Watalappam: A Sri Lankan Dessert

By Waleed Al awad | 28, May, 2018
Watalappam: A Sri Lankan Dessert

No meal is complete without a delicious cup of dessert! Especially during the month of Ramadan, where we abstain from food and drinks, it is highly likely that our sugar levels are declining. It is almost essential to at least have a side of fruits or dessert to refuel sugar intake. Very popular in the Sri Lankan Muslim Community, Watalappam is a scrumptious dessert perfect as a side during Iftar. If you are a fan of creamy custard or caramel pudding you are going to love this creamy pudding.

This recipe will give you the perfect combination of both Jaggery pudding with a stiff top with a creamy center. You will never get enough of this sweet dessert! The recipe serves up to about 8 to 10 people. You can either serve it in a big bowl or prepare them in individual ramekins. 


  • 15 Eggs
  • Small dried Plums (optional)
  • 1 cup of thick coconut milk or full fat fresh milk
  • Chopped Cashews or Almonds (optional)
  • 500g of Jaggery
  • A pinch of salt


  • 8 to 10 pods Cardamoms


  1. Whisk all eggs in a large mixing bowl until fluffy and bubbles appear.
  2. In medium sized saucepan, melt the Jaggery along with half a cup of water till it turns into a syrup like consistency over low heat and keep stirring.
  3. Crush the Cardamoms using a pestle and mortar or an electric grinder.
  4. Add in the crushed Cardamoms into the Jaggery syrup/brown sugar and mix till it is fully incorporated to the syrup. Keep on stirring.
  5. Take the syrup off the heat and set aside to cool for a few minutes.
  6. Once the syrup mixture is completely cooled down. Add it to the beaten eggs a little at a time until the syrup and the beaten eggs have fully mixed together.
  7. Once the jaggery and eggs have completely mixed , add in thick coconut milk/fresh milk a little at a time and mix well .
  8. Strain the mixture into another bowl to remove the cardomom seeds and give you a fine pudding.
  9. Once the mixture is strained, you can pour it to a large heatproof bowl , or individual ramekins if you want to serve your watalappam in small quantities.
  10. Cover the bowl or ramekins with aluminum foil tie a rubber band or string around it to keep the foil in place .
  11. In a large saucepan pour in water to cover ¼ of the saucepan.
  12. Place the bowl covered in aluminum foil over the saucepan (make sure the water level is not too high, and steam the watalappam for around 20 minutes)
  13. When the watalappam is cooked through, set aside at room temperature for cooling.
  14. You can garnish your watalappam by sprinkling the chopped almonds or cashew nuts along with dried plums. Show your creativity in garnishing with nuts and plums or you can serve the dish as it is!

This is an amazing dessert to make ahead and store, so that you can treat yourself and your family to a delicious dessert at Iftar.

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