Save Your Holiday! Here's How To Pick The Perfect Airbnb

By Assia Hamdi | 24, Jul, 2018
Save Your Holiday! Here's How To Pick The Perfect Airbnb

Picking the best Airbnb becomes easier and easier as you gain experience. Here is a list of things to consider when picking your perfect Airbnb to suit your holiday. Airbnb is one of the cheapest and safest ways to travel. The system is in place to ensure both sides are protected so whether your traveling solo, backpacking, on an adventure moving from city to city each night with a group of friends or just traveling alone for the first time, here you'll find answers to help ease your journey.

1. Price

We all have a budget and the best way to start our search for the Perfect Airbnb is to establish how much we're willing to spend per night. Airbnb shows their prices by night but once your stay reaches a month it will show monthly prices. Once this is done, the scrolling through endless options simplifies, by filtering the options down to your budget, the search becomes all the easier.

Handy tip: A good way to save some money is to look for places with one less sleeping place advertised but with no charge for an extra guest. You can then ask your host to provide some extra bedding or mattress.

2. Location

Location may not seem that important the moment you book your apartment, but you'll thank yourself later when the accommodation is a few minutes walk from the cities main sights or has easily accessible public transport. You don't want to waste time waiting for public transport or walking long distances, especially for short stays.

Handy tip: Stays in the center of the city are always slightly more expensive, a way to prepare for your trip is to inform yourself on transport times in slightly further locations. It may be more worth it in the longer run.

3. Type of Holiday

What type of holiday will you be expecting? Is it a beach relaxing holiday? Intense sightseeing? Moving from city to city? These things will establish whether you need to prioritize things like a washing machine, breakfast etc. Sometimes your schedule will highlight that you only need a bed.

4. Reviews

Reading reviews is a great way to see the type of things you can expect from the host and accommodation. If you want more hotel like assistance to verify that the host is approachable and helpful. Looking at the stars and rating is important but take your time to scroll through the comments because this insight will help make your stay much more comfortable.

Handy tip:

Before booking or the moment you book, let your host know about check in and check out times, this gives them a notice period to help ease your arrival and departure. You don't want to be left standing and wasting your precious holiday time with suitcases.

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