8 Legendary Halal Chicken Noodles You Should Try While Traveling In Jakarta

By Leo Galuh | 16, Feb, 2023
8 Legendary Halal Chicken Noodles You Should Try While Traveling In Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, has some of the best halal street food. The cuisine of Indonesia is well-known around the world. Popular meals in Jakarta include sate, bakso, fried rice, gado-gado, and fried chicken. Similarly, there are a variety of noodle meals with wonderful flavors.

There are numerous chicken noodle stalls in Jakarta that will satisfy your hungry tummy for brunch or lunch. Bakmi is a name used by Indonesians to describe chicken noodles.

So, in order to avoid confusion for Muslim travelers, here are 8 chicken noodle stalls in Jakarta that you should not miss. Let’s scroll down this page to read our HalalTrip recommendations!


Bakmi Acang

The first noodle stall destination is Bakmi Acang in West Jakarta, which serves a bowl of Bakmi Acang with sliced free-range chicken, sliced green onions, and veggies on top of curly, thick, and chewy noodles that are accompanied by a bowl of delicious broth.

Acang, a Chinese-descent resident who owns a Bakmi Acang business, has been selling chicken noodles in West Jakarta's Grogol neighborhood since 1973.

For about IDR 35,000, you can enjoy a tasty bowl of chicken noodles at the Bakmi Acang stall. Visitors can also choose from additional toppings such as Suikiaw with chicken and shrimp stuffing, chicken eggs, meatballs, and more.

Bakmi Acang uses the greatest quality chicken to provide a full serving of enjoyment in chicken noodles.

Acang currently has three restaurants, with his three children being in charge of those restaurants. This preserves the quality of the noodles that are offered to visitors.

Address: Jalan Dr. Susilo III Number 14, West Jakarta

Contact number: +621 5602343

Opening hours: 6.30 am to 2.00 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

Price: IDR 30,000


Bakmi Bangka Aloiybakmi bangka aloiy

Image Credit: @bakmibangka777aloiy on Instagram

Bangka noodles are traditionally made with pork. However, many Bangka noodle sellers in Jakarta have switched from pork to chicken.

Located in West Jakarta, specifically North Meruya, there is a famed noodle stall serving chicken noodles. Bakmi Bangka Aloiy has been providing locals with breakfast and lunch since 2002.

When visitors come to the Bakmi Bangka Aloiy stall, their attention is frequently drawn to the dining table. There are many side dishes for eating noodles on this table. Be it chicken meatballs, fried wontons, vinegar, chili sauce, and soy sauce are all in front of your eyes.

Aloiy and his wife Afung never kept their customers waiting for too long. They both worked tirelessly to prepare bowls of Bangka noodles with its side dishes such as Bangka tofu, fukian, fish balls, dumplings, and others.

The crucial element that distinguishes this stall from other bakmi stalls in the city is the squeezed green orange that is poured once the noodle had thoroughly boiled.

Two decades ago, Bakmi Bangka Aloiy were offered at IDR 3,500 per bowl of chicken noodles. Yet, as time goes by, now the price is between IDR 19,000 to IDR 25,000 per bowl.

Address: Blok H 4, Jalan Taman Aries Number 9, North Meruya, West Jakarta

Contact number: +62 8113371777

Opening hours: 7.00 am to 2.00 pm (Thursday to Sunday)

Price: IDR 10,000 - IDR 34,000


Bakmi Gajah Madabakmi special gm pangsit goreng

Image Credit: Bakmi GM

Bakmi Gajah Mada is subjectively the most delicious chicken noodle for some as well as Indonesia's oldest and most famous noodle restaurant.

Mr. Tjhai Sioe and Mrs. Loei Kwai Fong, a husband and wife, started the restaurant that is now known as Bakmi GM in 1959. They opened the first stall in Melawai, South Jakarta, in 1971.

Because of their 67 years of experience, you can expect Bakmi GM to have the same taste in every branch. There are other menu selections available, including noodles, rice, and side dishes.

The noodles are the most well-known and special item at this restaurant. There are various types of noodles, each with its unique presentation and taste, such as the bakmi special GM bakso that includes juicy chicken pieces and enticing meatballs. Making this menu a popular choice amongst people of all ages from children to adults, with prices starting at IDR 30,091.

Aside from the GM meatball noodles, there is also a fried noodle menu for roughly IDR 44,546, completed with a variety of toppings such as cabbage, eggs, mushrooms, choy sum, bean sprouts, meatballs, and others. The dish is also pretty enormous, with a savory and sweet flavor that will undoubtedly satisfy you.

Bakmi GM is currently available in nearly every Jakarta mall.

Contact number: +621 565500

Opening hours: 10.00 am to 9.00 pm (Every day)

Price: IDR 13,637 - IDR 80,000


Mie Blo'on

The name of the noodle stall this time is quite funny and appears quirky. Blo’on in Indonesian means fool.

Blo'on is taken from the narrative of the founder of the Blo'on noodle stall, who had his noodle store robbed several times in the past, prompting many customers to refer to it as blo'on.

Aside from these reasons, during his life, the founder of the bakmi blo'on stall used to not attend school too, therefore many of his customers referred to him as blo'on.

This stall which has been established since 1969, is located on the side of the road of the Theresia church in the Menteng area of Central Jakarta. It's a halal street food that you must try if you are in the Central Jakarta area.

