5 Homegrown Singapore Brands to Check Out

By Halal Trip | 06, Sep, 2017
5 Homegrown Singapore Brands to Check Out


Singapore is a great nation that has gained world recognition for many reasons. Among those are diverse brands that span across a wide array of businesses. As any proud citizen would do, you most certainly must be interested in finding out more about these brands and how you can get a hold of them. Here’s a list of top brands made in Singapore, some from startups that are just gaining traction in the international domain, and others that have been around for decades. We hope this list helps you find the best homegrown Singaporean brands to shop now.
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1) Ong Shunmugam

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Ong Shunmugam is one of the best examples of local fashion brands in Singapore. It has now become a popular women’s fashion brand that offers the unique blend of fashion forward designs made from beautiful traditional fabrics like batik prints and vintage kimono fabric. We highly recommend you check out their beautiful collection online or at their store at 43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-76, Singapore.


2) Charles & Keith

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Charles and Keith Wong are brothers who set out on a mission to understand the inexplicable desire women feel for shoes and handbags. And as a result, the successful fashion brand Charles and Keith was born. The brand has come a long way from opening their first store way back in 1996 and now has spread to over 350 stores worldwide. It has even made its presence in high fashion and Hollywood red carpet events. At home, you can check out the latest collections of this popular fashion brand at 313@Somerset, Bugis Junction and Changi Airport Terminal 3, or even shop online through their official website.


3) Skin Inc

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Skin Inc is one of leading skin care brands known for its high quality and safe formulations that provide amazing visible results. It is, therefore, one of the best homegrown Singaporean brands to shop now. The business began when mom Sabrina Tan gave up her career as a successful IT professional to find a solution for her kid’s skin care problems. Today, the brand has gone global with outlets in major locations like Brunei, Spain and other European and developed nations around the world. You can visit their store at ION Orchard and get the best-customized skin care solution to suit your skin identity.


4) Breadtalk

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You probably have already made a number of visits to Breadtalk to try out their interesting and delicious range of buns. The unique concept of Japanese style boutique bakeries was founded by George Quek and has now expanded across Singapore and several other parts of the world.

5) Akira

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When you think about trusted electrical appliances, Akira is a brand that almost immediately comes to mind. But this is also one of those brands you never knew were from Singapore. Successfully competing with leading Japanese electronic brands like Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric since 1990, Akira continues to dominate the household market offering high quality and affordable products.
Other notable brands made in Singapore:

1) Tiger Balm – probably the treatment you grandparents still prescribe for every ailment under the sun
2) Axe oil – yet another household name used to treat a variety of everyday ailments ranging from stomachaches to headaches
3) Pirate3D – an affordable 3D printer that was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign
4) World Scientific Publishing Company - a leading publishing house well-known among Ivy League Universities and other world-class intellectuals
5) Singapore Airlines – dominating the skies by offering flights around the world
6) Banyan Tree – a pioneer in the hospitality industry
7) TWG – the international luxury brand offering premium quality tea


These are just a few of the brands you would have already heard of but are brands you never knew were from Singapore. So have fun shopping for our very own creations and support these local brands to grow and reach new heights.

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