Hotel Al Meroz - Bangkok's First Fully Halal Hotel

By Waleed Al awad | 03, Apr, 2018
Hotel Al Meroz - Bangkok's First Fully Halal Hotel

It is without a doubt that Bangkok is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Asia. The breathtaking views, the thrilling experiences, the ability to shop and get a whole bundle of clothes and accessories for very affordable prices and the delicious Thai food makes Bangkok a travel destination that any traveller must visit! But for a Muslim traveller the concern lies on how he/she can make their special holiday a halal one, which mainly involves finding halal food, prayer locations and a halal hotel to stay in.

These concerns are now a matter of the past because I am about to introduce you to a one of a kind "halal" hotel in Bangkok. If you ever plan to travel to Bangkok in the upcoming future for your halal holiday in Thailand, do check out this hotel which will give you all the necessities that you need to make your stay a comfortable and a halal one!

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Introducing the Al Meroz Hotel – Bangkok! This hotel has a beautiful exterior adorned with golden domes that give the ambience of a glistening mosque, and it's decorated throughout with a lot of "Islamic" and "Arabian" details, but it is not the look of this hotel that makes it so special. It's the fact that this hotel is built with the aim and motive to provide a Muslim-friendly travel experience to all the Muslim travellers who visit Bangkok. The hotel is located in close proximity to the Bangkok Suvarnbhumi Airport, and offers its own shuttle service to and from the hotel.

Furthermore, the hotel is in close proximity to the main attractions in the city of Bangkok, including the Islamic Foundation of Bangkok, and a variety of shopping destinations including the Fortune IT shopping mall, The Pratunam Shopping Arcade, and the Ramkhahaeng Shopping mall.

Location Information

Address: 4, Soi Ramkhamhaeng Road 5, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250, Thailand.
Tel. : +66 2 136 8700
Email: [email protected]

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Services Catering to Women

For ladies travelling alone or with an all-female group, it is quite a concern when it comes to finding a proper location for your stay, and it can be very uncomfortable calling room service when it's being attended to by a man.

Hotel Al Meroz identifies and respects the needs of the lady traveller very well. It is with that concern that they have designated an entire floor of the hotel exclusively for the female guests, which are also attended to by female staff. This way all the Female Muslim travellers can have ease and comfort, while enjoying their holiday to the fullest!



The hotel offers 242 rooms in four categories named Superior, Deluxe, Connecting Family Rooms and Suites.

All the rooms are comfortable, air-conditioned, well-equipped, and they also mark the Qibla for praying. Each room also includes a praying mat and a copy of the Al Quran, which are the two essentials of any Muslim. Furthermore the Televisions in the rooms are also programmed for family-friendly viewing.

Details for what you can expect from each type of room are given below for you to pick whichever best suits your vacation needs!

The Superior Room

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The Superior Room comprises a large double bed, which is ideal for 2 guests, or it can be alternated to two single beds (an extra bed can be added), and a well-equipped bathroom. The maximum capacatity the room can accommodate is up to 3 adults. The amenities included are coffee or tea making faciites, a safety deposit box, seating area, desk, Qur'an, prayer mat, shower, hairdryer, slippers, free toiletries, wi-fi, a flat-screen TV, cable channels, a telephone, refrigerator, and a wake-up service.

The cost of this room will range from $100 to $108 based on season.

The Deluxe Room

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The Deluxe Room comprises a large double bed, or can be alternated to two single double beds (an extra bed can be added) and a bathroom. The maximum occupancy of this room is 3 adults, and the amenities included in this room are: coffee or tea making facilities, a safety deposit box, seating area, desk, Qur'an, prayer mat, shower, hairdryer, slippers, free toiletries, Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, cable channels, telephone, refrigerator and a wake-up service.

The cost of this room will range from $125 to $131 based on season.

The Connecting Family Room

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This is an ideal room for a family who are on a holiday together. It comprises of two bedrooms, each with its own separate bathroom facilities. The bedroom can be alternated between double beds and single beds but can hold a maximum capacity of six adults.

The amenities included in the room are coffee or tea-making facilities, a safety deposit box, seating area, desk, Quran, prayer mat, shower, hairdryer, slippers, free toiletries, Wi-Fi, flatscreen TV, cable channels, telephone, refrigerator and a wake up service.

The cost of the room will range from $250 to $265 based on the season.


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This is most luxurious room at the Al Meroz hotel – Bangkok. Suite comprises of a bedroom, a living and dining area, and a well-equipped bathroom. Suite has a unique ambiance and decorations, and it offers the best views from the hotel.

The amenities available at the room are coffee or tea-making facilities, a safety deposit box, seating area, desk, Quran, prayer mat, shower, hairdryer, slippers, free toiletries, wi-fi, flat screen TV, Cable channels, Telephone, Refrigerator and a Wake-up service.

The cost of obtaining a suite will range from $1300 to $1317 based on the season.


Facilities in the Hotel

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The hotel offers a beautiful outdoor pool for recreational activities. The decoration of the pool area comprises an attractive Arabian ambience. To maintain privacy and modesty for all Muslim travellers during their halal stay at Bangkok, the pool facilities are open for women during morning hours and for men after midday to avoid any discomfort.

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Furthermore the hotel also includes a well-equipped gymnasium for all the Muslim travellers to maintain their fitness during their stay at Bangkok. After all, the food in Thailand is delicious, but you've got to burn the calories off, so you can conveniently hit the gym at the hotel. The hours work the same way as for the pool facility, (morning hours for women and after midday for men).

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If you find that praying in your room is not what you prefer, you can head to the prayer rooms located in the hotel premises to offer your salath. The prayer rooms are separate, for men and for women.

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The hotel also includes a number of meeting and function rooms equipped with great facilities to cater to any type of event. The Grand Meroz Banquet hall can accommodate up to 650 guests, while the other meeting and conference halls can seat from a range of 30 to 800 guests. Bustan, the open air roof top of the Hotel Al Meroz offers a beautiful view, and is ideal for a ceremonial occasion to host up to 200 guests. The halal-certified kitchens of this beautiful hotel caters for any event to be held at its venue, especially to celebrate a Getaway Muslim wedding.



The hotel comprises two beautiful restaurants named Diwan and Barakat. The ambience in both restaurants is equally stunning, and it's well-equipped with good facilities with well-trained staff to give you a pleasant dining experience. Both restaurants are halal-certified and family-friendly, where no alcohol is served and smoking is not permitted for a comfortable halal dining experience for the entire family.


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The Diwan is an "all-you-can-eat" restaurant which has buffets every day. Each dish is crafted beautifully and delicious to taste. The menu is well laid out and consists of a fusion of different cuisines including Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, European, Japanese and of course, the vibrant cuisine of the hotel’s home country - Thai.

You'll have the privilege of enjoying this beautiful array of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and due to the variety of food items the buffet comprises, I don’t think you'll ever find it dull during your halal stay at the Hotel Al Meroz.

Opening hours: Breakfast – 06.00 to 09.30 / Lunch - 11.30 to 14.30 / Dinner – 18.00 to 22.00



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On the other hand, the Barakat Restaurant is a classic Mediterranean restaurant in the hotel which has a beautiful interior designed to suit the theme of the restaurant. You'll be able to enjoy a variety of Middle Eastern and Indian dishes at this restaurant. Some of the spotlight dishes at this restaurant include kebabs, hummus varieities, grilled seafood, biryani and baklava.

Opening hours - 11.30 - 22.00 hours (Daily)

Tel. : For reservations and further information, dial 02-136-8700 extension 4305


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