HalalTrip Picks: Our Favourite Home Based Businesses

By Halal Trip | 27, Oct, 2021
HalalTrip Picks: Our Favourite Home Based Businesses

In the chaos and uncertainty of COVID-19, home-based businesses have been a breakthrough success that continues to flourish. You can find passion projects to professionals selling almost anything from trinkets, cakes, clothing, and many more.

In this article, we wanted to show our appreciation to our favorite Home Based Businesses that stood out to us, especially those that have always had our backs through all that's happening with COVID, staying home, and working from home. Even when the pandemic is done, these products are always reliable and enjoyable for you.

Here are some of the HalalTrip Team's favorite Home-Based Businesses:


Piney The Baby Pineapple
Piney the Baby Pineapple HBB SIngapore

Image Credit: @pineytarts on Instagram


It's a home-based business owned by Fee Rahman. She baked pineapple tarts and florentine but was only open for orders during Ramadan. A year ago, my aunt ordered the pineapple tart from this bakery for Eid al-Fitr, and we decided this bakery was going to be our go-to for Pineapple Tarts every Eid. The pineapple tarts in particular have been my father's favorite because they reminded him of his maternal grandmother's pineapple tarts. He once told us, that the pineapple tarts have been the closest ever to replicating the taste and texture of his grandmother's, and it just brings back a lot of good nostalgic memories of Ramadan and Eid with his grandmother.

As for me, what I really like about the tart is the pastry base that's soft and the generous pineapple jam topping that melts in your mouth. The jam has just about the right sweetness to it. Do give it try next Eid al-Fitr 2022, but make sure to pre-order early as their orders run out fast!



The Wall Flour
The Wall Flour HBB Singapore

Image Credit: @the.wall.flour on Instagram


I chanced upon The Wall Flour a while back but never got around to trying their tarts. Finally did recently and it was delightful! Their tarts are a beautiful blend of familiar and new, with flavors like Salted Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake, Keylime Vanilla, and Raspberry Ripple (an ode to your neighbourhood potong ice cream). My personal favorite is their Cookie Butter and the best thing is that they're not too sweet.

Their packaging is beautiful and each order comes with its own flavor card. If you opt to preorder, they come in multiple variations starting from a box of 2 all the way to a box of 42—making them great gifts! The Wall Flour stands out for me because of its taste and presentation. From how it looks to how it tastes, it doesn't disappoint.



Moonlighters Cakes HBB Singapore

Image Credit: @moonlighters.s on Instagram


Nothing from the Moonlighters is NOT adorable! Their Bento Cakes are so well made and tastes really good. Bento cakes are my go-to treats now that we can no longer gather in big groups and are secretly watching their sugar intake! I've never really been a huge fan of cakes (except fruit cakes) because most of the time they are way too big and would often go uneaten in the fridge. You can customize the design to your own liking and the best part is, they are really affordable!

Here's a tip: Always plan way ahead if you're planning to get some cakes from them because they get booked really fast :)



Qurans by Sofisa
Qurans by Sofisa HBB Singapore

Image Credit: @quran.sofisa on Instagram


Run by two sisters, Qurans by Sofisa, is a treasure trove filled with modern pieces for all your spiritual needs. From Qurans, Quran tagging kits, prayer garments, and prayer mats, they have all the things you’d need for your Islamic journey. I discovered them by chance when I was searching for a minimalistic Quran and prayer garment for my daily use. What I love is their Rayon Premium Travel Telekung – lightweight and cooling, perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

The story of how their business came to be is heartwarming. Born out of the need to support themselves through university and to pay off their tuition fees, Sofia and Salsabila decided to build an online store dedicated to serving the Muslim community. They are a force to be reckoned with, and their hard work and dedication to tide through tough times is remarkable. These sisters have helped me rethink the way I approach my deen and have personally helped me build a closer relationship with my faith. So be sure to check them out! They also run another side business, Sofia & Salsa, selling personalized gifts and custom portraits if you’re ever in need of a gift. You’ll be spoilt for choice!



