A Trip to The Highest Hill in Hong Kong: Victoria Peak

By Suhanah Khamis | 18, May, 2020
A Trip to The Highest Hill in Hong Kong: Victoria Peak

It's nothing unfamiliar to hear about Victoria Peak when you are looking for tourist attractions in Hong Kong. Located in Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak is the highest mountain in Hong Kong, standing at 552 meters above sea level. Promising you a stunning view and diverse activities, it is no doubt that The Peak is one of the most popular tourist spots.

As expected, popular spots will definitely attract crowds. Early morning is the quietest time, so heading to The Peak at this timing is ideal. The crowd will start to swarm in by late afternoon as people will head up to watch the light show. Of course, our advice is to avoid weekends and public holidays as it can get worst. But this doesn't mean that you should give The Peak a pass when you visit Hong Kong. Let us lay down for you the journey to The Peak the way you can enjoy the best!

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1. The Peak Tram

Image Credit: Victoria Peak

The Peak Tram is the most recommended way to get to The Peak. Riding on one of the world's oldest funicular tram will give you an unforgettable experience. Apart from being the fastest way for you to reach The Peak, you can also enjoy the scenic view of the skyscrapers and Victoria Harbor. Don't be alarm by the steepness of the tram, making the buildings look tilted at an angle.

Getting there: 13 minutes walk from Central Station to the Peak Tram lower terminus.

Our take: A must ride for everyone going to The Peak and shouldn't be missed. We suggest that you take the Peak Tram going uphill. And if you manage to grab a seat onboard the tram, choose those on the right-hand side to get the best view.

2. Bus

Image Credit: Igor Son on Unsplash

The cheapest way to get to The Peak straight is by bus. It saves you all the walking to the Peak Tram lower terminus as you can ride the bus service from the MTR stations. Three bus services operate to and fro The Peak, one which operates only during the weekends and public holidays. Don't say we didn't warn you on the thrilling ride downhill.

Getting there: Service x15 from MTR Admiralty station exit B. Service 15 from Central Pier 5. Service 15B from Wanchai Convention Center

Our take: The best way to travel back downhill to bring you back to the city area. Apart from beating the queue for the Peak Tram, you can also save time in walking from the lower terminus to the nearest MTR.

3. Minibus

Image Credit: Yeo Khee on Unsplash

Similar to the bus, a minibus is another cheapest way to get to The Peak. The only difference is the route taken by the minibus. There is only one service running to and fro The Peak.

Getting there: Service 1 from Central (Two International Financial Center)

Our take: An alternative return downhill. For a scenic bus ride, we would suggest taking the buses than a minibus.

4. Taxi

Image Credit: Thomas Patrick on Unsplash

Taxis are metered in Hong Kong and are relatively cheap. Riding a taxi to The Peak will give you comfort as it is air-conditioned and clean. A taxi ride will approximately cost you HKD100 (~SGD18) one way from Central.

Getting there: Taxi in Hong Kong is readily available to be hailed down the street. You can also call for a taxi.

Our take: If you are squeezing itinerary and want to skip the queue, grabbing a taxi will be ideal.


A ticket is needed if you will be riding the Peak Tram. You can purchase them at the lower terminus ticket booth. The disadvantage of getting your ticket here is the waiting time as the crowd can be unpredictable. Afterward, you will need to join the queue to ride the tram, which may or may not be shorter.

A time-consuming method is to get your ticket online. Head down to the official website to purchase a ticket. You can also get the package ticket which enables you to enter Sky Terrace 428. However, you need to oblige to the timing that you have selected. Therefore, you will need to plan your itinerary thoroughly.

Another alternative is to get your ticket from Klook. By purchasing your ticket at the site, you will get to skip the queue to ride the tram. This only applies on the ride way up. As a guide will be escorting you, you will need to follow the conditions accordingly. Klook also offers packages with activities for you to enjoy at a discounted price.


1. Sky Terrace 428

Image Credit: Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

Sky Terrace 428 is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong, standing at 428 meters above sea level. It will swoon you off your feet with its 360 degrees panorama view of Hong Kong. Regardless of the timing of the day, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty.

Dive into the history of Hong Kong, its culture and architecture by listening to the audio guide, "Hong Kong Sky Tour." It's available for free in 6 different languages.

Both The Peak official website and also Klook offer package tickets to get to Sky Terrace 428. It's definitely a spot that shouldn't be miss when you're at The Peak.

2. Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

Image Credit: Madame Tussauds Hong Kong 

Madame Tussauds is no longer a foreign name as a tourist attraction. It is a wax museum featuring wax figures of famous and historical people as well as celebrities. Opened in 2000, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong featured nearly 100 wax figures. This museum is a perfect stop for you to get up close with celebrities and famous people.

3. Madness 3D Adventure

Image Credit: Victoria Peak

Something fun and free that you can do at The Peak is "Madness 3D Adventure." It features 3D artwork by local artists depicting famous Hong Kong scenes. There is a special shooting zone where you can get a professional photographer to capture the moment for you with a fee.

4. The Peak Galleria

Image Credit: The Peak Galleria on Hang Lung Properties 

The Peak Galleria is another shopping complex that is situated just opposite of the Peak Tower. At the time of writing this article, the shopping mall is still under renovation and is expected to reopen by Summer 2019.

With the new opening of the Peak Galleria, visitors can expect to see more variety of shopping and entertainment. The highlight of the mall is the giant glass facade overlooking the hill, giving you another option of the scenic view. We also hope that the observatory deck is reopened as it provides the best view of Victoria Harbor.

5. Nature Walk

Image Credit: Victoria Peak

Surround yourself with the tranquility of nature surrounding Victoria Peak. There are several suggested walking trails that you can enjoy and the point of interest that you can see.

Follow through the Mount Austin Road trail which will bring you through the exclusive residential of Mount Austin, Victoria Peak Garden, Mountain Lodge, and Mount Austin playground. This trail offers you scenic view despite the steep and narrow roads closer to the top. And if you feel a bit more adventurous, you can continue down to MTR Central Station. The whole journey is about 2.8km and will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

Just walking distance from the Peak Tower, you will come across Lion's Pavilion. Offering you free 360 degrees lookout of Hong Kong skylines, no doubt this place will always be packed.


There is no known Halal food available in Victoria Peak itself. Therefore, do plan the itinerary and get your meal in either Central or Wanchai area.

If you need to perform your prayer, you can visit Jamia Mosque in Mid-Levels. Being the first mosque in Hong Kong, it's worth the visit and appreciating the architecture.


There you have it, all you need to know before going to Hong Kong's Victoria Peak. Have fun! 

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