Healthy Food Joints in Singapore

By Rameen Hassan | 14, Mar, 2022
Healthy Food Joints in Singapore

Singapore’s more than just a street food smorgasbord; today, it’s one of the culinary capitals of the world.

Did you know that Singapore’s street food is on the Unesco World Heritage List? And for good reason: it’s delicious, affordable, and bountiful. You can sample everything from steaming bowls of laksa and hand-rolled sushi to Italian fine cuisine and French escargot – all on a walk down the same street. The best part? It is all healthy. Made with the finest ingredients, Singaporeans do not compromise on health; hence, warranting organic constituents and supplements. It doesn’t get better than that, right?

Singapore food streets are, undeniably, a vibrant kaleidoscope of Michelin-starred restaurants and bustling hawker centers, shaped over many years by local Malay, Indian, and Chinese communities. Talk about food fusion!

Discover the very best restaurants with us as your guide. At the end of this, we promise you that you’re going to be booking a ticket straight to Singapore to indulge in all things delicious.

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1. Royz Et Vous
royz e vous, thinly sliced grilled beef tenderloin drizzled in our signature Sambal Balado served atop bed of steamed rice or fried noodles

Image Credit: Royz Et Vouz on Instagram

Cafes are a dime a dozen in Singapore but Royz Et Vous, one of only a handful Halal brunch places in Singapore, is a class apart. Visit to feast on filling, straightforward, and healthy dishes. The eggs Benedict, accounting for a very affordable quote of around $18.90, will fill you right up without putting a massive dent in your pocket. Don’t leave without trying their excellent selection of Italian La Marzocco coffee and their refreshing cold brew.



2. The Home of Seafood

Try first-rate organic seafood at the aptly named Home of Seafood. With an extensive menu focusing on all things healthy and organic, featuring everything from crowd-pleasers like lemon chicken to slightly more exotic offerings like whole braised abalones, there’s something for everyone to be had at the Home of Seafood.



3. The Bravery
The Bravery; Big Brekkie

Image Credit: The Bravery

This Halal cozy café is one of Singapore’s best-kept secrets --- there’s no signboard outside, so blink and you risk missing this little gem. You could spend the whole day here, starting with a warm, fluffy stack of their famous pancake and ending the evening with some succulent wagyu ribeye – not to forget the free-flow fries.



4. All Things Delicious

This cute, quaint bakery serves up consistently good, healthy desserts and entrees. Start with their line-up of sandwiches, grain bowls, and pasta plates, all of which are absolutely unmissable. They even have a menu full of healthy, organic ingredients, including wheat breads and no-carb pastas.

If you plan on hitting up this lovely little café, nothing hits the spot quite like one of their cheesecake brownies --- but we wholeheartedly recommend everything else they’ve got on offer, too.

All things delicious indeed.



5. Ela
Ela, Truffle Chicken Alfredo using fresh Greek ingredients

Image Credit: Ela on Instagram

Ela is the only Halal Greek food joint in Singapore. From the elegant, minimalist interior to the artful, thoughtfully curated menu, everything here is exactly as you’d want it to be. The roasted eggplant and spicy feta are a great place to start your feast. You’re guaranteed to find the freshest, most healthy dishes at Ela.



6. Tipo Pasta Bar

Fresh pasta? Hand-pressed juices? An endless list of a sides? Sign us up.

Hand-made fresh every day, the pasta at Tipo leaves very little to be desired in the way of well, anything. Options include dill and lemon fettuccine, saffron fusilli, and several different sorts of sauces. If it classifies as pasta, Tipo’s probably got it. Let’s not forget the healthy selection of pasta that are just as long and delicious as their regular menu.



That concludes our list of the best healthy food joints in Singapore! Do you spot your favorite?

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