Is the Food Halal in Turkey? Tips & Advice

By Halal Trip | 22, Jul, 2016
Is the Food Halal in Turkey? Tips & Advice

Going on a Halal Trip to Turkey

Turkey is a country that has blended into the modern world but still retains a fascinating cultural heritage. Located between Europe and Asia, Turkey is full of historical sites, museums and natural landscapes which make this another top destination to visit.

When visiting Turkey, Muslim tourists will definitely be impressed with the rich Islamic history of the country including beautiful mosques with unique architecture.Muslim tourists have been on the rise, and special Halal tours to Turkey have become quite popular. Now Turkey is also a top Halal Honeymoon destination for Muslim couples. Muslim travellesr can enjoy immersing themselves in a shared Islamic heritage including Turkish culture and cuisine.You will also find Halal resorts available with private access to beaches and pools, Halal dining experiences and no alcohol being served.

It would be easier to travel on Halal tours to Turkey since these special travel packages will ensure that you’re your preferences will be met. This could include staying at a Halal hotel in Turkey where your privacy is ensured and Muslim amenities are easily accessible for you.  There are also several hotels with with Muslim friendly facilities that are close to Halal places in Turkey such as bakeries, markets etc.

the hagia sophia mosque

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A Few Tips About Halal Food – Before You Visit Turkey

While Turkey is a country with a Muslim majority, finding 100% Halal places in Turkeywith certifications can be a bit hard.Even though mostrestaurants in Turkey do not have a certification on display like most Muslim countries, the Halal procedures are followed by slaughter houses. You can talk to staff before placing your orders to get their assurance. There are few restaurant catered to tourists serving pork and pork based items especially when it comes to international food, in situations like this it is always better to choose seafood or vegetarian dishes from the menu.

turkish food

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In supermarkets, pork and other pork related items are usually kept separately in designated areas away from the other products that are being sold.

You can find the usual chain restaurants in Turkeylike McDonalds or Pizza Hut which are generally Halal Certified, but you will not experience the authentic Turkish food which is the best part of any travel experience. But now the importance for Halal certified food has been highlighted with the increase in Muslim tourists and the needs of the locals. 

Being a Muslim country, you will not find pork or pork based items in Turkish cuisine. Even sweets and desserts are generally made out of beef gelatin unlike most European countries, yet it might not be a 100% Halal certification. When dining at restaurants in Turkeyalways make it a point to ask the management if the food is Halal and if alcohol has been used in food preparation. It is sometimes traditional for alcohol to be served with certain foods, here you can inform the staff that you require an alcohol free meal.

You may also use the Food Spotter feature on the HalalTrip Mobile App to discover various Halal food dishes in Turkey.  Click on the below links to download the free App:

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