Les Ailes & Chopar Pizza: Uzbekistan’s Halal-Friendly Fast Food Chain

By Halal Trip | 03, Jan, 2024
Les Ailes & Chopar Pizza: Uzbekistan’s Halal-Friendly Fast Food Chain

Looking for some quick and delightful options while visiting Uzbekistan? Fast food or chain restaurants are one of your choices for a quick lunch or a simple dinner. While these chains have become an integral part of our modern lifestyle and are not known for their taste, some would offer a blend of flavors and quality while being halal-friendly for Muslim travelers to enjoy. Les Ailes and Chopar Pizza is a restaurant chain under the Havoqand group located in multiple cities in Uzbekistan. These two restaurants boast delicious food and speedy service while serving halal food, perfect for Muslim visitors. 

For their outstanding Muslim-friendly menus and services, Les Ailes and Chopar Pizza are now both accredited with a rating of AAA by CrescentRating based on the halal food that is available to guests. Ensuring Muslim visitors with halalness to dine in for those who wanted a quick meal while maintaining an authentic taste of Uzbekistan.

The CrescentRating system provides a rating for restaurants based on their overall Halal-friendliness, with C being the lowest rating and AAA being the highest rating. Factors regarding the availability of Halal food, the ability to cater to Halal standards, and other Muslim-friendly factors into consideration, giving Muslim visitors peace of mind while dining according to their beliefs. 

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Les Ailesles ailes chicken

More than just quick bites, Les Ailes is not your typical fast food restaurant. Home to some of the crispiest and juiciest breaded chicken, Les Ailes is known for its combination of trendy food options and quick service, while adapting to the local culinary scene. 

Originating from French, Les Ailes when translated literally means wings - refers to the great chicken they’re selling. It aims to be able to serve customers quickly while being a trendy restaurant that would be a perfect spot for gathering with family and friends for some of the juiciest fast food chicken in Uzbekistan.

Unlike typical fast-food joints that serve re-heated pre-made dishes, Les Ailes made sure that every single dish is prepared from scratch to ensure its freshness to every customer.

Menusles ailes combo

Just like its name, they are well known for its juicy and savory breaded chicken that comes in strips, wings, and chicken popcorn. Opting for a quick meal to go? There are also burger, hotdog, and kebab options to choose from with succulent and crispy fillings, smothered in sauces, and various toppings for you to choose from.

Sticking close to its aim to be a trendy place to hang out with family and friends, it also serves snack options to share with others. Kids meals are also available for families with kids, ensuring a complete meal with one main dish, a side of french fries, a drink, and a mystery toy for your kids. Combo sets are also available in various sizes, perfect for a hassle-free and quick choice to share with significant others.

Start your meal with a healthy bowl of fresh salads, and treat yourself to a wide array of donut choices to finish up your meal. It’ll be a quick yet complete meal for everyone visiting Les Ailes!

Branchesles ailes store

With the success and public love for the fast-food chain, there are twenty-one Les Ailes branches in Uzbekistan, with deliveries available through Telegram bot to handle thousands of orders per day. Here are some of the branches for you to visit while visiting Uzbekistan:


  • Bochka
    Toshkent viloyati, Boʻstonliq tumani, Chorvoq shahar posyolkasi
  • Sergeli
    Golden life KSM
  • DEPO
    Depo mall savdo markazi
  • Asia Nukus
    MKAD, 19
  • Buyuk ipak yo‘li
    123 Buyuk Ipak Yo'li ko'chasi
  • Yunusobod
    Donish ko‘chasi, 80
  • Oybek
    Shahrisabz ko‘chasi, 10b
  • Parus
    Parus KSM
  • M-5
    Sh. Rashidov shox k. 16A
  • Ko‘kcha
    Shayxontohur t. Ko‘kcha darvoza 3A
  • Farhod
    Uchtepa t. G9A, 21/2
  • Chilonzor
    2-blok, 2-uy
  • Next
    Bobur ko‘chasi, 6-uy


  • Milliy tiklanish
    Milliy tiklanish
  • Andijon
    Choʻlpon Shoxruh, 10


  • Samarqand
    Street Shokhrukh Mirzo, 17


  • Farg‘ona
    Kashtanzor, 13


  • Chinor savdo markazi
    Alpomish ko'chasi, Buxoro, O'zbekiston
  • Buxoro
    I .Karimov va I. Moʻminov koʻchalari kesishmasi


  • Marg'ilon
    Farg'ona viloyati, Marg'ilon shahri, Burxonuddin Marg'inoni ko'chasi, 111

Opening times: Monday to Sunday, 10.00AM-11.00PM

Website | Instagram | Online Order


Chopar Pizzachopar pizza

Since opening its doors in 2015, Chopar Pizza has been serving hot batches of pizza with artisanal flavor to enjoy with family and friends. While it is a chain pizzeria, Chopar has been crafting these pizzas with some of the highest-quality ingredients while infusing some traditional and oriental ingredients, putting a fun twist on this European classic.