There are only two menu options at the stall: yamin noodles and chicken noodles, both of which cost IDR 18,000.

The chicken noodles have a savory flavor, whilst the yamin noodles use a sweet soy sauce with a dusting of aromatic fried onions, enhancing its savory and sweet flavor.

Sweet-tasting chicken chunks, meatballs, and cooked dumplings are also served on top of both types of noodles.

Address: Theresia Church, Menteng, Central Jakarta

Contact number: +621 3862362

Opening hours: 9.00 am to 10.00 pm (every day)

Price: IDR 8,000 - IDR 26,000


Mie Ayam Gondangdiamie ayam gondangdia

Image Credit: @miegondangdia68 on Instagram

This chicken noodle stall has been around since 1968 and offers excellent dumpling meatball noodles.

The price of a bowl of dumpling meatball noodles is IDR 45,000 per bowl. With a pretty large size and topped with savory and sweet-tasting chicken chunks that are accented with a creamy broth, it will guarantee to satisfy your stomach and make your heart happy.

Other Chinese dishes served at the Gondangdia noodle restaurant include Fuyunghai, Ifumie, various noodles, and rice.

Address: Jalan RP Soeroso Number 36, Menteng, Central Jakarta

Contact number: +621 31937835

Opening hours: 10.00 am to 8.00 pm (every day)

Price: IDR 10,000 - IDR 104,000


Bakmi Berdikari

Bakmi Berdikari is well-known among Jakarta's noodle and Chinese food enthusiasts. The company's founder, Samuel Widjaja, founded his first Bakmi Berdikari restaurant in Tebet, South Jakarta, in 1978.

Located on Jalan Tebet Timur Dalam, there is also another Bakmi Berdikari eatery in East Jakarta for you to visit on Jalan Dewi Sartika, Kramat Jati.

As the name implies, this restaurant's primary menu is noodles. This restaurant has many loyal customers because of its uniqueness and distinct taste of noodles.

One of Bakmi Berdikari's greatest menus, the black pepper chicken noodles are served on a hot plate and splattered with black pepper sauce, which will tempt your tastebuds just by simply looking at it.

This restaurant also has approximately 193 alternative menus that are equally enticing to visitors.


* Jalan Tebet Timur Dalam Raya Number 39 and 41, Tebet, South Jakarta

* Jalan Dewi Sartika Number 136A, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta

Contact numbers: +621 8280246 and +621 80882581

Opening hours: 9.30 am to 10.00 pm (every day)

Price: IDR 35,420 - IDR 60,720


Bakmi Berkatbakmi berkat

Image Credit: @bakmieberkat22 on Instagram

Bakmi Berkat is a popular halal noodle and rice restaurant in Sunter, North Jakarta that has been open for 20 years.

With affordable prices, their noodles, rice noodles, chicken porridge, hainan rice, cakwe, and fried meatballs are some of the items that are available and you must try at Bakmi Berkat stall.

Their main course and most popular item is the beef meatball noodles, which costs IDR 34,000. This menu makes use of thicker, larger-diameter noodles that remain soft and chewy when eaten, topped off with diced boiled chicken and mustard greens. Every bite is delightful because of the savory flavor and silky soft texture of the noodles.

Don't miss the drool-inducing splash of meatball sauce on top of the noodles. The beef meatballs served here are relatively plain, with no filling and a soft texture, but the beef flavor lingers until the very last bite.

Aside from the noodle dishes, you can also order the Nasi Tim Ayam for IDR 27,000 per plate and the fried cakwe. The customary Medan fried cakwe costs IDR 5,000 per piece and has a crunchy and flavorful texture that is complemented by Bakmi Berkat's unique sambal dipping sauce.

The fried cakwe at this stall is served warm and fresh, further spoiling tourists' tongues!

Address: Jalan Sunter Indah Raya Blok KA1 Number 14, Sunter, North Jakarta

Contact number: +621 6500512

Opening hours: 6.00 am to 5.00 pm (every day)

Price: IDR 5,000 - IDR 56,500


Bakmi Boybakmi boy

Image Credit: @bakmiboysanta on Instagram

We should not skip Bakmi Boy in the Mayestik Market in South Jakarta as part of our HalalTrip recommendation. This chicken noodle dish has been a favorite since 1963.

Bakmi Boy is a must-visit for fans of chicken noodles. The noodle combination is just like your typical bakmi, with the choice of meatballs and boiled or fried dumplings as toppings. You can also opt for yamin and vermicelli as an alternative to replace the noodles.

There are several noodle menus to choose from, with prices ranging from IDR 28,000 for plain selections without toppings to IDR 45,000 for a portion that includes meatball toppings and fried/boiled dumplings. Bakmi Boy is also available in a choice of 1.5x giant options.

These delicious chicken noodles are made with minced chicken, black pepper sauce, white spices, mustard greens, and a light broth. 

Address: Pasar Mayestik, Jalan Tebah III Number 5, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

Contact number: +621 7250358

Opening hours: 10.00 am to 6.30 pm (Close on Sunday)

Price: IDR 24,000 - IDR 67,000


Given the variety of noodle culinary alternatives in Jakarta, it would be a fantastic experience to try one of HalalTrip's suggested chicken noodles!

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