Islam & Prayer Facilities in Venice

By Halal Trip | 12, Mar, 2014
Islam & Prayer Facilities in Venice

The romantic city of Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world. Its cultural appeal and historic attractions draw in flocks of visitors who wish to experience the allure of the city. Read on to discover what Venice has to offer Muslim travelers. Islam in Italy is relatively widespread, with it being the second most practiced religion in the country - behind Roman Catholicism.

The history of Islam in Italy dates back as far as the 9th century but its presence expanded greatly in the 20th century. The country is home to nearly 2 million Muslims and 500 mosques - including the largest mosque in the European continent, The Mosque of Rome. Since ancient times, Venice has been one of the largest cities in Europe and has remained a center for trading in the Mediterranean. Its trading prowess stemmed from the tenth and eleventh centuries when Byzantine emperors greatly valued Venice as a trading empire.

When the Byzantine empire was taken over by the Islamic Ottomans, Venice was gradually introduced to Islamic ideas, culture, and the Muslim people’s way of life. Due to Venice’s strong affiliation with the Islamic Ottoman Empire, it became an important interface for the Christians in Europe to interact with the Muslims in the Near East. Due to Venice’s trading culture, it also developed close ties with Egypt, Syria, and Iran who became trading partners of Venice. Along with the basic goods traded between Venice and other countries, the ships arriving from its Islamic trading partners carried Islamic books, paintings, and other items. In time, Venice collected many precious Islamic paintings and the art of Venice became a major attraction to other Islamic nations.

A sizable Muslim population is present in Venice today. The population is growing rapidly and plans are being made to build more facilities for the Muslim community in the city. Though there is no official mosque in Venice, the city area is home to a few mosques. Two of the most prominent mosques in the Venice area are the Al-Rahma Mosque - located at Via Monzani, 11, Venice, 30175 - and the Venezia Centro Islamico - located at Via C. Monzani, 11, Marghera, Venice. In addition to finding mosques and prayer halls, the assistance of the Muslim community in Venice can be obtained to avail yourself of other facilities such as Halal-friendly accommodation options as well as Halal restaurants and dining options. Discover what Venice has to offer.

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