Is the Food Halal in Maldives? Tips & Advice

By Halal Trip | 21, Jul, 2016
Is the Food Halal in Maldives? Tips & Advice

Maldives: A Perfect Destination for Muslim Travelers

The Maldive Islands have long been considered one of the places that you have to visit, especially if you love tropical beaches and ocean scenery. The Muslim population in the Maldives is above 90% and Islam is the official religion too, so you will find no shortage of breathtakingly gorgeous Muslim-Friendly resorts in the Maldives with Halal restaurants on white sandy beaches. 

Sunset with a view

This destination is one of the most selected places for a honeymoon. A Muslim couple can experience a Halal Honeymoon to the Maldives at private halal villas where privacy is key and water sports, snorkeling, glass-bottom boat trips, and some of the many enjoyable activities available. Most private halal villas have complete pool privacy, halal dining options, and no alcohol in the rooms. Some Halal holiday resorts are complete with separate spas for men, where the spas for women will have only female therapists catering to them.

Mosques can also be found easily within the resorts themselves and on the islands as well. Since the Maldives is made of up several islands, modes of transport mostly include boats, public ferries, and seaplanes. 

Each island has its own resort with activities and facilities, so it is better to select a Halal tour package from a reputed agent since you will spend your entire stay on the island. The other option includes doing your own research on Halal holiday resorts and keeping yourself informed about the Muslim-friendly amenities available on the island you will be staying on.

In the Maldives, tourism is booming with an increase in the percentage of Muslim tourists, so creating Muslim-friendly facilities is highly prioritized. 

Halal Food in the Maldives

Maldivian local food spread in display

As a Muslim country, the local Maldivian food does not contain any pork items or alcohol. Maldive fish and tuna are some of the most important ingredients in Maldivian cuisine so you can sample local delicacies without worry. The consumption of pork and alcohol is prohibited outside the airport hotel in the city. In the Maldive islands, resorts and live boats catered to tourists do serve alcohol and pork only with very strict guidelines and there are even different rules for tourists.

Something to take note of is that in the Maldives, food is imported mostly from places like Dubai but meats may not be from Halal slaughterhouses so there is no guarantee that some places will actually be serving Halal-certified food. It would be easier to simply inform the hotel or villa of your requirements when it comes to Halal food and privacy, or simply choose to stay in private halal villas. Most hotels and resorts are willing to arrange Halal dining options when requested.

When in doubt, always double-check by asking the staff if the menu is Halal. If there is a buffet dining option and you are not sure the food is Halal certified, choose food items from the menu instead, and make a request to the staff that no alcohol, pork, or pork-based products are to be used.

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