Word Of Mouth - Tokyo Locals Tips

By Halal Trip | 11, Sep, 2017
Word Of Mouth - Tokyo Locals Tips


If you are thinking of travelling to Tokyo, one of the most fast-paced cities in the world, you might want to take some time to plan out what to do in Tokyo. When you travel to a foreign land like this, you might start off by preparing a Tokyo bucket list from various guides that focus on popular tourist attractions and activities. But if you really want to find some awesome things to do in Tokyo the best way to get to know this is by asking the locals. We have put together a list of travel tips from locals to help you find some unique things to do in Japan and also some helpful tips on how to enjoy a Muslim friendly holiday in Tokyo.
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1) Witness the breathtaking view of the skyline

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No matter how long you have been in Tokyo, witnessing the beauty of this busy city from above is one of the most enjoyable activities you will never get tired of. There are actually a few good viewpoints located across the city. Roppongi Hills Sky Deck is one such location where you can witness the vibrant city at night from the 52nd floor. Many locals like to hang out at this location because the tower has its own museum, movie theater, food court and shopping area making it a great place to spend most of the day in.

2) Get the best private tour of the Imperial Palace

Well the Imperial Palace, home to the Emperor of Japan, is one of the top locations on any tourist’s itinerary, but what you should look out for is the guided tours offered free of charge around the private grounds. These tours often require prior booking which can be done through this site. You could even opt to cycle around the palace gardens which is known to be one of the fun things to do in Tokyo.

3) Explore the quiet spaces of Tokyo

If you are wandering how the locals of Tokyo find some quiet time in the awfully hectic city, you would be surprised to know that there is actually a quieter side to this city. Some of these must do things in Tokyo include spending time in Jimbocho – the used bookstore district in Tokyo and enjoy a quiet picnic in Yoyogi Park or Meiji Jingu.

4) Don’t hideaway from the busy train stations

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The rail and subway network in Tokyo is one of the most efficient transport systems in the world. Therefore the use comes highly recommended by locals. In addition to this, the underground complexes have their own shopping areas and restaurants which are frequently visited by locals between rides.

5) Enjoy the great taste of Japanese cuisine

When you visit a non-Muslim city like Tokyo, one of you major concerns might be how to find good Halal food in Tokyo. In recent times quite a number of Halal friendly Muslim restaurants have come up to cater to the rising demand. Some of the best eateries you could look out for are Malaychan in Ikebukuro, Sumiyakiya in Roppongi, Gyumon, and Hanasakaji-san in Shibuya, and Kappou YAMA in Saitama. In addition to this exploring street food options in stops like Ebisu Yokocho are a great way to locate local dishes in Tokyo, but you might want to be extra careful to check if they are Halal because most vendors might not speak English.

6) Plan out your stay close to Mosques and prayer spaces

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You might think finding prayer spaces and Mosques would be quite challenging in this part of the world, but it is actually not very difficult to find prayer places in Tokyo. Some of the most prominent mosques include Okachimachi As-Salaam Mosque in Ueno, Darul Arqam Mosque in Asakusa, Ōtsuka Mosque in Ikebukuro and Hiroo Mosque in Roppongi.

7) Embrace the chaos

Like any local will tell you, if you want to enjoy most of the awesome things to do in Tokyo, you will need to embrace the chaos. Always remember to travel light and follow along when things get quite rushed. It would also help to use the word ‘sumimasen’ which means “sorry” or “excuse me” whenever required.
Now that you know how to explore Tokyo like a local, take a look at our Tokyo city package and plan your trip to Tokyo now.