CelebrATE @ Lau Pa Sat for an Action-Packed Evening!

By Arfah Arinah Alam | 27, Sep, 2022
CelebrATE @ Lau Pa Sat for an Action-Packed Evening!

Singapore’s famous food street, Lau Pa Sat is finally regaining its hustle and bustle! With the return of tourists and ease of safe management measures, Lau Pa Sat is back to its glory!

Opened in 1894, Lau Pa Sat is Singapore’s oldest heritage food hall. It houses over 80 F&B stalls, 70% of which are homegrown and actively managed by local hawkerpreneurs and founders.

To welcome the crowds, Lau Pa Sat is hosting six weekends of carnival from 26th August to 2nd October 2022 called “CelebrATE @ Lau Pa Sat”!
Host a get-together with your friends and family and jump right into a feast for each of your senses!

Address: 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582
Opening hours: 24 Hours (selected stores)

To kick it off, we are starting with a tantalizing experience for your tastebuds. Here are the 8 Halal places where you can satiate your hunger at.

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Halal Food at Lau Pa Sat

1. Ipoh Hainanese Chicken Rice Halal
Ipoh Hainanese Chicken Rice

If one is craving Chinese food, Chicken Rice would be one of the top dishes that crosses the mind. Ipoh Hainanese Chicken rice offers a plate of the local favorite dish, comprising of its fragrant and flavourful seasoned rice and its mouthwatering options of steamed or roasted chicken. You just cannot go wrong with this delicious treat.

Halal Status: Halal Certified


2. Ming Yen BBQ and Seafood Halal
Assortment of Halal BBQ and Seafood dishes

If just one dish wouldn’t be able to satisfy your appetite, or if you’re in the mood for sharing and caring with a group, the plethora of local BBQ & Seafood dishes would do just the trick. Ming Yen BBQ and Seafood offers a wide array of Singapore’s familiar and comfort dishes. Bite into the Singapore Bee Hoon for our nation’s version of the popular noodle dish with a side of BBQ Stingray and Salted Egg Squid. Add a bit of greens with its spicy and sweet Sambal Kang Kong!

Halal Status: Halal Certified


3. Delhi Express Pte Ltd

Feeling like you need a burst of strong flavors? Indian food will steer you in the right direction! Butter yourself up with a reward of some delicious and creamy Butter Chicken (haha, get it?) It’s a safe dish for those who require a safe option when it comes to Indian spices. Pair this perfectly with a serving of piping hot and buttery Garlic Naan. Cool your tongues down after the hefty meal with a side of the milky and cool Rasmalai.

Halal Status: Muslim Owned


4. Biryani Point

For some lip-smacking and succulent Biryani, head over to Biryani Point its specialty Dum Biryani! Cooked with care, patience, steam, and pressure the dum biryani will offer you a burst of flavors. Enjoy a plate of tender chicken portions incorporated with flavorful & moist basmati rice, incorporated with portions of chicken, gravy, and various spices. Wind down with this comforting meal!

Halal Status: Muslim Owned


5. A.M. Mohamed Food

Prepare yourself for a generous and delicious portion of Classic Indian Food with A.M Mohamed Food. Dig into the fusion creations that appeal to the Singaporean tongue such as Maggie Goreng and Fried Kway Teow, an assimilation of the different cultures into a dish. Snack on some Indian Rojak topped off with delicious and hearty peanut sauce. This would remind the Singaporeans of the good ol’ days of meetups with friends at similar eateries in the heartlands.

Halal Status: Muslim Owned


6. Turkish Cuisine

If you’ve had your fair share of the local cuisines, take your tastebuds on a trip to the Mediterranean with Turkish Cuisine. Get the Doner Kebab for succulent, tiny pieces of chicken or lamb combined with juicy lettuce and tomatoes, topped with flavorful sauces, and tightly encased in a traditional flatbread. Pair pieces of fluffy pita bread with their delicious and fresh hummus.

Halal Status: Muslim Owned


7. Satay Carts from the Satay Street
Satay on the grill at Lau Pa Sat's Satay Street

Lau Pa Sat is the only area in Singapore with a dedicated Satay Street. If you’re a street food extraordinaire, delight yourself in the tender and juicy meat of your choice, skewered and grilled under a blazing fire with the utmost diligence, patience, and care for the perfect amount of doneness. Pair it together generously with the thick and scrumptious peanut sauce. Aside from the choice of beef, mutton, or chicken, seafood lovers can also enjoy the barbequed prawns with soy sauce and chilli padi for a spicy kick!

Halal Status: Muslim Owned


8. Teh Tarik

An unofficial national drink of Singapore, Teh Tarik must come first on the list of drinks to get with a meal at any time of day. Revel yourself in the creamy, intense, and hot hand-pulled tea topped with foamy bubbles. For those who would like to cool down from the sweltering Singaporean heat, get this mouth-watering tea with ice instead.

Halal Status: Muslim Owned


Bring Home Snacks From Food Folks

Aside from its plethora of food options, you can shop for unique Singaporean products from over 100 retail brands at Food Folks, Singapore's first food retail and F&B blended space that features a whopping 2000 local products! 18 new local retail brands and Made with Passion merchandise have also just been included in their helm. A great place if you're looking for local snacks and merchandise to bring the local taste of Singapore back home!


Digital Ready
Fairprice Kiosk & App

For those who are worried about finding the nearest atm to withdraw some cash, do not fret! Lau Pa Sat is now digitally enabled, just simply use the FairPrice App for e-payment. You can pay using the app at participating stalls and earn or redeem LinkPoints for meals & drinks! Download the FairPrice app via Google Play or App Store today!

Don’t forget to redeem a CelebrATE Booklet worth over $25 for free at Food Folks with a minimum spend of $10! This coupon booklet would enable you to attain $5 food vouchers, four game tokens, and a ticket for the exciting lucky draw!


Retro Chic Carnival Games
Milk Can Shake Carnival Game

Aside from indulging in the abundance of food choices, transport yourself back to the good old days with the Retro Chic Carnival Games happening at Carnival! Bring out your inner child with these family-friendly games like Seafood Catching, Chopsticks Power, Milk Can Shake & Playground Toss. It’s time to get cut-throat in the competition to clinch and win attractive prizes!

Photo Opp Booth

After the adrenaline rush from the games, head over to the four different pop-out interactive photo spots with your friends and family. Unleash your inner photographer to get Insta-worthy picks and get a chance to be featured on Lau Pa Sat’s social media platform if you use the #LauPaSatCelebrATE hashtag!

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