New Salah Time Calculator Launched by HalalTrip

By Halal Trip | 22, Apr, 2015
New Salah Time Calculator Launched by HalalTrip

The salah (prayer) calculator is an exciting new feature for Muslim travelers launched by HalalTrip on its innovative mobile app. It is the world’s first multi-functional next generation prayer calculater.

The app has now been updated to include a new prayer calculator that offers Muslim the simplest and most convenient way to calculate salah (prayer) times at any given location whether on land, air or sea. This next generation prayer calculator combines science and the latest technology to provide a solution to praying while traveling without any hassle. With just a click, the new prayer calculator provides a list of all the mosques in the area along with the estimated time taken to reach them from the current location. The calculator also determines how long it will take for the traveler to reach their hotel and whether they will be able to make it on time for prayers. The HalalTrip Mobile App's existing in-flight prayer calculator allows users to organize their trips and flights based on the destination as well as access prayer times and prayer directions in offline mode while flying.

App users are provided with prayer times and Qibla for all their upcoming flights to ensure that praying while traveling is made easier. Other features of the HalalTrip mobile app includes a unique Halal food spotting feature that allows users to “spot” Halal food dishes and upload images, comment and share via social media to millions across the world. Finally, the app also contains a complete collection of Islamic travel prayers in both English and Arabic, with audio playback. HalalTrip plans to offer a direct booking service in a few months and will let users make hotel reservations directly via the app. With the latest updates to the mobile app, HalalTrip's goal is to make it easier and more convenient for Muslim travellers to plan their prayers during all their travels.

The free app is available for both iPhone/iPad & Android smartphones and can be downloaded by searching for ‘HalalTrip’ in the App Store/Google Play. You can download the updated App here:


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