Top 5 Hidden Natural Gems in Morocco

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 31, Jan, 2022

Morocco has no shortage of exceptional natural landscapes that attract millions of visitors worldwide, namely the Sahara Desert and the fabulous beaches/coasts.

Most people who visit Morocco usually just go to the most popular holiday places such as Marrakesh, Fez, and Casablanca. You rarely find someone lucky enough to realize that Morocco has some hidden gems.

In this article, I will present some of the hidden natural gems in Morocco that people often overlook during their vacation.

Here are 5 Hidden Natural Gems in Morocco only a few people are lucky enough to discover:


Aguelmam Azegza Lake
Aguelmam Azegza Lake Morocco

Image Credit: mouad bouallayel on Unsplash

Ask Moroccan youth all over the kingdom about the best camping spots, and most of them will tell you it's Aguelmam Azegza.

The raw nature of Aguelmam Azegza Lake is all you need to experience if you're a hardcore primitive-style living enthusiast.

Camping in Aguelmam Lake is a rite of passage for Moroccan teenagers and young adults, especially males. Part of being initiated as a man means spending at least two weeks in the wilderness of Aguelmam.

You usually find groups of friends from all over Morocco and even the world camping for a couple of weeks in the wilderness of Aguelmam.


Paradise Valley
Paradise Valley Agadir Morocco

Image Credit: Heather Cowper on flickr

Paradise Valley is one of the most overlooked natural landscapes in Morocco.

The views, atmosphere, and overall feeling that Paradise Valley invokes are all contributing factors to why such as valley is described as "Paradise".

Situated near the sunny coastal city Agadir, you have to travel to Paradise Valley in Southwest Morocco.

The clear waters of the naturally-formed pool in the heart of Paradise Valley are irresistible to swimmers.

You just can't stop yourself from being immersed in those clean waters, especially if you visit during summer.


Cedar Forest of Ifrane

The cedar forest near Ifrane city is one of the unique spots on earth.

As you might've already known, cedar trees are scarce. In fact, the region of Ifrane is one of the biggest spots on earth where there are Cedar trees, the other spot being the forest in Lebanon.

Part of what makes this forest so soothing is the beautiful aroma of the cedar trees. The smell that fills the air is so refreshing.

Another unique aspect of the Cedar Forest near Ifrane is that it's home to the Barbary macaque, a cute species of primates unique to Morocco.


Akchour Waterfalls
Akchour Waterfalls Morocco

Image Credit: Itachoo1CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Akchour Waterfalls is one of the hidden natural gems of North Morocco that all hardcore hikers never miss.

'Akchour' is a Berber word that means "somewhere" in English. Akchour's name comes from the fact that people in the past found it difficult to locate the waterfalls, so they just said it's somewhere.

The hiking trail to Akchour is packed with interesting sights. Part of what makes the adventure to Akchour entertaining is the trekking experience through the mountains and forests.

The wildlife is very diverse in this spot in Morocco; you might be able to encounter Barbary macaques along the way, which is always a pleasant experience.


Dades Gorges
Dades Gorges Morocco

Image Credit: Sergio Gómez on Unsplash

Located in south Morocco, Dades Gorges are some of the strangest and most visually satisfying rock formations you can stumble upon.

The views that you can capture from above the gorges are truly mesmerizing, extreme, and like nothing you've ever seen.

The fancy accommodations around are part of what makes a visit to Dades Gorges a must-do. Dades Gorges has some of the most hospitable hotels and Kasbahs with top-notch services.

Your stay in Dades Gorges is an excellent opportunity also to taste some Moroccan cuisine standards like the Tagine.



I hope your next trip to Morocco will be a delightful experience. Make sure not to limit yourself to just the popular destinations everyone else visits.

Make your trip to Morocco unique by visiting some of the hidden natural gems that I mentioned above.

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