As the pizzeria expands, modern technologies are also used to create these pizzas, without losing the classic gastronomic traditions. This resulted in the speedy delivery of the pizzas from the oven to the door of your home while maintaining the full gourmet flavors of the pizza.

Menuschopar pizza variety

Aside from the skills needed in creating the dough for a pizza, a variety of toppings made a pizza more interesting and tempting to consume. Here in Chopar, various interesting toppings, both classic and traditional ingredients are being used to ensure these delicious pizzas suit everyone’s preferences. A selection of cheeses, crimson tomatoes, fragrant onions, top-notch beef, and horse meat, along with the finest spices, can be transformed into pizzas that could interest the palates of visitors with appetizing visuals and bursts of flavors.

Chopar is home to different types of menus, be it the all-time classics, unique non-ordinary flavors, and even sweet pizzas! Your basic pepperoni, cheese, margarita, and mushroom pizza is always available for you who want something easy, but more adventurous flavors are also here for you to experiment with. Be it a slice of hawaiian (with turkey meat), bayram (beef and lamb), or even quvvat (with horse meat), there will always be something new for you to try!

Any additional order to complete your meal or share? A daily intake of veggies from salads, nuggets, wings, and potatoes to share, Uzbekistan specialty pides, or even sweet chocolate pizza for dessert are some of the menus that you can order here. Order these different menus or make it a combo to satisfy your tummies!

Brancheschopar pizza store

There are fourteen Chopar Pizza outlets for you to visit in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. They also provide deliveries from all of these outlets through the Telegram bot. Here are some of the branches for you to visit:

  • Bochka
    Toshkent viloyati, Boʻstonliq tumani, Chorvoq shahar posyolkasi
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-10.00PM
  • Sergerli 2
    Toshkent shahri, Sergeli tumani. Mo’ljal: Golden life savdo markazi
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-10.00PM
  • Megaplanet KSM
    Toshkent shahri, Yunusobod tumani, Ahmad Donish 25 Mo’ljal: Mega Planet savdo markazi
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-10.00PM
  • Buyuk ipak yo’li
    Toshkent shahri, M.Ulug’bek tumani, Buyuk Ipak yo’li 123 Mo’ljal: Makro Sayohat
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-03.00AM
  • Nukus Asia.uz KSM
    Toshkent shahri, Olmazor t. Shifokorlar 8 Mo’ljal: Asia.uz savdo markazi
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-10.00PM
  • Oybek
    Toshkent shahri, Shahrisabz ko‘chasi, 10b
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-03.00AM
  • Atlas Chimgan
    Toshkent shahri, M.Ulug’bek tumani. Mo’ljal: Atlas Chimgan savdo markaz
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-10.00PM
  • Eco Park
    Toshkent shahri, M. Ulug‘bek t. M-1 O‘zbekiston ovozi 49 Mo‘ljal: Ekopark, 64-maktab
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-11.45PM
  • Ko'kcha
    Shayxontohur t. Ko‘kcha darvoza 3A
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-10.00PM
  • Markaz-5
    Toshkent shahri, Yunusobod t. Sh. Rashidov 16 A
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-03.00AM
  • Qo‘yliq-5
    Toshkent shahri, Mirobod t. Qo‘yliq-5
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-10.00PM
  • Farhod
    Toshkent sh., Uchtepa t. G9A, 21/2 Mo‘ljal: Jahon tillari universiteti
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-03.00AM
  • Algoritm
    Toshkent shahri, Chilonzor t., So‘galli ota 25/1 Mo‘ljal: Zarhal to‘yxonasi
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-10.00PM

  • Parus KSM
    Toshkent shahri, Chilonzor t. Qatortol 60-2 Mo‘ljal: Parus KSM 4-qavat
    Monday-Sunday, 10.00AM-10.00PM

Website | Instagram | Online Order

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