Is the Food Halal in Greece? Tips & Advice

By Halal Trip | 21, Jul, 2016
Is the Food Halal in Greece? Tips & Advice
Greece is a country with several ancient historical sights rich in history including beautiful islands and beaches, and not forgetting good cuisine. You can find breath-takingly gorgeous Muslim-Friendly resorts in Greece as well as private Halal villas too, where your privacy is ensured and Halal food is easily accessible. Planning a Halal honeymoon to Greece will be perfect as this destination and its islands are always in the top picks for a halal honeymoon mostly because of beautiful ocean scenery, tourist attractions, and private getaways.

Finding Halal Food in Greece

In the country’s capital Athens where the Muslim community is larger, there are some Halal restaurants where you can try out the local and international dishes. If you have trouble finding places, always stick to seafood and vegetarian meals. You can even inform the staff that you prefer an alcohol-free dining experience.
There is no need to miss out on traveling to the most gorgeous islands in Greece, even though it is hard to find Halal food. These islands are well-known for using some of the freshest seafood in their dishes that you must try at least once. In Santorini, you can expect beautiful sunsets in a city built on the edge of the Santorini caldera and a place rich with Greek history. On the Island of Crete, finding Halal restaurants will be harder, but there is a wide variety of vegetarian dishes that you can enjoy. Here you will find private Halal villas and some of the most beautiful halal holiday resorts in Greece.
Corfu is a small island with a beautiful coastal landscape, and it is a place to really experience Greek culture too, so it is highly recommended as a Halal honeymoon destination. Yet finding Halal restaurants is not very easy but as mentioned earlier, going for seafood and vegetarian items is your best option.

Greek Food and Cuisine Tips

Before planning your trip, do some research about Greek cuisine and cooking to avoid wasting your time and energy searching for Halal food in Greece.  If you know any friends or families who have traveled to the same place you are going to, get some advice on where some of the best Halal food in Greece can be found.
In some dishes where minced meat is an ingredient, sometimes pork may be added as well, therefore, always ask the staff how the food is being prepared and about the ingredients to be on the safe side. Greek cuisine is delicious and well flavored, so you can choose to have seafood items instead if the meat dishes are not Halal. In some places, it will be even harder than usual to find Halal food, at times like this it is better to opt for vegetarian dishes. Don’t hesitate to ask if alcohol is used in food preparation as some sauces, dressings and marinades might be cooked with wine or other types of alcohol.
When buying sweets and desserts, avoid those that include gelatin since some countries use pork-based gelatin and cannot be vouched for.

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