How To Perform Qiyam To Strengthen Your Faith During Ramadan

By Hooria Tahir | 21, Feb, 2024
How To Perform Qiyam During Ramadan

The word Qiyam means standing in Arabic. A prayer known as Qiyam al Layl means standing all night. This prayer is typically performed, as the name suggests, at night and is a part of the Sunnah. 

The duration of this prayer can vary depending on the person praying. But as long as it is nighttime and one is retaining Allah SWT while performing Salah, it is known as Qiyam al Layl or Qiyam ul Layl. 

Since it is Ramadan and Muslims everywhere are looking for ways to double their good deeds and become closer to Allah SWT, following the Sunnah is excellent. And performing Qiyam al Layl prayer is the perfect way to do so. 

Not only can praying Qiyam strengthen your faith during the holy month of Ramadan, but you will also get to rejuvenate your faith.

Below, we have listed some of the best tips to perform Qiyam properly. Thus, you can gain the most of its benefits.


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The Difference Between Qiyam al Layl and Tahajjud
a woman praying at night

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Many Muslims confuse Qiyam ul Layl with Tahajjud. Tahajjud is a similar concept of prayer that is said during the night hours. It is thought that both of these prayers are indeed the same, just with two different names. 

Qiyam al Layl is also commonly performed after Isha prayer in Ramadan. This prayer is also popularly known as Tarawih. 

The main difference between Qiyam al Layl and Tahajjud is that Tahajjud is typically known as the prayer Muslims perform after some sleep. 

Tahajjud is still during the nighttime, but after a nap and between midnight and Fajr.


The Best Ways To Perform Qiyam Prayers In Ramadan 

Education On Qiyam Prayer 

Before we discuss how you can efficiently carry out the prayer of Qiyam, you must take the time to educate yourself on it. A prayer at midnight is not Fard or Farz. This means you are to take extra time to remember the Almighty Allah SWT. 

Qiyam prayer is also known to be Sunnah. Learning about this prayer not only increases your Islamic knowledge, but it also helps motivate you to complete this prayer too. 

Begin With An Intention 

In Islam, we are taught that even thinking about doing a good deed shows good intention, and we can benefit from just that. Accordingly, before doing something good, we should begin with the intention of doing it. 

It helps to motivate and bring out the good in you. Performing something just because it is required does not give purpose or fulfillment. And during the time of Ramadan, you want to feel both of those.

Feeling both purpose and fulfillment also helps you become closer to Allah SWT and sense that you are on the right path. 

Prepare For Qiyam 

After you have decided to perform Qiyam, it is time to prepare for it. If you tend to fall asleep right after Isha, it is best to put alarms on your phone for midnight. You do not need to sleep before Qiyam prayers, unlike Tahajjud. 

But if you do so out of habit, make sure you have made arrangements to wake up. It is best to make a fresh wudu even if you haven't slept after Isha. Doing so helps you become more conscious during the prayer. It can help you perform the prayer more efficiently. 

Make Dua
Sajadah Tasbih

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It is significant to remember that during the Qiyam prayer, you are much closer to Allah SWT. Even more so than in regular prayer times. The nighttime for worship is known as the time of acceptance from Allah SWT. This is why you must make ample Islamic Dua

It is no time to be shy, so ask from your heart. Allah SWT knows best and will recognize your intention and give you what you desire, Insha'Allah. It is also an excellent time to ask for forgiveness. 

Also, make sure to use the time of Qiyam prayer wisely and ask Allah SWT to clear your heart of sin and distress. Surely, He can guide you to the right path. 

Make It A Habit 

Like anything in life, if you do it enough, it becomes a habit. If you are trying to make Qiyam prayer a part of your daily routine in Ramadan, make sure to follow the steps above. 

Following them will help you stay on track and not miss out on any Qiyam prayers. Soon, you will get used to performing it regularly! 

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