Halal Tour to Bandung with HalalTrip – Day 4 in with Fatin in Indonesia

By Halal Trip | 01, Dec, 2015
Halal Tour to Bandung with HalalTrip – Day 4 in with Fatin in Indonesia

A Bandung tour with Fatin. This is her 4th day of  her tour to Bandung. 

Tour Guide to Bandung - Darut Tauhid

From Garut we went to Bandung, which took us about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Our first stop was at Darut Tauhid located near the city of Bandung. A lot of Islamic activities were centred around the area. To my husband and me, it looked like an urban Islamic concept place with business, education and plenty of knowledge on offer. We found this place a very interesting place to go to.


Tour Guide to Bandung - Rumah Mode

We then went to Rumah Mode – a factory outlet place where a lot of rejected branded clothing and bags were sold. In Bandung there are quite a lot of factory outlets and Rumah Mode is a famous factory outlet because it has a one-stop centre compared to other places. It is also bigger, offers a lot of choices and has more facilities such as reflexology, toilets, cafes, musolla, etc.


Tour Guide to Bandung - Udjo Angklung place

After we went to Rumah Mode, we went to see the Udjo Angklung place for its unique traditional Indonesian musical instruments. We learnt to play Angklung with the instruments itself and we were entertained by the students performance. It was a really unique experience! My husband was called to the stage to dance along too. fatin-day1-5

Tour Guide to Bandung - Shopping at Jalan Riau

From there, we continued shopping at Jalan Riau. The road consisted of quite a number of factory outlets. I went to the Hijabstory boutique and the clothing there are soo beautiful! We then checked in at Noor Hotel, just nearby. It was one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever seen. . Click here to view my timeline! .

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