Calypsoul Life
Calypsoul Life HBB SIngapore

Image Credit: @calypsoul.life on Instagram


Searching endlessly on social media and the internet, I was desperate for a remedy to my sleeping problems. I got drawn to Calypsoul Life by their customer reviews and of course, the affordable prices. They had built a reputation for producing blends that catered to different needs. They produce a range of essential oil products in different forms.

A little back story of how Calypsoul Life came about; two sisters loved to create and experiment with essential oils and started giving them out as gifts to friends and family. It was the love and response they received that encouraged them to turn it into a business. You can be assured of the quality as their blends are freshly made in small batches. My personal favourite has to be Liquid Sleep, this is one of their best-selling blends. Don’t miss out on their blends and if you’re like me, be able to sleep better.



The Rattan Baby
The Rattan Baby HBB Singapore

Image Credit: @therattanbaby on Instagram


The ultimate go-to shop for Artisan handmade & curated bags! I was introduced to The Rattan Baby by a close friend of mine, and ever since, I became obsessed with their catalog. They have a wide range of bags, - straw, woven & crotchet. If you're looking to purchase a one-of-a-kind bag, take a look at their collection of bags! They also have a men's collection too.

Aside from online, The Rattan Baby occasionally holds a pop-up sale/booth in flea markets for their customers to easily and physically check out their bags like the Twilight: Flea & Feast in Singapore. Or you can also simply head to their Instagram page to browse through those in stock.

My personal favourite is their latest Raya Collection! The designs are so stunning and stylish! If you're keen on purchasing, do keep a lookout for their pre-order slots as their bags tend to sell out fast!



A Weekly Affair
A Weekly Affair Baklava Home Based Business Singapore

Image Credit: @aweeklyaffair on Instagram


They sell the best Baklava Rings! My mum came across their Instagram Page and bought it for us to share. It was so good, we've been buying our baklava rings from them ever since. I have tried some form other places before but nothing was as good as theirs. They sell ones with real Nutella too! All their toppings are good, it has never ever lasted an hour at home! The prices are reasonable and it's great as a gift. It is beautifully wrapped and you can include small notes on the boxes too for that extra touch!



Maktaba Books
Maktaba Books Singapore

Image Credit: @maktaba_books on Instagram


Okay, whether it is considered a Home Based Business or not, Maktaba Books is running a really exciting initiative. In essence, Maktaba Books is a community peer-to-peer library where people share their Islamic and Malay books with others. With over 400+ books to choose from, you'll definitely find something that will tickle your noggin!

I first discovered this through a friend who recommended me to check this out if and when I'm looking for any Islamic and Malay books that are not in the public library. All the books in Maktaba Book's catalog are from the personal book collections of others participating in this community initiative. So the more people participating in this, the bigger the library is!

The best part is that Maktaba Books is a not-for-profit business so everything is free and if you can't find the book you're looking for, you can request or vote for a new book. What I like most about this initiative is that it makes knowledge even more readily available to everyone. So if you're looking for your next read, give them a try!



Frutti Natural
Frutti Natural Home Based Business Sri Lanka

Image Credit: Frutti Natural


Frutti Natural is a family business that started off in 1988, concocting delicious frozen treats for friends and loved ones. This hobby soon turned into a home based business catering to a wider customer base in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Their range of premium natural ice creams & sorbets are made with fresh & dried fruits, nuts & purees. Not only are they lip-smackingly good but they also ensure that the sweetness is more from the fruits and less from sugar!

Frutti bars are their latest edition of popsicles to the growing variety of happiness they provide. Some of their most unique flavors are Malai Pista Kulfi, Coffee with Roasted Almond, Strawberry FroYo, Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream, Lychee Sorbet, and many more!

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We are sure there are many more exciting Home-Based Businesses out there so, what is your favorite Home-Based Business?

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