Hamra SG: The Best Organic and Long-lasting Henna

By Halal Trip | 17, Aug, 2023
Hamra SG: The Best Organic and Long-lasting Henna

Henna, a captivating natural dye with a rich history, has existed for thousands of years and has always been a popular choice to color and dye parts of the body. It is a culture that is preserved, thanks to its importance to the community. With so many classic beauty trends coming back into fashion, the demand for Henna has also flourished as a popular beauty product. With that, the safety and quality of the Henna you will be using are becoming more important than ever. This is why Hamra SG will be the best choice for a safe and organic option for you.

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Henna: More Than Just History

Henna has been a popular natural dye that has stood the test of time as a revered art form and cultural tradition. From the intricate designs adorning hands and feet to its diverse use, the use of henna goes beyond body art. Dating back to ancient Egypt and India, henna was used for decorative, ceremonial, and even medicinal purposes. Henna holds a special place in cultural celebrations and rituals. Weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies are often accompanied by henna applications.

The application of henna itself is a work of art, as it requires a high level of skill and patience in its application. The leaves of the henna plant were ground to create a paste, which was then applied to the skin, leaving behind intricate patterns that symbolized beauty and celebration. The application process of the henna paste is done by carefully tracing it onto the skin, and patience is key as it dries to reveal a rich reddish-brown stain. This stain, which develops over a period of hours, will be temporary and gradually fade away.

Henna is also commonly used as a natural hair dye, offering a safer and chemical-free alternative to conventional hair coloring methods. The dye penetrates the hair shaft, infusing it with a deep, rich color and a subtle, natural sheen.

Nowadays, henna has evolved into an artistic form of self-expression. Contemporary designs range from intricate traditional patterns to innovative, personalized creations. With the increasing popularity amplified through social media, a new wave of creativity with a unique and pretty design is coming back and is made possible in the application of modern henna.


Hamra SG: The Henna That You Need and Want

Making sure that the henna product you choose can enhance the pretty designs while being long-lasting and safe to use should be a priority before the application. Introducing Hamra SG, the henna you need for a lasting, vibrant, and safe to use while also enhancing your beauty. Introduced in 2009 as Hamra Nail Henna, Hamra SG solves these problems and is the henna product that many ladies have been dreaming of.

Founded with the needs of women in mind, Hamra SG is the pioneer in introducing 100% organic, bright, and long-lasting henna in Singapore and Malaysia. With the extensive experience of the founder’s hands-on journey from the home of henna in South Africa, Hamra SG has been providing some of the best and has been the customer’s favorite henna product in Singapore. Growing from a small brand with brides as their main target user, its rapid growth does not mean compromising its quality but maintaining the same consistency and reliable supplies as those from South Africa, while further growing its product line and quality. Giving loyal customers and first-timers some ease of mind and guaranteed satisfaction.


Achieving Beauty With Health in Mind

Completely safe to use with 100% organic ingredients, Hamra SG offers three health and beauty products for you to enjoy:

Hamra Nail Henna
Hamra Nail Henna

As the best-selling nail henna, Hamra Nail Henna is created with organic and natural ingredients with no chemicals added, which offers long-lasting color. Using this henna will help to strengthen your delicate nails and protect them from fungus. Hamra Nail Henna is also HSA notified, further emphasizing the safety of the product.

Price: SGD10 (20g)

Hamra Nail Radiance
Hamra Nail Radiance

Need your nails to shine even more? Hamra Nail Radiance is the right product to enhance the henna stain on your nails. Just a drop and a simple dab would guarantee your henna shines even more. The Hamra Nail Radiance is also created with organic and natural ingredients, with no chemicals added.

Price: SGD10 (10ml)

Hamra Hair Henna
Hamra Nail Henna

Looking for an alternative to regular chemical hair dyes? Stop your hair from falling and branching right now! Start using Hamra Hair Henna for a glowing, bright, and shiny hair without stopping you from looking pretty.

Price: SGD12 (100g)

*Shipping within Singapore and Malaysia, with free shipping for purchases of $100 and above to Singapore and $200 and above to Malaysia.


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