Ramadan Stories: An Indonesian Gen-Z Ramadan Experience

By Halal Trip | 18, Apr, 2022
Ramadan Stories: An Indonesian Gen-Z Ramadan Experience

We sat down and had a chat with Nethania Khalisha, 21 on what makes Ramadan so special to her, how COVID-19 changed Ramadan for her, and more. Read more stories like Nethania's and get insights on how Muslim consumers around the world prepare for Ramadan and Eid during the COVID-19 pandemic and the new normal in the MASTERCARD-CRESCENTRATING RAMADAN & EID LIFESTYLE REPORT 2022.

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What is very special to you about Ramadan/Eid?

For me, Ramadan is a good opportunity to increase worship and draw ourselves closer to Allah SWT. Ramadan is a good month to re-increase our faith which may have decreased in previous months. Eid al-Fitr is also a special moment for me since it is a big day for Muslims and it is also a festival for Muslims around the world that can be celebrated by everyone regardless of their background.


What are your fondest memories/unforgettable stories of Ramadan/Eid?

Unlike most Indonesians in general who are usually “pulang kampung” or return to their hometown and celebrate Eid al-Fitr with their extended family back at home, my family and I usually stay in Jakarta because almost all of my extended family members are in Jakarta. I had the opportunity to experience the smooth traffic conditions of Jakarta when some of them left for their hometowns.


Do you have any family traditions during Eid celebrations?

One of the unique habits in my family is that we always have breakfast with instant noodles before leaving for Eid prayers. In addition, my family usually also gives a Hong Bao(money packets) to younger family members in the form of a treasure hunt game with gifts scattered throughout the house.


What is your opinion on over-consumption in Ramadan?

In my opinion, if the excess purchases are made to share with others, then it tends to be good and I support this. The purchases will also support the development of local MSMEs, especially during Ramadan. However, if you personally exercise over-consumption, it is contrary to the teachings of Islam and not ideal.


In what way has COVID-19 affected your Ramadan/Eid experience?

I have heard that Ramadan is the month that Muslims consume the most in the year. To be honest, I have never experienced it because I live with a non-Muslim family. I think it is okay as long as the food or products do not go to waste. The problem for me is that it is difficult to stay in shape. Due to fasting, I try not to waste my energy during the day and then eat a lot at night. I find that it makes me gain weight.


In what way has COVID-19 affected your Ramadan/Eid experience?

COVID-19 has limited things that I can do during Ramadan. With the COVID-19 restrictions, I can't perform worship such as I'tikaf and Taraweeh in the mosque as usually done in the previous Ramadans. The current COVID-19 condition also makes it impossible for me to gather with my friends and colleagues to break our fast together as we normally did in the previous Ramadans.


What are your shopping habits for Eid?

My family always wears the best clothes on Eid because it is a form of celebration of Eid itself recommended by the Prophet (SAW). However, my family tends to shop for Eid al-Fitr necessities before Ramadan so that we can focus more on worship during Ramadan.


Do you give more Sadaqah in Ramadan and how do you do that?

Yes, my family usually distributes basic necessities and clothes to people in need around the area where I live. We even collect donations in the form of money or clothes from family and relatives and distribute them as well.


Any other experiences/stories that you would like to share on Ramadan and Eid?

I miss the moment when I could gather and spend time with my extended family like we used to do on the previous Eid. Hopefully, the conditions will improve, and we can gather and pray as we used to do.

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