Island hopping in Jakarta

By Halal Trip | 18, Nov, 2015
Island hopping in Jakarta

The spectacular city of Jakarta is truly a destination like no other. While exploring the city and its many attractions is a definite must, a trip to Jakarta is incomplete without some island hopping. To the north of the coast of Jakarta, scattered in the Bay of Jakarta, are a chain of islands known as the Thousand Islands. Consisting of about 128 small islands, some of these islands are inhabited while others are privately owned, and some are home to resorts and parks visited by locals and tourists alike. Here’s a look at some of the islands in Jakarta that have been developed for tourism and are absolute must-visits. .

Pulau Ayer


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Palau Ayer is said to be one of the Thousand Islands’ best and most exclusive. Only a 15 to 20 minute boat ride from Jakarta’s Marina Ancol, Pulau Ayer is a stunning resort that is home to a variety of facilities for adults and kids, a beautiful, clean beach, a park, a restaurant and more. Visitors will also be able to take part in a variety of water and land related activities while here. The highlight of the island is however the floating cottages. Built 3 meters above sea level, these floating cottages offer visitors unforgettable views of the ocean. The island retreat also offers land cottages for those not too fond of the water. .

Putri Island


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Putri Island, popular amongst Indonesians and tourists alike, is a resort surrounded by soft sand beaches and crystal clear water. Apart from cottages, the resort houses an underwater aquarium, terrarium, aquarium, swimming pool, and several other facilities. Visitors will also be able to enjoy a tour on a glass bottom boat and sunset cruises while here, as well as snorkeling, fishing, canoeing and diving. .

Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort


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Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort, or Pulau Macan, located about 88 minutes from Jakarta, is a great place for tourists to experience Indonesia’s beautiful natural environment. Sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, along with comfortable cabins, and the numerous activities offered, make Tiger Island a wonderful holiday destination for the entire family. .

Pulau Genteng Kecil

Pulau Genteng Kecil is another island that makes up the Thousand Islands. This small private island is a semi-resort, and like the other islands mentioned above offers quaint cottages, a white sand beach, and several water related activities. Apart from exploring the beautiful island, visitors can snorkel, swim, and dive. Coral reefs, and marine life galore, Pulau Genteng Kecil makes for a great getaway with the family. .

Kotok Island


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Located about 90 minutes from Jakarta, the tropical Island of Kotok is the perfect place for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Also the ideal place to unwind, Kotok Island offers cozy cottages and a number of activities. Visitors can explore the islands colourful coral reefs, swim, snorkel and dive in the beautiful aquamarine water, wander around the island discovering its flora and fauna, or just relax on the island’s pristine beach. .

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