14 Most Instagram-Worthy Places in Singapore

By Assia Hamdi | 10, Nov, 2020
14 Most Instagram-Worthy Places in Singapore

Instagram is home to a wonder of beautiful and delicious displays of visual art. Singapore is a country that, along with its endless summer, has an array of visually aesthetic locations.

We’ve gathered the top places to visit in Singapore to make your Instagram account colourful, beautiful, and exciting just as the attractions in Singapore are! There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re a tourist or a bored local looking for places to visit in Singapore.

Here are the top 15 most Instagrammable places in Singapore! 



Have you ever dressed up, looked at yourself, and thought, “I am worthy of a professional photoshoot, the only thing missing is an impressive location”?

Well, you’re in luck because Singapore has a choice of streets that are worth a spot on your Instagram feed. Just remember to bring your camera and a smile.

Shophouses are a delicious architectural mix of Chinese, Malay, and European cultures. They evolved slowly in the 19th century. These shophouses survive today because of their timelessness and international appeal. 

1. Joo Chiat & Katong 

instagram-worthy places in singapore: Katong Shophouses

Credit: @sandipkoodali

Instagram theme: Trendy, Best Food location, Shoppings, Traditional

Joo Chiat is named after a wealthy Chinese Landowner from the 20th century and this represents the wealth and history the neighbourhood has tried to preserve. The Peranakan culture (an absorbed culture of Chinese, Indonesian, and Malaysian ancestry) can be explored through the colourful colonial homes and rose gardens. These neighbourhoods are considered one of Singapore's best food locations.


2. Little India, House of Tan Teng Niah

Instagram theme: Colourful, Cultural, Historic

Address: 37 Kerbau Road, Singapore 219168

Little India is a wondrous place in Singapore which, despite its name, is more than just a place influenced by India.

The House of Tan Teng Niah is an impressive 2-story villa in the style of Chinese architecture that is a representation of the bond between Chinese and Indian workers under British Colonial rule in Singapore. The explosion of rainbow detail was a restoration project in the 1980s.

Honorable mentions: Why not visit Sri Veeramakaliamman, a 3-minute walk away from the House Tan Teng Niah. 


3. Clarke Quay

Instagram theme: Colourful, Cultural, Port, Festive, Nightlife

Address: Location: 3 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024, Singapore

Why: This location combines Shophouses with a Riverside view. Enjoy a nightline view of colourful lights, brightly painted shophouses, and a choice of places to eat, shop, and be entertained. 

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4. Haji Lane

Instagram theme: Colourful, Tropical, Mexican Food, Eating and Shopping

Why: If you are looking to brighten up your Instagram feed, Haji Lane is the neighbourhood to visit. Nestled in the Arab Quarter, Haji Lane is a vibrant area for shopping, eating, and taking impressive colourful pictures. 

Story: Haji Lane, as the name suggests, is linked to the name given to a pilgrim of Hajj. The area originally began as lodges for people on their way to complete the pilgrimage of a lifetime. Shophouses were developed to raise funds to complete this journey. The small buildings later became homes to poorer Malay migrants and the presence of Islam on this street continued. 

The British presence changed the dynamic of this area, displacing the migrants. In the 1970’s, Haji Lane began its transformation – funky boutiques, Arab restaurants, vibrant decorated cafes started popping up. 

Places of Worship

5. Masjid Sultan

Places to go in singapore to take photos: Masjid Sultan

Credit: @mirukahmilka

Instagram theme: Places of worship, Architecture, History, Islam

Address: 3 Muscat Street, Singapore 198833

Why: This luxurious display of a mosque is a beautiful location for Instagram pictures. It’s golden domes, the white walls reflecting the light, and the palm trees surrounding it creates an impressive Instagram post.

Story: The land of this mosque was acquired under the Sultan Hussain Shah of Johor in 1819 when the British took over Singapore. Hussain built a palace and a mosque under his name. 


6. Abdul Gafoor Mosque

Instagrammable places in singapore: Abdul Gafoor Mosque

Credit: @yuniqueyuni

Instagram theme: Places of worship, Architecture, Islam

Address: 41 Dunlop St, Singapore 209369

Why: Just as is customary in Singapore, the architecture is a blend of European and Moorish features known as Indo-Saracenic architecture. It is a beautiful building to visit especially when the sky is a sunny blue as the colour contrast will astound your Instagram viewers.

Story: Located in Little India, Masjid Abdul Gaffoor was a mosque originally built for Indonesian and South Indian Muslim workers in 1907. The mosque was almost destined to be a small space until the architectural plans were found in the National Archives of Singapore and revealed a basement, which was later refurbished as another prayer room.



