How To Introduce Ramadan To Your Children

By Hooria Tahir | 26, Apr, 2022
How To Introduce Ramadan To Your Children

It is that time of year again when all your kids can do is ask you questions about Ramadan. The questions can be all sorts of things, including:

  • What is fasting? 
  • Why must you starve till evening?
  • Why can't you have a sip of water?

And while as parents, we are pretty used to answering all kinds of questions from our children, explaining Ramadan to them little by little can get trying at times. 

If your kids have reached the age of peak curiosity and religious awareness, it is best to start explaining the concept of Ramadan to them. When it comes to teaching children just about anything, there are numerous ways on how you can do them. 

dates and beads

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You can educate your children in such a way that is both fun and instructional at the same time. However, some parents find it difficult to teach their children religious concepts. It can be because we do not want them to resent it in any way possible. 

However, as parents, it is our duty to Allah to direct them to the right path, as some of our parents did. If you’re trying to accomplish it this Ramadan, keep reading! 

If your kids have reached the age of peak curiosity and religious awareness, it is best to start explaining the concept of Ramadan to them. 

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Teaching Ramadan To Kids

Get your children involved in your Ramadan activities.

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Ramadan can become eventful for many of us. From the moment we finish Suhoor to the moment we sit down for Iftar, the whole house is alert. This is an excellent way of sparking your child's interest in Ramadan. 

If you prepare Suhoor or Iftar yourself, bring your kids into the kitchen with you. Share with them the joy that Ramadan brings to our homes every year. 

Answer their questions about what fasting is and how you do it. You don’t have to get too complex with your answers. - A simple explanation to every question should keep them engaged! 

You can also ask your kids to help you set up the table with dates, glasses of water, and snacks. It is also a great time to mention Sunnahs, such as why we open our fast with a date. Teaching your kids little stuff like this can help make them more intrigued by Ramadan.


Have them “Practice ” fasts.

tea and snacks to break the fast

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A great idea that many parents like to do when introducing Ramadan to children is to allow them to practice fasting. Many Muslim kids have always shared how they want to fast along with their parents. Even if they’re young, a practice fast can also help introduce them to Ramadan. 

You can wake them up for Suhoor and have them take part in eating food and begin their fast. Of course, you can help break their fast earlier, like at noon or an hour after they’ve woken up. 

Practice fasts like these are great for children. - Not only for them to get to know Ramadan, but also literally practice for the coming years. 

Read them a book. 

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There are a plethora of Islamic books and stories for children that instructs them all about significant concepts in Islam. You can easily find a Ramadan-themed book for children and read it to them. 

Sharing stories with children is known to be one of the best ways to teach them about anything. 

A Ramadan-themed book can help you build their interest, talk to them about Ramadan, and answer any questions they might have straightaway!

Using tools such as children's books to build their interest and educate them on topics like these is super impactful.

Here, you can also read them a book about Eid and how we fast to celebrate at the end of the month. 

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