6 Hidden Gem Destinations of Indonesia

By Muhammad Jodi Pratama | 11, Aug, 2022

Been to Bali and looking forward to revisiting Indonesia? Here are some of the undiscovered gems that you must visit during your trip to Indonesia. Definitely will surprise you again and again!

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1. Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Belitung

tanjung tinggi, belitung

Image Credit: Rambu Semesta on Unsplash  

Although popular with domestic visitors due to the high popularity of the movie Laskar Pelangi, Tanjung Tinggi Beach and its beauty have been hidden from overseas tourism due to the small size of Belitung. Located between Cape Kelayang and Pendam, the beach is decorated with huge granite rocks, light blue clear sea water, and soft textured white sand. Good at swimming? Try swimming through the gaps of the rocks and climbing on the rocks while admiring the beautiful nature that the beach offer. With its uniqueness and beauty, Tanjung Tinggi Beach deserves much more visitors and recognition.


2. Gong Cave, Pacitan

gong cave pacitan

Image Credit: Beritahu.co

Dubbed one of the most beautiful caves in Southeast Asia, Gong Cave is perfect for you who prefer a darker and cool attraction. Gong Cave is known for its beautiful stalactites and stalagmites with a whooping depth of 256 m below the surface. The name itself comes from locals that associate the sounds that come from the cave, where the droplets of water resemble the sound of a gong. You can also try to gently tap or hit some of the rocks as some of them resonate with a unique sound.


3. Lake Sentani, Jayapura

lake sentani, jayapura

Image Credit: lin kay on Unsplash  

Although seems like far, your trip to Jayapura will be worth it once you see the beauty of the lake. Stretching as wide as 9,360 hectares and located on the slopes of the Cyclops Nature Reserve Mountains, this lake is one of the natural wonders and also home to several endemic species of fish and other endangered species in the eastern side of Indonesia. The lake also hosts 22 small islands on top of it that can be explored through speedboats. As a tropical and shallow but with a wide lake, locals consider the lake as a home of rainbows as we can frequently the rainbows after rain during your visit. Perfect for you who wanted to visit natural attractions aside from beaches and mountains, while experiencing a Disney-like ambiance.


4. Ora Beach

Ora is another entry with undiscovered beauty located in Pulau Seram, Maluku. Its heaven-like beauty shines through with the background of cliffs and forests, as it also functions as a home for Lusiala birds which symbolizes the souls of human ancestors. Located in a secluded area, you are able to feel as if you are living on a private island. You are also able to experience living in Rumah Panggung, an accommodation that is built intended to float above the water. Don’t forget to also do some outdoor activities such as snorkeling to observe the reefs and other natural habitats of the ocean, as it is so beautiful you’ll regret missing it!


5. Lore Lindo National Park, Palu

lore lindu national park

Image Credit: Wisata Sulawesi Tengah

Lore Lindo is a National Park that functions as a biological sanctuary. Located in the Wallace boundary line, the park features endemic flora and faunas from all over Asia and Australia. You’ll also be able to see relics from the megalithic era, including Kalamba, and Tutu’na. Dakon, etc. Other than that you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful view as it is surrounded by mountains and clear blue skies combined with the cool breeze.


6. Kete Kesu Village, Tana Toraja

This village is not your ordinary village as it is a traditional tourist village with its quaint charms and history. Kete Kesu Village located in Tana Toraja is a place with rich history, dating back as old as 500 years earlier. Their most unique attraction is Kubur Batu, a cemetery where you can see corpses on the rocky side of a mountainous area. While you are there, remember to also visit Rumah Tongkonan, the traditional house of Tana Toraja.


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