Instagram theme: Heritage, Food, Theatre, Shopping, Religious place

Address: 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996

Why: This multi-versatile place has everything one could wish for. Now used for shopping, theatrical performances, dining, and even weddings, there are endless things to do and snap stories for on your Instagram.

Story: Originally this building began as a Cathedral of the Good shepherd and it developed into a school for brothers and sisters. It eventually grew to have an orphanage and refuge. After a tumultuous time under the Japanese Occupation of Singapore, the Singaporean Government bought the land. The decades of conservation and construction work that followed led to it being transformed into the versatile site it is today. 



Singapore is a place bustling with well-restored architecture, this following category explores the history and heritage of stations that were used for everyday functions. 

8. Central Fire Station

Instagram theme: Museum, Heritage, Original structures, Architecture

Address: 62 Hill St, Singapore 179367

Why: This impressive building can be a great place to take Instagram photos if you are a fan of original historical structures and civilian history. Not every Instagram post needs to be an extravagant display, sometimes the normal locations where heroes who saved lives are exactly what substance your Instagram profile might need.

Story: Central Fire Station is the oldest existing fire station in Singapore, and now houses a museum for the civil defense force in Singapore.


9. Bukit Timah Railway Station

Instagram theme: Vintage, Industrial, Nature, Rugged

Address: 1 Blackmore Drive, Bukit Timah, Singapore.

Why: This place has been left to age on its own. Unlike most places in Singapore, there has been no refurbishment or reinvention of the station. This makes it an ideal place for Instagram if you are looking for 20th-century authenticity.

Story: This station was built in 1932 to transport goods from Malaysia to Singapore. It later developed as a line of migration and a costumes and immigration facilities was set up nearby in 1965. It eventually went out of use and was reopened for the public in 2015.


10. Old Hill Street Police Station

Instagram theme: Historic, Colourful, Architecture, Heritage

Address: 140 Hill Street, Singapore 179369

Why: One of the national monuments of Singapore, this Old Hill Street Police Station is a must-see! The Colourful windows make it a wonderful rainbow surprise – perfect for some impressive Instagram shots.

Story: Built in the mid 19th century, this building was used officially in many ways, such as Singapore’s first jail, Police station, school, and even a space for public functions. Over the years through war and occupation, it stayed relevant and kept its political civic importance. It is today used as the Ministry of Communications and information and the Ministry of Culture, community, and youth. 


Nature and More

11. Fort Canning

Instagram theme: Nature, History, Heritage

Address: River Valley Rd, Singapore 179037

Why: A small but sizable park to visit, grab a picnic basket or a bike, and wander around enjoying the winding staircase or old fort structures. The greenery and lush grass make it an ideal location for the Instagram picnic trend of Summer 2020.

Story: It is the highest elevated land in the city’s urban part, because of this it has a very detailed and important history that is linked to Singapore's central business district. It was originally considered Government Hill until a Fort was built on it due to the high vantage view in 1861.


12. Gardens by the Bay

Instagram theme: Nature, Future, Unique

Address: Downtown Core, Kallang, Marina East, Marina South, Singapore

Why: Best visited when the sun is about to set (a.k.a 'golden hour'), this futuristic park is free to visit and will transport your feed and story to the future. This huge nature park is close to another honourable mention, the Marina Reservoir. The huge supertree groves are technological advances that fuel the garden and protect the plants.

Story: This garden is part of a national plan to enhance the nature and floral heritage of Singapore. It is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore because of its distinctiveness. This part of the whole complex is free to visit.


13. Cloud Forest

Instagram theme: Nature, Future, Unique

Address: Downtown Core, Kallang, Marina East, Marina South, Singapore

Why: This extraordinary building is a cool-moist conservatory with a 30-meter tall indoor waterfall. Unlike anywhere else, walk around and take amazing photos in the tropical secret garden, icicle crystal mountain, and lush lost world.

Story: The Cloud Forest is part of the bigger Gardens by the Bay project, the cloud structure is a mysterious and beautiful globe that preserves diverse plants on the verge of extinction. 


14. Floral Arches, Japanese Cemetery Park

Floral Arches, Japanese Cemetery Park: Singapore photography spots

Credit: @taramilktea

Instagram theme: Floral, Pretty, Nature, Parks

Address: 22 Chuan Hoe Ave, Singapore 549854

Why: The best time to visit these floral archways is in the bloom of Spring. The beautiful pictures were taken in this archway and highlight the nature of life, death, and life in a conspicuous cycle. 

Story: This cemetery has a somber history, originally erected to bury Japanese civilians during the early 20th century. During WW2 it was filled with soldiers, airmen, and marines. In 1987 due to its nature, it became a memorial park. It is organized by the Japanese Overseas Association. 

Do remember to be respectful during your visit and photography session, as this location is a cemetery. 

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