Here's How You Can Lead a Meaningful Ramadan in 2017

By Halal Trip | 17, May, 2017
Here's How You Can Lead a Meaningful Ramadan in 2017
Looking to make the best out of your Ramadan? You may want to consider Meaningful Ramadan - a highly practical guide for Muslims that will let you fully reap the benefits of the period of Ramadan.
Meaningful Ramadan is an innovative new online course launched by Ramadan Legacy & Quran Academy, aimed at empowering Muslims around the world throughout the Ramadan period and during the months leading up to Ramadan. Muslims can follow the teachings of the course even after the Ramadan period in daily lives.
The comprehensive course aims to provide you a thorough guideline of how to prepare for, transform and extend, over and beyond the period of Ramadan. Meaningful Ramadan is the first course of its kind and is highly inspiring and interactive. The course comprises of 30 high quality videos totaling over 12 hours of highly-structured, in-depth content, as well as a free workbook download.

Some of the course content includes:
     - Common issues faced by many Muslims in the lead-up to Ramadan due to busy lifestyles and commitments, and how to maximize the benefits reaped from this Holy month through ‘incorporation’ and having the right perspective and intentions in their daily lives.
     - The most valuable possession we have been blessed with - time. Effective time management skills can lead to positive transformations which lead to optimal productivity during the period of Ramadan.
     - The goals and objectives in terms of Taqwah and how important they can be when it comes to attaining perfection in our personal, professional, social and spiritual lives, even after the month of Ramadan. 
The course will be done by Sheikh Suleiman Hani – a Muslim lecturer, as well as a highly-respected instructor, TV scholar, and author. Hailing from Michigan, USA, Imam Suleiman Hani has learned from many of the best scholars, and has countless books and articles under his name. At present, Imam Suleiman channels his efforts into being an instructor and researcher at various educational establishments. His dedication takes him around the world, as he does work for religious, civil rights, and humanitarian organizations.