Weird Places To Hang Out In Singapore That Just Make Sense: IKEA Tampines

By Bella Arti | 11, May, 2021
Weird Places To Hang Out In Singapore That Just Make Sense: IKEA Tampines

Brought from Sweden, Ikea was first opened in Singapore in 1978, Ikea has now grown to a total of 3 branches in Singapore itself from a total of 186 stores worldwide. Of the three branches in Singapore, we are bringing you to Ikea Tampines, which is known as the biggest Ikea branch in the country. Located at 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore, getting around Ikea Tampines can be one of the best yet unusual ways to kill time. What are you waiting for? Let us take you to it!

Here are the 8 things to look forward to on a trip to IKEA Tampines:


1. Take Instagrammable Photos

Wear your trendiest outfit and take #OOTD photos in Ikea to which will probably be one of the most liked posts you have ever uploaded. Trust me! Ikea is a place with lots of Instagrammable spots that you might never have never thought about. Here are the best spots you can try!

First of all, bring your best smartphone with you for this specific purpose. Then, explore the outer building such as the parking lot, for example. There, you can take your best #OOTD candid photos with the Ikea parking lot in the background.

Furthermore, Ikea showrooms display tons of mirrors! Therefore, you can also try to take selfies in front of those mirrors with your friends or partner.

The warehouse aisles are the third unique Instagrammable spot in Ikea Tampines. I mean, look at these aesthetic-looking warehouse aisles!

Ikea Tampines Warehouse

Image Credit: @_zicxt on Instagram

Writer’s note: Take care of your manners and safety. Avoid carrying professional cameras. Stick to your smartphone camera.


2. Explore the Showrooms

Relive your long hibernating imagination by exploring Ikea Tampines' showrooms. Imagine a whole different life upon entering showroom after showroom that has its own arrangements and styles. They have various décor styles and color themes that you can admire, from Scandinavian chic to minimalist and from dark to light color themes. Trust me, walking around and looking at the furniture in Ikea will make you forget the time. Hence, put on your watch or check HalalTrip to always know when the prayer times are.


3. Entertaining Product Names

Video Credit: Simonline on Youtube

When you are traveling you will definitely see the product names in Ikea. Upon reading them, you might find them quite obscure yet entertaining. The obscurity of Ikea product names is so famous, many people on Tiktok have been making videos containing puns out of them. However, there is an interesting fact behind the naming of the products in Ikea. 

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea constructed a unique naming system due to his dyslexia, a learning disorder identified by difficulty reading. Some of these products are named for various things, from Swedish lakes, Norwegian places, herbs, fruits, animals, Danish places, even professions.


4. Buy Affordable and Minimalistic Furniture

IKEA Furniture Study

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

Apart from extending into the global market, Ikea also sells quality goods at affordable prices. Because of this, Ikea was able to reach overseas. Their furniture has been the favorite of any generation. Especially for those who adore Scandinavian or minimalist décor.

Ikea’s furniture is well designed and easy to ensemble. Besides that, because they have lots of furniture and lots of showrooms, you can walk around and match the furniture according to your preferences and tastes. Even better, there are shop assistants who can help you find the items you want and save you from getting lost.


5. Products That You Might Just End Up Buying Despite Not Needing Them

Not just furniture, Ikea sells various items. You can find stuffed animals, wooden toys, kitchen utensils, house decorations, and anything else that you might not need. Nevertheless, due to their attractive designs and quality, you may suddenly be interested in bringing them home. Just take a look at the artificial plants they display. For those of you who do not have time to take care of plants, try decorating your desk or living room with these artificial plants. They will transform your homes greener and create a more natural ambiance to the corners of your homes.


6. Devour Ikea’s Tasty Halal Food

IKEA Tampines Food, Meatballs and fries

Image Credit: @berryverysherry on Instagram

You heard it right, Ikea Tampines has a restaurant that provides tasty Halal food. In fact, back in 1956, the idea of ​​opening a restaurant came to the mind of Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad. At that time, he thought it was impossible for someone to shop on an empty stomach. Since then, Ikea restaurant's culinary journey has begun.

Currently, after decades of development, we can see various interesting yet Halal food menus at Ikea. One of the best and most loved is the Halal Swedish Meatballs that are made from ground beef and chicken, drizzled with gravy, and accompanied by warm mashed potatoes and broccoli. Another food that is worth trying is their Chicken Wings.

Apart from delicious mains, they also provide mouth-watering desserts like soft serve Ice Cream, New York Cheesecake. All of these dishes you can enjoy while sipping Ikea's coffee that is made from 100% Arabica beans.

Sometimes, they also offer plant-based menus and a limited or seasonal menu, such as Mini Ondeh Cakes and Chicken Wings in Rendang Sauce that is available only from April 1 – 30 May. Come visit Ikea Tampines before the limit is up!


7. Ikea Tampines’ Comfortable Prayer Facilities

At Ikea Tampines, you do not even have to bother looking for a mosque outside the warehouse to pray. It is because they provide Musollah next to the food court. Perfect location for praying before or after savoring food.

Other than the wudhu amenities and ablution area, this prayer room is air-conditioned, has prayer mats, and is segregated. Here, you can perform Salath comfortably and khusu.

Always know when the prayer times come while exploring Ikea by downloading the Halaltrip Travel App on your mobile! (Available in both the App Store and on Google Play)


8. Checking out the Swedish Food Market, Bakery, and Bistro

Vanilla Ice Cream from IKEA Tampines

Image Credit: @stephanie_huang on Instagram

Not only restaurants, but you can also find Bakery, Bistro, and Swedish Food Market here at Ikea Tampines. After shopping, you can stop by and see what they have in store. I am pretty sure that the aroma from the bakery will draw you in. The bakery sells various baked goods, from croissants, different kinds of muffins to baguettes.

Meanwhile, at Bistro Ikea Tampines, you will find Veggie Hotdogs, Spring Rolls, Curry Puffs at quite affordable prices. For those of you who don't want to go to the restaurant, a snack at the Bistro is enough to fill an empty stomach after walking around Ikea Tampines without having to go to the restaurant.

After that, you can get a peek at their Swedish Food Market to buy authentic frozen food from Sweden. Some of their halal frozen foods are Grönsaksbullar which is vegetable meatballs and Korv Moj which is vegetable hot dogs. In addition, they also sell Salmon from Norway which is certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

Furthermore, Swedish Food Market at Ikea Tampines also provides sauces, organic jams, condiments, desserts, cookies, candies, chocolates, snacks and beverages originated from Sweden.

You have got to agree with me on this – It sounds like a lot of things available at Ikea Tampines. They offer us various things, from furniture to food. Everything is complete in this one aesthetic and Instagrammable blue with a contrasting yellow logo warehouse. Come visit Ikea Tampines to get the best Ikea experience in Singapore!

Bella enjoys sipping on hot soy latte while writing. Through Halaltrip, she communicates her love for travelling.

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