HalalTrip 40: Inspiring Muslims | 2022 Edition

By Halal Trip | 03, Jun, 2022
HalalTrip 40: Inspiring Muslims | 2022 Edition

HalalTrip 40 was initiated in 2021 to recognize the efforts of Muslims in their respective fields, be it humanitarian work, content creation, or being a pioneer in their space. The list is a compilation of inspiring Muslims who have contributed eagerly, persistently, arduously, and have significantly impacted the community through their craft, product, or service.

This year, the 3rd edition of the HalalTrip 40 was planned to be launched at the Halal In Travel Global Summit 2023. The compilation consisted of four categories: Trailblazers, Advocates, Inspirers, and Creators.

HalalTrip 40 aims to be an annual compilation of the most influential Muslims as nominated by the community each year.

Looking back to last year's nomination and winners, here are the awardees according to the four categories.

The HalalTrip 40 list in no way implies our endorsement of their views. We are simply measuring their spheres of influence through the many areas and remarkable contributions they have made to the Muslim community.

See the full list of awardees on the HalalTrip 40 here!


HalalTrip 40 Awardees & The Four Categories

This year HalalTrip 40 awardees are separated into four categories: The Trailblazers, The Advocates, The Inspirers, and The Creators.


The Trailblazers

Trailblazers are thought leaders who have made breakthroughs in being the first or one of the few in their respective fields.

  • Anousheh Ansari, First Muslim Iranian Astronaut, Iran
  • Ansarullah Ridwan Mohammed, Co-Founder of Zileej, Trinidad
  • Ayaz Bhuta, Paralympic Gold Medalist 2022, UK
  • Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, Muslim Women Sports Activist, US
  • Dissa Ahdanisa, Founder of Fingertalk Deaf Cafe, Indonesia
  • Fatma Samoura, First Female Secretary General of FIFA, Senegal
  • Nurul Suhaila, SEA Games Gold Medalist in Pencak Silat, Singapore
  • Sifan Hassan, Record-Breaking Olympic Medalist, Netherlands


The Advocates

Advocates are champions of doing good. These individuals are in it to make a change in the community for the better through education, charity, humanitarian efforts, or environmental advocacy.

  • Azrin Hamdan, Izza Haziqah & Nurhadi Taha, Maktaba Books, Singapore
  • Fahma Mohamed, Campaigning Against Female Genital Mutilation, US
  • Jayina Chan (Nur Jannah Chan), Co-Founder of Anya Meals, Singapore
  • Nabeela Yaseen, Founder of Not Your Nangi, Sri Lanka
  • Omar Salha, Founder of Ramadan Tent Project, UK
  • Peter Gould, Founder & CEO of Gould Studio, Australia
  • Rizwan Ahmed, First Muslim to Win an Emmy Award, UK
  • Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Founder of Youth Without Borders, Australia
  • Zainab Ismail, Founder of Fit For Allah, US


The Inspirers

Inspirers are individuals who inspire change, motivate others, and possess the courage to take a stand on what they strongly believe in.

  • Aisyah Hijanah, Influencer, Entreprenuer & Student, Malaysia
  • Chaim Fetter, Founder of Peduli Anak Foundation, Indonesia
  • Dr. Nisha Mohd Rafiq, Postdoctoral Researcher at Yale University, Singapore
  • Dr. Salehatul Khuzaimah, Creating a Safer Space for Pets, Malaysia
  • Imam Khalid Latif, First Muslim University Chaplain for NYU, US
  • Maryam Amir, Creator of Qariah App, US
  • Maudy Ayunda, Singer-songwriter, Actress & Activist, Indonesia
  • Mindful Muslimah, Empowering and Connecting Muslim Women, US
  • Muhammad Fazli Hasri, Helping Others Like Him, Singapore
  • Najwa Shihab, Journalist & Founder of Narasi TV, Indonesia
  • Sadio Mané, Most Outstanding Player at AFCON, Senegal
  • Zaharah Ahriff, Casa Raudha Women’s Home, Singapore


The Creators

Creators are content creators and powerful storytellers who motivate and encourage you to be the best version of you, that you can be through their craft.

  • Dewi Nur Aisyah, Epidemiologist Expert, Indonesia
  • Ibrahim Tahir, Founder of Wardah Books, Singapore
  • Mamadou Ndiaye, Founder of Wasabih, Malaysia
  • Md Noor, Founder of Rohingya Project, Malaysia
  • Mustafa Dustin Craun, Co-founder of MPower Change, US
  • Nadir Nahdi, Film-maker & Founder of BENI, UK
  • Nadiya Hussain, Chef, Author, and Presenter, UK
  • Nurul Hussain, Founder of The Codette Project, Singapore
  • Rachid Yazami, Inventor of Rechargeable Batteries, Morocco
  • Sereen Sounds, Palestinian Film Maker & Music Producer, Australia
  • Waad Al-Kateab, For Sama', BAFTA Best Documentary, UK

Learn more about their stories and find out who has been creating waves in their communities and across the world on the HalalTrip 40 page!

See the full list of awardees on the HalalTrip 40 here!


Nominations for 2023 are Closed

Know someone similar? Nominate them for the next HalalTrip 40 list!  Regardless of whether their feats are big or small, HalalTrip 40 is here to celebrate them all.

Nominations are now closed for the 2023 HalalTrip 40 list. Stay tuned for this years winners!

Send in your nominations in the form here!

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