Are You A Travel Blogger? This is How You Should Maintain Your Instagram Travel Account

By Rashmi Wickramasinghe | 19, Jul, 2019
Are You A Travel Blogger? This is How You Should Maintain Your Instagram Travel Account

So many people love to share their travel stories and reviews of the places they have been to. Since travel is such a crucial part of the millennial generation, social media accounts dedicated to travel are very popular amongst the younger crowd! Everyone wants to experience new places, find out the best places to stay at, what to do and what to eat.

So here are some tips on how you can maintain an awesome Instagram travel blog!


1. Pick A Good Username

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Pick a good username which represents your content and the aesthetic you are planning to project via the blog.

The right name can get you in the spotlight because people will engage with your account. Keep it consistent with all your other platforms that you use. You can also add a nice profile picture which encapsulates your vibe and have bullet points, alongside links to your email and online blog site, in your Instagram bio.


2. Maintain One Aesthetic Throughout Your Instagram Feed

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If you want to get an idea of an aesthetic look at famous travel accounts, observe how they have managed their layout and the captions they write. Learn some photography skills and download some photo editing apps available free. Apps like VSCO cam have filters that you have to purchase but there are many free apps like Snapseed that can help edit your photos the way you want.


3. Tell A Story With Your Photo & Caption

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Photos tell a story by themselves but, add some extra flair with a good caption.

If it’s a historical site, give some insight into its history and write your thoughts on the place. If it’s a photo of you at a restaurant about to dive into a pasta dish write something funny – wit goes a long way.


4. Only Use Relevant Hashtags

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Hashtags are extremely important as they help your account get noticed.

Make sure to use specific ones as well as trending travel hashtags, look at the popular travel accounts – look at the hashtags they have used. Be sure not to overuse hashtags as they may leave your caption looking messy.


5. Engage With Other Instagrammers

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Comment, like and follow if you want more people to notice your account.

Communicate with people, and it doesn’t always have to be your followers. If you notice a post that you really like, tell that person, comment about it and start a conversation, this is the easiest way to get noticed on travel Instagram.

You can tag popular repost accounts on your posts as well, make sure they have a lot of followers and that your post is similar to their aesthetic. Some repost accounts may require you to pay a small fee, but there are enough and more accounts which repost for free!


6. Increase Post Frequency

Credit: @halaltrip on Instagram

Post as often as you can, this way your followers will see your posts on their feed regularly. This way they will know your posting pattern and timings and will look forward for your next post.

Posting often will definitely get you more likes and even followers, because posting regularly shows that you are consistent and serious about your account.


7. Be Active On Your Instagram Stories

Credit: @halaltrip on Instagram

People spend a lot of time watching Instagram stories than posts these days so be sure to post regular updates on your stories.

Show some behind the scenes videos or photos, make some fun boomerangs. Keep them engaged with your content with polls and the “ask me a question” feature.


8. Set Up An Instagram Advertisement

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If you are serious about your blog, then set up an Instagram Ad.

Your Ad can appear as a story or on the Instagram feed, there are many options. The process is fairly easy and you can control the type of people who see the Ad so that you know it targets the right audience.


9. Host Giveaways With Other Travel Bloggers

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Once you have garnered a following, you can host giveaways by collaborating with other travel bloggers or even travel companies, restaurants and, hotels. Giveaways will also help get your account more attention, especially if you collaborate with a very popular blogger who has a wider audience.


10. Come Up With Creative Content

Credit: @halaltrip on Instagram

Last but not least, make sure that your content has something different than the other blogs out there; it should be unique but also cater to a wide audience. Your posts could be insightful or purely of aesthetical value or both! Just make sure that it is interesting and will have people wanting more.


Hopefully these tips will help you out with your travel blog!

Good luck and happy blogging!

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