Hong Kong Travel Requirements: Compulsory Quarantine Requirement Lifted

By Shameel Ibrahim | 10, Oct, 2022
Hong Kong Travel Requirements: Compulsory Quarantine Requirement Lifted

Yes, you heard it right, Hong Kong has lifted its mandatory compulsory quarantine requirement on arrival starting on September 26th. The major changes include scrapping a pre-departure PCR test and allowing travelers to choose their accommodation of choice. This move comes with reduced infections and widespread requests by business chambers in the city.

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Here's what you need to know about the Hong Kong Travel Requirements 2022:

Check out this Handy Timeline of tests required before and after landing in Hong Kong


What do I need to do before my flight?

You need to be vaccinated with two doses of a recognized COVID vaccine. Along with that, you need to fill up a health declaration form which will give you a green QR code. You need to download and save that code on your phone or you can print it out as you need to present it to the airport staff upon arrival. In addition, you need to take a pre-departure RAT test 24 hours before departing. Make sure to take a picture of the test with the date, time, and your name to present to the check-in staff. 

Screenshot of the health declaration form

Image: a screenshot of the health declaration form 


What will be the procedures after landing in Hong Kong?

You will undergo a PCR test and you can leave to the accommodation of your choice immediately after the test. You will be given a QR code after the completion of the  “Notification of Medical Surveillance” upon landing and will fill out a form and download the notification during your medical surveillance period through this website. 

Screenshot of the health declaration form or notification of medical surveillance

Image: a screenshot of the health declaration form/notification of medical surveillance (the green option)


Will I have to take any tests during the medical surveillance / self-monitoring period?

Yes. Under the new ‘0+3’ arrangement, travelers are obliged to three days of medical surveillance and four days of self-monitoring. Therefore,  you need to take seven days of RAT tests and upload them to this site. (Putting the number of the day and the date will really help when uploading them). In addition, PCR tests are required on days 2, 4, and 6 of your stay. Your day of arrival is counted as Day 0. 

In order to do your PCR test, you can book through Community Testing Centres, go to mobile specimen collection centersor go to a recognized private clinic for COVID-19 testing where you have to pay for administering the test. 

Travelers who fail to comply with the necessary PCR tests or provide the Department of Health with false information have a maximum fine of HK$10,000 and imprisonment of 6 months.


Will I be restricted from entering certain premises?

Yes. Upon arrival, you need to download the LeaveHomeSafe app, which is Hong Kong’s contract tracing app to know your status under the city’s Vaccine Pass arrangement.  You will have an amber (yellow) QR code if you are under medical surveillance, a red code if you tested positive for COVID-19, and a blue code after you finish your medical surveillance period. Here’s a video that explains how the vaccine pass works. 

Under the city’s Vaccine Pass, if you have an amber code, you are not allowed to enter a number of premises including restaurants, amusement game centers, fitness centers, indoor sports premises, swimming pools, barber shops, and religious venues among others where staff may require you to scan the venue’s QR code before entering. (See full list under Note 2)

However, people can go to study or work. After three days, the amber code will change into a blue code, allowing you to enter places such as gyms, restaurants, and most outdoor areas where staff may check your vaccine status. 


Are there any other existing COVID restrictions?

Yes. Masks are still mandatory both indoors and outdoors as well as on public transport and other public premises. There are also restrictions on gatherings of more than four people in public and a limit of eight people in restaurants. If more than eight people need to gather, a RAT test is needed. 

What if I test positive during the medical surveillance period?

If you test positive during the period in your RAT test, you need to report the positive RAT test on this government website. Those who report a positive RAT will receive an SMS message with a link to upload supporting documents and you will need to download relevant isolation or quarantine orders. You need to complete uploading the documents within 24 hours after you receive the SMS message after which you can download the isolation or quarantine order within 30 days. 

If you test positive on a PCR test, you need to declare it using the link provided in the SMS message that will be sent to you.


What if I have a specific question?

If you have any more queries, don’t forget to join the HK Support Facebook group, which is a group with more than 90,000 members who went through quarantine. The group is constantly updated by members themselves and you can ask any question and it will be answered.

There’s also the official site from the Hong Kong government for those who want to find the information themselves.


Cover Image Credit: Connecting Flights Guide, Pexels

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