced the problem of trying to figure out prayer times during your flights, this is the solution for you. You can now be ensured that you will never miss a prayer with the HalalTrip Mobile App's In-flight Prayer Time Calculator. The feature can even be accessed offline or on flight mode and lets you set reminders so that you are informed of your upcoming prayer times, even while flying.


3) Travel Dua

The HalalTrip Mobile App also offers a vast selection of important travel dua. These dua are available in both English and Arabic, with audio playback included for each dua for your convenience.


4) Qibla Direction
Find Qibla Direction and Prayer TImes

Difficulty in determining Qibla direction when traveling is another common issue faced by Muslims. With this in mind, the HalalTrip Mobile App offers a unique Qibla Direction Locator feature - with a mobile Qibla compass. All you will need is to ensure that you have an internet connection and that your location services are enabled, for higher accuracy.


5) Muslim-Friendly Travel Packages

Access Muslim-friendly travel packages at your fingertips! The Mobile App also provides a large collection of travel and holiday packages to various destinations around the world - each carefully tailored to meet every faith-based requirement of the Muslim traveler. You may also browse through a range of family, holiday, honeymoon, and Islamic tours for inspiration for your next trip!


6) Search Function

Use the search function to easily find everything, from Halal food to mosques, across the HalalTrip Mobile App. Get all the tips you need for the perfect Halal-friendly travel experience!


7) Share a Post

Why not share your travel experiences with countless others across the globe? Reach out to other Muslim travelers and tell them about your travels and what made them so unique, along with tips on how to travel as a Muslim.
The free travel app is available for download on both Apple and Android platforms has been downloaded by travelers from countries across the globe, rapidly making it one of the top travel apps available for Muslim travelers.
You can download the HalalTrip app here:

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